Wikipedia Will Soon be Accessible to the Seeing Impaired

A new project currently in the works in Stockholm, Sweden will make Wikipedia articles finally accessible to the seeing impaired by an advanced tool that reads the text on the screen aloud. It is called “text to speech” software. Once completed, the tool will be offered as open source software, which means anyone can use it. The modules within the software will be changeable as well, so it can be adapted to work with other Wiki sites across the world. And, just as Wikipedia is famous for allowing users to edit a Wiki page for clarification, the software will allow users to record themselves saying the words that the software mispronounces. This will help a great deal for those who speak complex languages. The software will first be done in the Swedish language then English and other languages will follow suit.

Because there are millions of people across the world who are seeing impaired, this special software will open up a vast amount of potential customers for businesses who make a Wikipedia page, and other Wiki sites, as a form of free advertising. A Wiki writing service called Get Your Wiki will be working with their Wikipedia editors for hire to help those who want to want to hurry to get their business information put up on Wikipedia before the software is finished. Get Your Wiki has a money back guarantee that all texts they write for businesses, or individuals, will be excepted by Wikipedia, and they can monitor the pages afterwards to help keep them accurate with Wiki revisions.

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