USHEALTH Group, Inc. | America’s Trusted Choice

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is a globally recognized insurance holding company located in Fort Worth, Texas. The firm aims to be America’ Trusted Choice for Healthcare through its branches: Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and the National Foundation Life Insurance Company. The group is built on two primary principles: reliability and affordability.

USHEALTH and its family of companies focus on offering innovative life, Specified Sickness, Accident and Disability insurance resolutions for families, small business owners, and their employees. Through its subsidiaries, it has served over 15 million clients.

Customer’s of Product Choice

USHEALTH Group families of companies acknowledge every client’s needs based on Specified Sickness and Accident exposure. Because of choice consideration and customers’ selection options, the firm offers products based on customers’ preferences. Consequently, USHEALTH has established a wide portfolio of coverage, which encourages customer’s choice. The company’s pioneering product design makes its subsidiaries qualified distinctively to address every client’s need for reliability, flexibility, and affordability in choosing insurance products.

USHEALTH Group provides first dollar benefits for covered facilities and affordable network deductions across customers with a limited budget. In addition, clients who aim to satisfy a high annual deductible before receiving cover from their insurance plan are considered. The plans are both inexpensive and offer first dollar protection and assurances compared to other comprehensive plans. On the other hand, the firm’s subsidiaries offer flexible, reliable, and affordable solutions to clients who want the security of a highly scalable coverage approach and can afford specific cost sharing plans.

The Service Delivery of USHEALTH Group, Inc.

USHEALTH Group and its companies recognize two facts: each client is different based on their product choice, and often a “one size fits all” tactic is not the answer. In that view, the firm provides a wide selection of affordable resolutions aiming to meet each client’s needs.

After a customer selects their preferred plan, they are treated to USHEALTH Group’s award-winning customer service and unique claim processing. The firm has established a reputation for customer care earning an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The achievement above is a result of efficient claim processing and payment procedures.

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