The Future of New Brunswick belongs to Omar Boraie, he has made sure of it.

There is a new blog by the name of Central Jersey Working Moms. This blog focuses on Businesses and business people in the Central New Jersey area. One article in particular focuses on a certain business known as GoBuyside. GoBuyside is a company that engages with executives from hedge funds, private equity firms, advisory platforms, and investment managers from Fortune 500 companies.


What does GoBuyside do?


The company specializes in using these contacts to source executives for job placement. The company’s founder, Arjun Kapur, saw the higher competition for shorter hiring practices and talent in the hedge fund industry. He noticed this trend while working in the financial sector and seeing high competition between firms. He also noticed a lack of transparency and asymmetrical information sharing between employers and candidates. According to NJ Biz, he started GoBuyside to fix this problem. He also desired to create a community of high-level professionals that could network and help each other start companies or hire for other companies. His company presently engages with over 10,000 companies in 40 countries.



Mr. Kapur believes that once one identifies an idea, they should do plenty of research. Once they do the right amount of research they should then implement an idea based on that research. This is what contributes to the success of his platform. Mr Kapur’s company is best suited to find talent such as Omar Boraie.


A Developer with a Dream


Omar Boraie is a contractor and developer of buildings in New Brunswick, New Jersey. His company, Boraie Development, LLC, is the vehicle through which he builds his vision for New Brunswick. When he came to New Brunswick and decided to engage in construction four decades ago, people thought he was crazy. When he first showed up in New Brunswick in 1972 from Egypt, the area had a reputation where most people couldn’t go outside after 4 PM. Where other people saw danger, he saw opportunity. Albany Street once contained 21 dilapidated buildings. He started buying these buildings one by one and then went to city planning and decided to build something. An office building was his first project. The building, Albany Street Plaza Tower One, was the city’s first class A office space, boasting over 250,000 ft.² of office space available for rent. He then proceeded to build Plaza Tower Two, that finished in 2003, and Boraie Development

is presently working on a multipurpose high rise building on Somerset Street, known as the Aspire.  Read more on

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