Sheldon Lavin- Chairman and CEO of the OSI Group

It is true that the type of leadership an organization has will be a great determinant of the direction the company will take. This is a true factor that cannot be denied at all. Companies which have great leaders are able to show great results while those who have bogus leaders have nothing to show. OSI Group is the largest food production company in the world. The fact that it is the “largest” is evidence enough that the management of the company must be very good. No one gets to the top with lackluster performance. The company has headquarters in Illinois, United States.

Who leads this company? For the past four decades, there is one man who has been at the helm of the company and who has made sure that the company has moved from a little-known company in the United States into becoming a global sensation that we have today. Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman and CEO of this company. Sheldon Lavin joined the company in the 1970s. Before he joined OSI Group, he was working as an investment banking manager. OSI group was also not known by this name. It was still a family owned business known as Otto &Sons.

At the time, Otto &Sons was looking for funds to expand its operation after it had landed a deal with the McDonalds as a supplier of hamburgers. Business for the McDonalds was going very well, and it had place pressure on OSI Group to find ways of meeting the demand. Additionally, McDonald’s was venturing into far-flung markets, and OSI Group had to find a way to reach these areas also.

It is at this juncture that Sheldon Lavin would get an opportunity to invest in this company. Lavin organized the financing of the OSI group through the bank he was working with. The deal was so impressive that the bank wanted Sheldon Lavin to take ownership of the company. He first declined although as it would later turn out, the deal was too good to be rejected. Fast forward to date; he is the head of the company and responsible for all the operations in all the countries t is currently in.

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