Sheldon Lavin helps OSI Group to set the pace in the world of food processing

Before joining OSI Industries in 1970, Sheldon Lavin had a successful career in the banking industry. He was an executive in his financial firm that he had established to help food companies in access capital for expansion from lenders. When he joined the food industry, many people considered him an outsider. However, he proved them wrong by leading the company into a massive expansion spree, thus dominating the world food industry.

In 1970, Sheldon Lavin joined OSI industries as a financial consultant. Through his firm, he helped OSI Industries access capital to expand processing capacity. OSI Industries had signed a contract with the McDonalds and therefore they needed to increase their processing capacity to serve the numerous McDonald outlets.

In 1975, Sheldon Lavin became more involved in the affairs of OSI Industries after the founder, Mr. Otto Kolschowsky retired leaving the management of the company to his sons. He became a partner in the company and eventually a permanent employee. He took over as the CEO of OSI Industries where he helped the company to set up camp in Europe, China, Japan and several other countries in the late 70s.

In the following two decades, OSI Industries continued to expand by opening more processing facilities and signing new fast food outlets and restaurants. One of Otto’s sons quit and Sheldon bought a 50 percent share of the company. With time, he bought a controlling stake in the company and the future of the entire company was now on his shoulders.

Education background

Sheldon Lavin is a trained banker. After earning a degree in Accounting and Finance, he established a financial consultancy firm which was successful in helping food companies’ access expansion capital from lenders. During this time, many companies were experiencing post Second World War effects. There was an acute shortage in financing for companies that wanted to expand their production. Sheldon saw an opportunity and grabbed it with his two hands.


Besides being a successful executive, Sheldon also actively participates in many charities. He devotes his money and time to the Sheba Foundation, Ronald McDonald House of Charities, Goodman Theatre and Rush University Medical Center.


Sheldon has helped OSI Group to win numerous awards since he joined the company. He has also won several awards as an executive. Some of the awards won by the company include the Globe of Honor Award, which the company won three times in 2013, 2015 and 2016. Under his leadership, OSI Group is revolutionizing the way companies process their foods for human consumption.

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