Norman Pattiz Announces New Program, Beyond Darkness, On His PodcastOne Network

What if you had the chance to know more about monsters, aliens, ghosts, demons, mysteries, and miracles? Beyond The Darkness, is a show dedicated to venturing into the unexplored world of paranormal activity. The new show will be featuring on WWE star, Chris Jericho’s podcast network, which is under PodcastOne family. Outstanding researchers will share their knowledge on mystic activity while questioning your thinking on what you thought was real and unreal. Hosting the show will be author and host, Dave Schrader, together with author and radio host, Tim Dennis.


Norman Pattiz is the founder and executive chairman of PodcastOne. Norman says Chris has presented himself as a valuable asset to PodcastOne network. Despite wrestling, Chris has brought in comedians and now seeks to walk people through the ghostly realm, Beyond Darkness.


The addition on Beyond Darkness in Chris Jericho’s network is expected to bring with it a huge fan base. The audience on the Jericho Network will continue to increase and as they listen they better grab a teddy bear or two! New episodes will be aired every Monday on PodcastOne.


About PodcastOne


It was established by Norman Pattiz, who is also the founder of Westwood One, the largest provider of news, sports, entertainment, and traffic. PodcastOne currently hosts more than 200 shows, featuring some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry such as Shaquille O’Neal, Steve Austin, and Adam Carolla among others. Driven by Norman, PodcastOne remains the nation’s leading advertiser-supported podcast network, and producer of audio-on-demand programming. PodcastOne workforce has individuals bearing vast knowledge on all things audio.


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz, who goes by the name Norm, boasts of his vast experience in radio syndication. He has been the CEO of PodcastOne from 2012 until 2016 and now acts as its executive chairman. Norm drove Westwood One to its glory of being America’s largest radio. He was on the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) following appointment by President Clinton in 2000 and being re-appointed by President Bush in 2002. The BBG is responsible for inspecting all US non-military broadcasting stations such as The Voice of America.


Norman Pattiz launched Americas Arabic radio and television services in the Middle East. He is recognized in the National Radio Hall of Fame for his contribution to the radio world. Norman’s strategy that helps him grow is being the first one in, in the morning and the last one out, at night.

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Investment Firm Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is a financial services firm based in Dallas, Texas that specializes in credit management. The firm originally formed in the year 1990 when James Dondero and Mark Okada formed a joint company known as Protective Life Insurance Corporation. This company originally specialized in working with fixed income markets which included the management of secured bank loans. By the year of 1993, this company evolved into Protective Asset Management Company which was registered by the SEC as an investment advisory firm. The company was owned by 60% of Protective Life and 40% by both Dondero and Okada. By the year 1997, Dondero and Okada purchased the stake of Protective Life in PAMCO. They also established Ranger Asset Management which would become an independent registered advisor.


Shortly after Ranger Asset Management was formed, the company would later become Highland Capital Management. In the year 2000, James Dondero and Mark Okada put together the first commingled bank loan fund which would be established as an alternative investment 40 Act option. By the year 2004, Highland Capital Management would expand its product line as it would begin entering the mutual fund markets. The firm acquired a couple of floating rate funds from Columbia Asset Management. As part of its overall expansion, Highland Capital Management would establish new office locations in Singapore and Seoul, South Korea in the late 2000’s.


Throughout its existence, Highland Capital Management has continued to expand its product line. As of now, the firm is among the leaders in providing collateralized loan obligations. It first developed this type of product in 1996 as an alternative to traditional banks. Therefore, investors who are looking for this type of security can get it from Highland Capital instead of a regular commercial bank. During the last 20 years, Highland Capital Management has put together and managed over 39 CLO’s which amounted to a total of $32 billion in assets. As a result, Highland Capital Management is now the largest CLO manager in the entire world.


Nowadays, Highland Capital Management is an independently owned investment firm that has over two decades of experience in managing finance products for both retail and institutional investors. The firm is among the most rapidly growing finance companies in the world. It has over 180 employees throughout the world. Highland Capital Management is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has a number of offices throughout the world. There are office locations in Singapore, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Seoul, South Korea, and New York City. Highland has a very diverse client base which includes investors of pension plans, foundations, corporations, financial institutions, government entities and high net worth individuals. The firm focuses on providing value to many investors by offering a wide range of products as well as protecting the capital of investors.

The Triumph of Madison Street Capital in the Investment and Property Management

There are different types of financial investment firms across the world that have invested in a lot of capital in helping small business start-ups to emerge and develop. The firms have contributed greatly in ensuring the financial and property sector is operating to the maximum. As such, many companies have benefited from the advice given from this firms that have helped them to remain financially viable. Madison Street Capital has been working around the clock in helping firms to control there financial obligation by giving them professional financial advice. The company was privileged to have acted as the financial advisor to ARES Security Corporation when the company was experiencing financial problems. This was seen as the best choice ARES Security Corporation took by approaching and seeking the services from Madison Street Capital. The process that was initiated in 2016 saw the company prepare and selected a suitable subordinate debt and minority equity partner. The company appointed Corbel Structured Equity Partners as the financial partner for the company which was received positively by both parties. According to managing director of Madison street capital Reginald McGaugh, the process was successful and wished to wish the two partners a good working relationship. As such, Madison Street Capital reputation was once again put to test and emerged successful as always.


Madison Street Capital is a leading financial and property investment firm that has proved beyond reasonable doubt to handle cases from different quarters. The company was established in 2005 with its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois in United States of America. The company has specialized in merger and acquisition of properties that has made many clients to seek their services. The comp any also focuses on corporate advisory, financial management, financial opinions and business valuation. In addition they provide hedge funds and private equity to individuals and organizations across the world. As a result, it has been at the center of transforming the investment industry in the entire USA. The company has invested in professional staffing that have been at the forefront in ensuring the best is always achieved. They do this by maintain good company-customer relationship. Madison Street Capital has a good reputation among other sister firms which has been reliability in service delivery and commitment to meeting end results. It serves both domestic and international corporate clients who have been increasing in the recent years. This has attracted quite a number of organizations that have expressed interest in using their services..


Sam Boraie: A Visionary, A Leader

Sam Boraie is a visionary, real estate developer, and philanthropist. With him as the vice-president at Boraie Development LLC, several revolutionary projects have been conceived and completed in the New Brunswick community of New Jersey. A trained Chemist in Egypt by profession, Sam Boraie, came to the US in 1970 for his doctorate studies but found a place in the real estate industry. View his bio for more info.

According to, for the last several years, he has played a vital role in many inner-city building projects including Brunswick’s Albany Street Plaza Two building and the One Spring Street building are two examples that jump to mind. He partnered with basketball superstar and Newark native, Shaquille O’Neal to build a unique residential building that graced the area. It is the first new high-rise building in the last 50 years. The One Riverview building attracted a lot of attention and gave hope to the people. Sam and Shaquille are currently working on a project on Rector Street.

The Aspire, a twenty-five stories piece of art, is the tallest New Brunswick building. It has 121 residential units, 10,000 square feet of retail space, 40,000 square feet of A grade office space, and a 400 square feet space parking garage with a lot of extra space.

Boraie’s next project is the Albany Street Tower Three. It will be a mixed-use building that will have 150,000 square feet of space.

Beyond his ability to foresee and bring to life all he imagines. What if you wrote that Sam Boraie is a member of the board in Elijah, a nonprofit organization, aimed at making the community a better place. Elijah provides fresh food and job empowerment for members of the community in a bid to kick poverty out of the community.

Omar Boraie‘s son is also a member of the board of trustees in The Historical State Theatre in New Brunswick. The state theater has mounted an expedition to correct the flaws in the education system through music and the arts. It opened on December 26, 1921, and used to be a cocoon for vaudeville performances and film screenings. It underwent a transformation and reopened in 1988 with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra playing that night.

Over five million individuals have attended several performances in this theater since then. This past summer, the Boraie Development sponsored the State Theatre’s Free Movie Series. It showed movies like Frozen, Aladdin, Despicable Me 2, and Monster and University. It gave a chance for families to bond.

Boraie has a single aim: making a difference in society.


The EOS Lip Balm Phenomenon

EOS, know as the evolution of smooth, seems to be everywhere. The popularity of their colorful flavored lip balms has skyrocketed. Celebrities are loving these little pods as well. Available in a myriad of flavors, the favorites of customers appears to be unanimous.

What’s so great about these lip balms? People have been moving towards organic products more these days. Since 2009, EOS lip balm has been boasting about their petroleum-free 95% organic aspects of the lip balms. Other benefits include the following:

  • 100% natural ingredients, including Shea butter and jojoba oil
  • Glides on the lips
  • Promotes smooth lips without over-drying
  • Petroleum and paraben-free aspects prevent from having to reapply frequently
  • Vitamin E antioxidant
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Hypoallergenic

As a small startup company, they’ve achieved success against very large corporations who’ve been in business a lot longer. Their innovative packaging has been a huge draw for customers as well as flavors such as strawberry sorbet, honeysuckle honeydew, and lemon drop. Consumers love the smell but state it’s not overpowering. Selling at only $3.29 on Lucky Vitamin and Target, people are raving about the assortment of flavors. Pages of positive reviews in high-profile magazines attest to their success and the customers’ satisfaction.

Other companies attempt to emulate the lip balms in flavor and appearance, but they can’t compare to the original. With thousands of followers on social media platforms, consumers share their favorite flavors while praising the product. The luscious flavors and benefits of the lip balms keep customers loyal to the brand,


Internet of Things: Opportunities For Apple, Startups, And More

The internet of things is one of the best ways to make a profit in a world of technology and innovation. According to the future generations in his platform, there are many things which work on the internet to create numerous avenues of profit and sustainability in this direction. For this reason, we are here to engage the entrepreneur Jason Hope in his adventure to create a future in the platform of internet startups.

During the ancient times when the internet was invented, there were many limiting factors as to who and when to access the internet. One could use only a computer to access the internet of things in one of the most proficient manners. For this reason, they would also work to demonstrate initiative and development factors in these criteria.

During this era, the world has a laid access to the internet through their various platforms of accessibility in the world if finance and success. For you to develop innovative management criterion, you can only get access to the variable structures which can be managed through the access of internet. Jason Hope has taken a course to make proper use of the internet through its access to remote facilities which have never been the case until the recent introduction of smartphones.

For all the connected devices, you will get a more personalized access to the credentials associated with this platform in an innovative manner which can only be found in the internet of things. In the coming five years, a mobile device which has no access to the web is rendered invalid. It belongs to the golden age which has no value to the modern society. For anything to be made obsolete in the coming days, it must fail to have the inclusion of sensors, software, and electronics to the extent of innovation and profitability in all access to electronics and innovation platforms in society.

When we look at the standards of innovation in 2015, we can also predict what the future holds for us concerning technology and mobile devices. The gain of access and profitability due to the introduction of mobile payments paves the way for more technology in this industry according to Jason Hope.

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Entrepreneur Marc Sparks transforms office to Optimize Innovative Collaboration

For more than a decade at the same location, Marc Sparks of the Timber Capital Company has his offices moved to a better place where he believes business thrives. According to him, he moved the offices to this new location which has an optimised setting for the highly-conducive and collaborative environment which fosters development and achievement for startups.

According to him, he has a higher dedication towards the development of special dedication towards success at every corner. He is the owner of the Timber Creek Capital Company which is a private equity firm. His is also one of the youngest serial entrepreneurs based in the United States. He also works to help young entrepreneurs develop their ideas into viable businesses and multi-national corporations towards profit and revenue.

According to Marc Sparks, the building of s viable business model is the main reason why a startup business will come up and succeed in the business world. For this reason, the company will also work to acquire more resources to ensure success is at every corner of their land.

Timber Creek Capital, one of the companies Marc Sparks founded when he was still young, has worked to host more than three companies in their office facility. For the company, they have engaged in offering extensive incubation periods which are negated through their incisive development strategies.

Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur. Furthermore, he is also a student of learning all that takes serial entrepreneurs succeed in al aspects of the business world. For all his time in the world, he has found out that collaboration and quality work in a conducive environment is part of the overall ingredients or building blocks of success in a typical business world.

For instance, there are many things which would make you work in a good office. A better office inspires you to work better. If you are always delivering inequality services to your clients, having a better office will make you start working towards the generation of better services which are geared towards assisting you to improve your overall performance ratios.

For this reason, Marc Sparks decided to move his office from the top of a building to the first floor of a tower where the windows were open to let in open air flow freely. As a matter of fact, he also worked to let other people in the serial department get better office material and space in beautiful desks.

The difference between success and failure is the time you spend with your clients. If it is quality time, you will always succeed with what you do. However, you will also lose your time and money if you engage in activities which do not depict success. Marc Sparks has also started numerous companies.

Online Reputation Management Explained

Are you running a business online or provide some kind of service? Do you want to find out how online reputation management can help you in your business? Online Reputation Reviews and management professionals provide services that help clients build a favorable online reputation.

Online reputation management is the process of examining the possibly damaging search results page that come up with trademark name and legal name questions, and afterwards preparing a technique to take control of those outcomes. This consists of managing at least the first page of search results along with any kind of defamatory or bad reviews that tarnish your image.

Online reputation management professionals can handle everything concerning your firm’s brand in the online community. This area consists of the whole internet – news websites, discussion forums, social media networking sites, internet search engine, and blogs.

Reputation management is not exactly like search engine optimization, because it concentrates on producing a positive aura around an individual or brand without necessarily concentrating on owning web traffic.

Reputation management is also a recurring process, so it includes having an effective system in place to keep track down mentions of your organization, making sure that an impressive results page today does not become a nightmare tomorrow.

Primarily, you have a brand – as the proprietor and supervisor of that brand, you need to be mindful concerning it. You need to know what is happening to your brand. You need to know about the latest news concerning your brand. Find out what people think of your business or your company. Keep track of where your company or brand is being mentioned. Figure out just what they are discussing when your brand is mentioned, and decide how to get involved or respond.

Reputable online reputation monitoring service can help you keep updated on the things that affect your business and advise you on what needs to be done. These professional;s have the proper skills and resources to handle such matters for you. So do your research, decide on the best team of experts for your needs and then sign up with them.


Entrepreneur Mike Baur Fosters the Next Generation of Start Ups

The growing global economy hastened by developments in technology has brought with it a new wave of entrepreneurs looking to turn their ideas into the next big thing. Telecommuting, remote work, and co-working spaces have primed the market for a rapidly growing trend within business, the start up. Built on the drive of a new generation and the opportunities afforded by a connected community across the globe start-ups have quickly become the entrepreneurial dream. With companies like Juno, Starry, and Namely proving that the right idea implemented with a proper business model can develop into companies earning over seven digits it would appear the trend is here to stay for the foreseeable future.


While the opportunity to turn a great idea into a profitable future is certainly becoming easier to attain it is still with its many difficulties. Many of the hurdles inherent to the industry can easily prevent even the best of ideas from coming to fruition.


Cutting through the myriad of problems facing new start-ups can push young businesses beyond funding limits quickly without proper guidance.


Understanding the issues facing young companies and today’s entrepreneurs Swiss Start Up Factory was founded with the idea of fostering new business ventures while providing the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to make it in a competitive market.


Co-Founded by Swiss banking expert Mike Baur and drawing on his two decades of experience in private financing and entrepreneurship, Swiss Start Up Factory has helped over a dozen start-ups enter the market. Building on Mike Baur’s vision to foster young start-ups with an accelerator program beyond the industry standard, one which continues to be a valuable asset beyond the three-month program. With that mission Mike Baur and his team have turned the Swiss Start Up Factory into “the No1 independent and privately financed early stage ICT Startup Accelerator in Switzerland” all within two years of business.


In addition to providing “a unique platform of services, coaching, mentoring, an office space in the heart of Zurich, as well as an entrepreneurial network” the complete Swiss Start Up Factory 360 program gives young entrepreneurs access to legal teams, accounting services, and continued support disrupting the norm for other accelerator programs while providing entrepreneurs with the best possible chance to succeed in their market.


Your 2016 List of Best Wines for the Holidays by UK Vintners

The highly anticipated list of best wines for 2016 holiday season has been unveiled by UKV PLC. According to the release, the top 5 wines are Beychevelle from 2008; D’Yquem 2009; Montrose 1998, Ducru Beaucaillou and Ducru Baron 1998. Beychevelle from 2008 can be described as a soft, fruity and tasty wine made from the finest collection of cranberry and raspberry. The D’Yquem 2009, on the other hand, is made from a rich recipe that includes honey, apricot, sweet pears and a host of other spices.

The wine can be taken with a Christmas dessert of any kind. The bottle originates from France’s Chateau d’Yquem Winery in Graves. The winery boasts a long standing winemaking tradition that dates back 400 years back. Montrose 1998 also made to the list of top 5, thanks to its fruity taste made from Merlot grapes, rich black cherry aromas and earthly plum. This highly regarded bottle of wine is sought from St. Estephe region. According to UK Vintner’s wine specialist, this wine will suite any holiday event. The other popular wine for the holiday is Ducru Beaucaillou.

The 2005 bottle of this wine from Ducru Beaucaillou winery is now ready for sale. The wine also stands out because it is one of the oldest to come from Saint-Julien of Bordeaux, France. Lastly, Pichon Baron 1998 from the wine growing region of the Pauillac appellation in Boudreaux, France is another fine wine for the holidays. This medium bodied, fine wine features a sweet toasty, oak taste that is low in acid. The wine is blended with a collection of fine wines such as Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Pichon Baron 1998 has an attractive color of charcoal black and black currants.


UKV PLC is a UK based independent wine merchant that specializes in the sale and collection of the finest wines from around the world. According to the company’s website, the firm is committed to providing an exceptional level of personal service to clients who want prestigious wine labels from vineyards in France, Spain and Italy. The clients catered for, include those interested in drinking wine for pleasure and those who want to create private cellars or an impressive wine portfolio that can be traded in the future for a tidy profit. The wine consultants at UK Vintners PLC are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the wine trade.

The experience places them at a huge vantage point when it comes to selecting the best wines and champagnes for various occasions. The award winning collection currently on offer includes names such as Dom Perognon 2002, Gruaud-Larose 2006, Lafite Rothschild 2008 and Margaux 2009. According to, the firm also performs brokerage services by giving opportunity to investors who want to sell graded wine in regulated bonds in the UK. UK Vintners also employees a dedicated FCA licensed escrow service to take and temporarily hold clients money until wine is released and the receipt confirmed.

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