Shiraz Boghani Given An Award For Excellence In Hotel Management

Shiraz Boghani is a popular entrepreneur who is loved by people from all parts of the world because of his dynamic nature. The businessman is praised because of what he has been doing for the highly competitive hotel sector. In his career in the hotel department, the businessman has managed to acquire several recognitions that have made him very happy.

Last year, Shiraz was offered the hotelier of the year award, a title that is offered to very few people in the society. The prestigious award was given to Shiraz during one of the events that are held for the Asian community. There were very many individuals who were interested in the award, but most people could not match the high standard that Boghani and his hotels have been able to attain.

Shiraz Boghani was not always a hotel expert. The businessman was born by Kenyan parents who later on chose to relocate and settle in the United Kingdom. The businessman acquired his studies from good schools that are in the UK, and this has been vital in his career life. At first, the businessman went for a degree in finance, and this assisted him to work in several financial companies in the world. His career in the finance department was, however, short lived. After graduating from the university, the businessman felt that he wanted to try his luck and make wealth in the hotel industry.

Shiraz Boghani had learnt that the investors in the hotel department had not been offering consumers the services that were needed. Together with a team of several other professionals, Shiraz became the first professional to start developing great facilities for consumers in the hotel department. Most of the hotels founded by the businessman are found in London. At the moment, the finance executive is working as the chairman of a leading hotel chain that is called Splendid Hospitality Group. As one of the leading group of hotels in the world, Shiraz Boghani has used the skills he acquired at the university to control the finances of the company and make it a leader in the market. The professionals working with Shiraz have been vital for his successful career life. These individuals have been selected after working in the hotel industry for a long time, and they have also been offered adequate training so that they give quality services to consumers. Boghani says that he cannot function properly without the help of these professionals.

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