Remaining Relevant With The Academy Arts University

The Arts Academy University was founded during fall of 1929. It was formerly called Academy of Art College. The institution is a private art school located in San Francisco, California. It was founded by Richard Stephens. The school’s staff consists of 283 teachers who are full time; and about 1000 part faculty members. The population of students is over 13,000. The Academy of Arts University it considered the biggest art design school in the United States. The School’s property is on one of the largest is one of the largest in the state.

The Academy of Art provides earned associates, bachelors and masters degrees. These degrees span over 25 different subjects. Some classes can be taken online but most are on campus. The school is also home to a prestigious Automobile Museum. It’s museum has a few hundred vintage cars; some of them are the world’s valuable. The Forbes Magazine estimates the museum’s collection to be valued over $70 million.

The Art Academy also participates in NCAA Division II atheltics. All of their sports are apart of the Pacific West Conference. The Urban Knights normally finish in the top half of their conference. Their track and field teams consistently rank amongst the best in the United States.

Recently The Academy of Arts University held a panel that aimed to challenge what student’s idea of what a good design was. The panel included alumni of the University as well as some students and office members. One interesting topic was how designers can integrate concepts and ideas that cater to disabled people. Also focusing on designs that may not be worn by A-listers is a fairly untapped market and this is something they believe need more attention. By focusing in on sectors of fashion and design that are generally overlooked, innovation can remain a relevant factor.

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