The Rise of OSI Industries

What would the world be like if there were no food services? Well, the simple fact is that people would have to farm, harvest and prepare their own food. This is where OSI Industries enter the picture, and this conglomerate of food businesses has taken over the game. OSI Industries is on a personal quest to reign supreme, and it has the goods to do so. When looking at food alone, the company produces metric-tons on a yearly basis. These metric-tons are harvested and distributed all over the world. Grocery stores, quick-serve restaurants and other food retailors receive their products from OSI.

This particular company was started by a German-immigrant. This German-immigrant was just one of hundreds of thousands who came to America at the beginning of the 20th century. The Chicago area seemed to be ground zero for these individuals. With so many new immigrants in town, Chicago’s population skyrocketed. A quarter of the city’s population were of German decent. These individuals worked extremely hard to find their way in this new society. Otto Kolschowski opened a neighborhood meat market, and this meat market would go on to become OSI Industries.

As the years passed, OSI grew at a consistent rate. The company had to meet the huge demands of the public. Food wholesale was its new game, and the company grew even bigger. As of 2018, OSI Industries has become a top 100 company. There are literally more than 20,000 individuals who work for this mega food processor. Fork lift operators, administrators, managers and executives are always in high-demand. This equal-opportunity workplace has provided a fulfilling life for its workers, and there is no denying the facts.

OSI Industries is basically an industry unto itself. The company handles every aspect of the logistical process, including sourcing and management. The company’s value-added protein protects are among some of the best that are being sold today, but who knows how much farther OSI will expand its products in the future.

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