Paul Mampilly Interviewed by Eric Dye Reveals Changes in the Stock Market

Inspirey recently published an interview with the investor and publisher, Paul Mampilly, in the article “Paul Mampilly- Senior Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing”. The article discusses the transition for the investor from Wall Street to the publishing industry. After quick successes as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers trust and experience at ING and Deutsche Bank, Paul Mampilly sought out to escape the fast pace of Wall Street. Though he still wanted to be a part of the financial world, he decided to leave the big companies and begin helping the average American make money. He wanted to teach them the strategies to invest, helping them make their money work for them instead of the other way around. Visit the website to learn more.


That’s when Mampilly decided to get into publishing. He currently writes newsletters that give investment insight and teaches people how to trade stocks. The newsletter, which comes from the publisher, Banyan Hill Publishing, started in 2016. Mampilly’s newsletter is a big hitter for the company, with 90,000 followers since its creation. Profits Unlimited provides eight detailed pages on investment opportunities each month. This includes a sample portfolio that Mampilly follows himself, tracking several different stocks that he suggests to his readers. He also provides more elite services such as the True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes, which are both trading services. He is also a consistent contributor to the Winning Investor Daily, with his own weekly column. Read this article at Daily Forex Report.

Chronicle of the Week also published an article on Paul Mampilly, titled “Paul Mampilly Recently Featured on ‘Entrepreneur Podcast Network’”. The article describes Eric Dye’s recent interview of the investor. Mampilly reveals that he wanted to start his entrepreneurial ventures precisely because he can provide information to the average investor. His experience working for large companies on Wall Street has provided valuable insight and information to Mampilly, including understandings that the average investor simply wouldn’t have. Paul Mampilly spends the majority of each day following the stocks he recommends to his clients as well as doing in depth research on them. He wants to stay up to date on the different markets to understand how and when his stocks and those he recommends to his readers will be affected.

One of the biggest changes in the stock market that Mampilly has seen since he started working in it is that people are no longer doing the actual trading. Algorithms, computers, and trading robots do the trading which allows large companies and investment banks to use the information they have against the average trader. Paul Mampilly wants to give the average investor an advantage.

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