Lori Senecal Is A Creative Leader Who Knows How To Use Her Team

Lori Senecal took over as the CEO of CP+B in 2015. She handles the company’s international affairs and is responsible for the basic mission of the entire organization. Lori immediately made an impact on CP+B with her leadership experience and ability to motivate others. She was awarded the title Creative Innovator of the Year. Lori was also recognized as one of the Agency Executives to watch as she took over for an organization that would make a major impact in its industry.


CP+B continues to be a powerful force. The company built significant relationships with organizations such as American Airlines, PayPal and Hershey. CP+B earned the Grand Prix award for the work that it conducted with Domino’s. The award is in place to recognize organizations that continue to open up new markets within a particular industry. Check out mediapost



CP+B has gone on to make many bold moves under to the groundbreaking creativity that Lori Senecal has been able to bring to the company. She operates with a world vision in mind. She uses the available resources and technology to make important decisions.


Lori Senecal has had success with other major organizations in the industry such as KBS. Lori was the Global Chairman at KBS. She pushed the company to a 900 personnel staff during her time there. KBS is now on an international level and was listed by Craines as one of the best places to work in New York. Senecal worked as the Global Chief Innovation Officer for the Mccann-Erickson office in New York. She earned the title of Woman to Watch in 2013. Lori was also a member of the Ad Council Board of Directors. You can visit Inspirery for more.


Lori Senecal is an active person who begins her day with a reasonable amount of physical activity. A brisk walk helps her gather ideas and formulate a plan. From there she sits down with her team and sets the agenda for what will be a successful endeavor. Lori embraces all challenges and is able to paint a picture that others can follow in order to overcome unexpected obstacles.



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Dr. Eric Forsthoefel’s Outstanding Expertise in Emergency Medicine

Doctors play very important roles in the community. Apart from saving lives, doctors also help patients take care of their wounds, recover faster from illnesses, and manage their wounds. Emergency Medicine is one of the most important branches of medicine. This branch is blessed with many dedicated and professional doctors like Eric Forsthoefel.


Eric Forsthoefel is a professional doctor that practices medicine at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital. This is a privately owned medical facility in Florida dedicated to transforming health care services and improving the lives of their patients. He is one of the best doctors specializing in Emergency Medicine in the facility. He attended the University of Louisville School of Medicine where he graduated with a degree in medicine. He also attended Louisiana State University School of Medicine based in New Orleans for his residency in Emergency Medicine. He fully specializes in Emergency Medicine. Today, he has more than six years of experience in practice. Being passionate about taking care of his patients, Eric Forsthoefel worked round the clock and obtained several certifications and licensure from different medical organizations in the country. Some of these certifications and licensure include the Los Angeles Medical License that he received in 2013, Florida State Medical License that he received in 2014, and the American Board of Emergency Medicine.


Dr. Eric Forsthoefel accepts several insurance plans that cover his patients including First Health, Aetna, and Medicare. He is proficient in speaking both English and Spanish language in his practice. He treats many acute conditions and injuries in the operation and emergency rooms. He can do operations on various environments, unlike other doctors who perform operations only in the emergency rooms. Dr. Forsthoefel has been praised and highly rated by the patients he has treated in the recent past. He is a keen listener who listens and observes his patients properly to understand their medical history. He cares for the well-being of his patients and therefore delivers quality health care services. Today, the 37 years old professional doctor accepts new patients and appointment at his offices. His main objective is improving the health services through the provision of quality services.



Jeunesse Global Zen Bodi Products Close Review

A smooth face makes a person look beautiful and young thus the need to maintain one’s skin arises. IN 2009, Randy Ray, Wendy Lewis, and Scott Lewis identified this business opportunity and became the founders of Jeunesse. Their mission was to positively affect the world by aiding people to look and feel young. Due to the hard work and support by both its employees and distributor, it has indicated an impressive growth over the years to the extent of being a global direct selling company. Its exclusive nutritional and skin care products to form a comprehensive Youth Enhancement System and Jeunesse has been able to market its product in over 140 countries.


Zen Bodi Line is one of the Jeunesse Global Products that consist of ZEN Shape, ZEN Fit, and ZEN Pro. ZEN Pro being the best protein mix in the market and to develop it, one uses whey, rice, and protein mix to give an ultimate power in One’s body. It also comes in the form of Vanilla Bliss or Chocolate Dream, and in each box, it has 14 packets.


ZEN Fit is the other product under Zen Bodi Line, and it is a dry drink that one can put in his/her water. It is either in the form of watermelon or fruit punch, and it also functions as the supplier of the most substantial amount of the amino acid that One’s body has been craving. Thirty packets of the flavor decided by an individual are packed in one box, and the most favored flavor is the fruit punch.


ZEN Shape is the last product under this Line, and its primary ingredients are the African Mangoes seed extract. It is popular in creating a healthy body that is free from any form of illness and also aids in the quick production of shaping goals. 120 capsules are contained in one bottle of this product. Other Jeunesse Global Products include Instantly Ageless which are micro-cream that aid in erasing the aging signs such as deleting the lines and wrinkles. Due to the high sale of this product, Jeunesse had to come up with Limits on the amount of product to manufacturing.



Wes Edens: A Distinguished Business Man

Wesley Robert Edens who is commonly known as Wes Edens or simplify Wes is a
self-made millionaire who began his career with California based Savings and
Loan firm. He also undertook temporary positions at Merrill Lynch and Smith
Barney. For a little over five years, Wes Edens worked with Lehman Brothers as
a partner and Managing Director. Later in 1993, he left the firm for BlackRock
and served at the same post as in Lehman Brothers. During his time in Black
Rock, Wes Edens coordinated the formation of his first private equity fund.
Early 1997, he joined UBS where he proficiently worked as the Managing Director
of its major affiliates.

Wes Edens likes running, mountain climbing, and social networking. His
passion for mountain climbing has made him climb Mount Matterhorn in the rural
area of Switzerland and the peaks of Pingora and Teton in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He
is aspiring to climb to the heights of Mt. Everest in the near future.

Wes is a wealthy 56 years with a net worth of at least $940 million and the
current co-owner and head of Fortress Investment Group. He graduated from
Oregon States University in 1984 with a B.S degree in finance and business
administration. After pursuing his career in various fields, he joined four
other principal partners and co-founded Fortress Investment Group back in the
year 1998. Wes can be described as an ambitious, creative, and financial expert
who coordinated the team and made Fortress a public payout firm by the year 1998.
By 2009, Wes and the team had taken the company public through the conventional
process of initial public offering. During the same year, the company sold its
8% shares to the general public for $600 million.

The massive success made Wes, and his partners became billionaires, Wes was
promoted to be the company’s co-chairman of the board of directors and worked
hard to save the company during the infamous subprime mortgage crisis. After
successfully restoring the shares of the company which had fallen below one
dollar, he was promoted to be the chairman of the Fortress Transportation and
infrastructure between the year 2015 and 2016.

For details: www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/tags/wes-edens

Dr. Jennifer Warden: A Cosmetic Surgeon That Many People Would Recommend

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon that is based in Austin, Texas. Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital trained her to be the surgeon that she is today. According to her website, she has been rated 5 stars by at least 600 people and about 40 people have rated her 4 stars. This is a sample of some of her reviews.
One of the 5-rating reviews that is from Washington, DC, says that the service from Dr. was very good from beginning to end. This reviewer had a breast revision procedure due to her previous incompetent doctor. She got much better service from Dr. Walden. The reviewer feels that her breasts are now amazing. She feels that Dr. Walden is a comprehensive, thorough perfectionist who does worry about what a person wants. Compared to her last doctor, she was not disappointed with Dr. Walden’s service.
Another 5-rating reviewer was just as enthusiastic as the above reviewer. She was very pleased with the service that she got from Dr. Walden. Dr. Walden had done breast augmentation on her and used her own fat from her waist and legs to augment her breasts. She is now very surprised how much she loves her body. She went from an A cup size to a 36 D size.
A 4-rating reviewer, who also received breast augmentation work, knew after her first meeting with Dr. Walden that Walden would be the right doctor for her. She believes Walden is a warm, welcoming person. Walden answered all her questions without hesitation. Even a year after the procedure, she is still pleased with the surgery. She does not say why she gave her a lower rating, but she would definitely recommend getting the breast augmentation procedure from Dr. Walden.
Another 4-rating reviewer thanks Dr. Walden for all things that she did during the surgical procedure. She thinks that Dr. Walden is the perfect person for her job and had a calming effect on her patients. The patient is so lucky and glad to have Dr. Walden as her doctor.
Based on the reviews above, Dr. Walden seems to be a good cosmetic surgeon and most people would be pleased to have her as a doctor..

Somebody Call Up The Chainsmokers

Everything starts with a selfie. A selfie that shows to the public who you truly are. A cry for desperate measures. What was thought to be nothing turned out to be everything. A jump start, an ignition to fame. Smoke that comes out in chains of triumphs.

The formation of the Chainsmokers got underway in the year of 2012. Originally made up of Pall and former DJ Rhett Bixler. Later substituted by Andrew Taggart who was currently then attending Syracuse University in New York. At that time Taggart was in Maine, soon after hearing from an associate of Adam Alpert, a DJing in New York City, he left to initiate the newly wed Chainsmokers.

Today, their music is well known throughout America. Such as “Roses” released in the June of 2015, “Don’t Let me Down” in February of 2016, and “Closer” featuring Halsey in July of 2016. “Roses” attained top 10 along with “Don’t Let Me Down” voiced by American singer Daya which became their top 5 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Never in their life were they this close to the glory of music as they went on to win the Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording at the 59th awards ceremony. Talking about close their song “Closer” became their number one single hit. Being Americans they have won two American Music Awards and five iHeartRadio Music Awards.

The Chainsmokers latest release, “Somebody,” is catchy, a play on high pitch music, and deeply felt to the heart. Leaving many people wondering how was this song made. Luckily after the release of “Somebody,” Pall and Taggart decided to show their fans with a quick clip of the making process. Later, telling that they will show a more in-depth video of what happens behind the scenes and the fantastic music produced.



Paul Mampilly Interviewed by Eric Dye Reveals Changes in the Stock Market

Inspirey recently published an interview with the investor and publisher, Paul Mampilly, in the article “Paul Mampilly- Senior Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing”. The article discusses the transition for the investor from Wall Street to the publishing industry. After quick successes as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers trust and experience at ING and Deutsche Bank, Paul Mampilly sought out to escape the fast pace of Wall Street. Though he still wanted to be a part of the financial world, he decided to leave the big companies and begin helping the average American make money. He wanted to teach them the strategies to invest, helping them make their money work for them instead of the other way around. Visit the website paulmampillyguru.com to learn more.


That’s when Mampilly decided to get into publishing. He currently writes newsletters that give investment insight and teaches people how to trade stocks. The newsletter, which comes from the publisher, Banyan Hill Publishing, started in 2016. Mampilly’s newsletter is a big hitter for the company, with 90,000 followers since its creation. Profits Unlimited provides eight detailed pages on investment opportunities each month. This includes a sample portfolio that Mampilly follows himself, tracking several different stocks that he suggests to his readers. He also provides more elite services such as the True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes, which are both trading services. He is also a consistent contributor to the Winning Investor Daily, with his own weekly column. Read this article at Daily Forex Report.

Chronicle of the Week also published an article on Paul Mampilly, titled “Paul Mampilly Recently Featured on ‘Entrepreneur Podcast Network’”. The article describes Eric Dye’s recent interview of the investor. Mampilly reveals that he wanted to start his entrepreneurial ventures precisely because he can provide information to the average investor. His experience working for large companies on Wall Street has provided valuable insight and information to Mampilly, including understandings that the average investor simply wouldn’t have. Paul Mampilly spends the majority of each day following the stocks he recommends to his clients as well as doing in depth research on them. He wants to stay up to date on the different markets to understand how and when his stocks and those he recommends to his readers will be affected.

One of the biggest changes in the stock market that Mampilly has seen since he started working in it is that people are no longer doing the actual trading. Algorithms, computers, and trading robots do the trading which allows large companies and investment banks to use the information they have against the average trader. Paul Mampilly wants to give the average investor an advantage.
Watch: https://interview.net/paul-mampilly/

The Philosophy and Ventures Of Vijay Eswaran In Brief

Having motivated the lives of many through his own stories, experiences, talks and even books, Vijay Eswaran has changed the thinking of many and given others a new perspective of daily occurrences.

One of his books titled, “Two Minutes From The Abyss” has become one of the best sellers in various bookshops where he discusses eleven pillars of life management. One notable thing, he gives emphasis on is that tomorrow is not promised and our life can come to an end any second therefore we must make use of it satisfactorily when we are still alive.

Every person on the face of the earth must concur with the fact and reality that any day they are alive could be their last day; any moment we are having is just two minutes from the abyss. By having that consciousness in us, we will be in a position to make use of every single moment and day that we are living.

According to Vijay Eswaran, a life without a purpose is actually a life not lived and every person should have their burning desire propelled by their purpose. As a motivational speaker, his speeches have thrilled the hearts of many and consequently challenged them especially when he speaks about change.

Every person needs to change before they are forced to change else they will either become redundant or irrelevant. If people fail to recognize this philosophy of Vijay Eswaran they will live a failed life because life is a matter of decisions and continuous change.

If everyone embrace, befriend, harness the fears of changes we face daily then we could emerge stronger, successful and smarter. Every person has something that is making them fearful or afraid, but the question is what do you do with your own fear?

Vijay Eswaran views fear as something necessary to help us remember exactly what is important. Always remember that Fear is a form of excitement but in disguise, anything that doesn’t destroy you will definitely energize and make you stronger and finally fear is a catalyst for growth.

One of the values and qualities that have made this author, motivational speaker and philosopher successful is servant leadership. He learned it from his father and embraced it and it has made him be who he is today. There is joy in serving others.

A true servant leader possesses some qualities like care, honesty, truthful, compassionate, clarity of vision, commitment to see growth and development, and always willing to sacrifice for others. Nelson Mandera, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi and Vijay Eswaran are good examples of servant leaders.

Highland Capital: Choosing A Leading Investment Firm

Highland Capital has a great reputation in the wealth building and investing fields and comes highly recommended. Read this article at investopedia.com.

Reputation and experience matter a lot when it comes to enlisting the services of a professional or company. Investment firms provide highly needed services to people who want to manage their money wisely.

When you want to invest, or start a business, it is imperative to turn to professionals who are well known in their field.

If you are searching for a good investment firm, you need to do your research. It is extremely important to take the time to find one of the leading investment advisory firms in the industry. Not all investment firms or professionals provide the same quality of service to clients.

Highland Capital is a highly sought after firm in the investment arena. This renowned company has a team of highly trained and experienced professionals and is well recognized in the financial services field. The company has been rendering outstanding investment solutions for a long time and has numerous satisfied clients. Visit highlandcap.com to know more.


Anyone who is interested in investing in a profitable opportunity or diversifying their portfolio, should get in touch with Highland Capital Management. Having a reputable investment company like Highland Capital by your side, will give you peace of mind in knowing that your financial situation will improve greatly.

Investing is not something to be handled lightly. It is advisable to seek expert assistance with your investing and money management issues. Qualified professionals can help put you on the road to success. Experienced and reliable advisors at Highland Capital are fully committed to helping ambitious people take the right steps towards their goals.

Highland Capital is a reliable investment firm with numerous clients from all walks of life. The company has the resources and industry expertise to ensure that their clients get access to the right information, and develop the skills and knowledge they need to reach their goals.

If you are serious about selecting the right investment vehicle, and grow your portfolio, then get in touch with the experts at Highland Capital right away.

Read: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/highland-capital-management

Expansion of OSI Group Production Systems

OSI Group, LLC is a global leading food company. The company is currently rolling out an expansion program by acquiring food companies in different parts of the world. The company looks at others which are producing quality food products and taking over the production process. The group has set the standards for food production so high that they do not pick just any company. They have to maintain high-quality production and also adhere to efficiency. The company has headquarters in Illinois. It is leading in the production of protein-rich food products which is supplied to established food service outlets and major retail brands.

The expansion program of the company is not only internationally but also locally. OSI Group acquired former Tyson Foods plant located in Chicago. The plant covers 200,000 square foot building. The plant is located close to the headquarters of the company. This step to expand to this facility was prompted by the high demand for food products in future. The company’s management is happy about the acquisition as it allows them to expand further within the United States. The addition of Tyson Foods plant will enable the company to meet the demand of the customers as well as establishing new business frontiers.

OSI Group is a privately owned company that has a presence in over 17 counties in the world. The company also has over 65 facilities indifferent parts of the world. China is one of the countries where the company is doing very well. Due to the growing demand for food in the country, OSI Group has added more plants in the country.

The decision to buy Tyson Foods will bring the production in the country into a central location. The company will close down other smaller plants in Chicago and Wisconsin so that it could concentrate on the new plant which will improve the efficiency and production of the company.

OSI Group has made two major acquisitions in Europe. It started with the acquisition of a Dutch company known Baho Foods which has subsidiaries in 14 other countries and then moved to the acquisition of “Flagship Europe” which has now been changed to Creative Foods.

OSI Group has also expanded its OSI Food Solutions plant in Spain to match the growing demand for chicken foods. The company is expanding its food production capacity to match the increase in demand for chicken products in Spain and Portugal. Research indicates that there has been an increase of 8 percent in consumption of chicken products.

Learn More: www.kimeta.de/stellenangebote-osi