On the Move with Waiakea and the Bottle Water Industry in 2018

According to the International Bottled Water Association, bottled water is now a leading product in the beverage industry. Millions of people around the world are now purchasing this product in record numbers. A lot of consumers see the benefit in bottled water and they want more of it. This is especially true for the Hawaiian volcanic water brand Waiakea.

Ryan Emmons started Waiakea back in 2012. He realized that consumers would want to have a fresh tasting water product that is derived from a volcano. Believe it or not, many people want to drink fresh and purified water. Even if they can have the same substance from their own kitchen sink. However, a lot of people have hang-ups about their municipal tap water supply.

In the early 2010s major American cities had to restrict their populations from drinking tap water. This was due to problems with water sources and filtering. This happened in Michigan and in Ohio. Since the early 2010s people have been leery of drinking tap water. People are cautious because they just do not want to get sick from drinking water from their faucet.

Some people like bottled water because it tastes better than regular sink water. Waiakea bottled water is filtered through volcanic rocks. Waiakea water pH is naturally low. The volcanic water benefits cannot be denied. Minerals are in abundance within Waiakea. The drink is also loaded with natural elements that help to keep the body hydrated and filled with fluid.

Waiakea is being shipped out to various markets all over the world. As this product reaches each destination, many consumers make it point to purchase this refreshing substance. Waiakea water is a solid competitor against well established water brands. This brand has been gaining a lot of market share since its inception. People everywhere are naturally gravitating toward Waiakea once they taste it.

Waiakea is used to reenergize people after a workout and people drink it on a hot a day to stay cool. Some people naturally drink this water beverage when they simply want to quench their thirst. Ryan Emmons Waiakea brand is now considered one of the major bottled water beverages on the market.


Boraie Development Company Continues to Spar Development at Brunswick

Boraie Development Company enjoys its popularity as one among the successful real estate development firms in the United States. The company is a privately owned institution located out of New Brunswick in New Jersey. It also has its facilities within New Jersey. The company was established by an entrepreneur, investor, and businessman, Omar Boraie. With the help of the owner, the institution’s focus was to transform the exclusive part of the United States by bringing up modern houses, executive apartments, community houses, among other developments.




The company’s luxurious apartment at Brunswick




The Aspire Tower is one of the biggest and modern structures designed and built by Boraie Development. It is a rental tower, offering extreme and luxurious services in New Brunswick. With New Jersey’s growing population, trendy renters were seeking solutions that could marry modern designs which could meet the upscale luxury. That was according to the marketing director, Haim McDonald who noted that such kind of coveted lifestyle could be experienced within The Aspire.




The aspire offers 238 studio houses, one bedroomed house, and other designer and modern apartments, including two bedroomed houses. They also provide full services. Residents enjoy amenities, which include whole time concierge lobby, direct access to private parking, and two roof decks. The building is located a few steps from the train station in New Brunswick. It is also situated near Penn station. The Aspire neighborhood is also surrounded by beautiful dining joints and nightlife entertainment among others. The Aspire gives a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle, including residents’ club consisting of a catering kitchen, 12 seater dining tables pool table, smart TVs, expansive terraces, and high-speed Wi-Fi. For more details visit re-nj.com





Shaquille O’Neal’s partnership with Boraie Development




According to NJ Biz, Shaquille O’Neal, a renowned former Basketball player whose roots could be traced back to Brunswick, had partnered with Boraie Development to see that the local residents get affordable, quality housing. One of the projects he has participated in includes the renovation of the old Springfield Avenue theatre which cost over $7 million. Currently, the building is known as the CityPlex12 Newark. The former player has also participated in several housing projects and market rental units.




Acknowledging Boraie Development




Boraie Development commands every acknowledgment in objectives to provide aspects of development and give services in line with influential financial associations. This showcases how much Boraie development should be appreciated as one of the most active development companies around New Jersey focusing on market opportunities and developments of real estates.



Meet Jeremy Goldstein, a Prominent Boutique Lawyer

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer and a committed philanthropist. He has a strong background of experience in the law industry and has been rated among the best lawyers in the world. He has also been able to restore hope to the people with various disorders and has managed to make their lives better.

Having served as a board member of Fountain House has made the people living with mental disorders across the country renew their hopes. He is very optimistic about helping them realize their potentials. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Chambers and Partners and Exclusive NYC Wine Dinners Hosted by Attorney Jeremy Goldstein and Friends over 56000 for Fountain House

According to research, mental illness is one of the most significant contributors to suicides. These people often feel neglected and are forced to live outside because everyone thinks that they have not the capacity to do anything.

Over 85% of these people are unemployed and also homeless. They also struggle to meet their daily needs which is a great let down and ignorance by the community. Jeremy Goldstein decided to come up with ways in which these people can manage to restore their hopes and start earning income like any other person in the society.

Jeremy Goldstein sat alone and thought about how he can change the lives of these people. He decided to revive Fountain House which would enable him to push his agenda. This was through an exceptional and extravagant dinner which was able to highlight the plight of these people. They wanted to see them got to schools, get an education and start getting jobs like any other person in the society.

According to Fountain House, they have their goals explicit and straightforward. To provide support, education, care and also helping them gain new skills. These people suffer from mental illnesses can be changed and live on their premises with families as well. They only need education and better jobs to sustain them.

Great efforts were applied by Jeremy Goldstein and Fountain House and by today, 42% of these people have gained employment and have managed to receive a combined employment revenue of 2 million dollars annually. The income shows tremendous growth for these people.

Jeremy Goldstein is an experienced lawyer who has a lot of expertise in executing various transactions. As a corporate lawyer, he has managed to help multiple companies manage to achieve various operations through a commitment to excellence.

He has worked with a lot of companies and has helped them meet their overall targets. His mission is to see his law firms expand to becoming the leading boutique firm in the sector.

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Brian Torchin and his Company Work to Staff Critical Healthcare Vacancies

Brian Torchin is a former chiropractor turned company president. He was educated at the University of Delaware and at the New York Chiropractic College. Until 2007 he operated his own chiropractic clinic in Philadelphia. It was at that point that he realized the most pressing employment challenge facing healthcare is employee turnover. In direct response to this, he opened his own staffing agency, Health Care Recruitment Counselors.

His company focuses on finding highly qualified candidates for vital positions as soon as possible. The goal is 72 hours, but several impressive examples exist of it taking only 48 hours. HCRC uses a creative, far-reaching approach. By looking at the overall qualities of the candidate rather than just matching certain characteristics to a list of criteria, staffers can find exceptional candidates that match each company’s individual preferences and requirements. The company even helps with setting up interviews, checking references, negotiating compensation, and writing contracts. Not only does his company help companies find candidates, but it also helps candidates find positions. Staff work one-on-one with job seekers to match them with positions and provide career counseling. See more of Brian Torchin at Slideshare.

Over 200 companies use Health Care Staffing Recruitment Counselors to manage their staffing needs. HSRC is active in all 50 states and all over the world, with offices in Canada, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Recently they have branched out to fill the staffing needs of law firms in addition to healthcare facilities such as hospitals, urgent care, private practice, and dentist offices. They also provide office management, billing, and public relations candidates.

Brian Torchin is an authority figure when it comes to staffing. He is the author of several publications regarding this topic and is always happy and willing to share his considerable knowledge. He regularly speaks at chiropractic and recruiting events, and has even been invited to share his expertise at the prestigious Oslo Convention in Norway. With his innovative and responsive approach to staffing difficulties and healthcare concerns, Brian Torchin has made a positive difference in the healthcare industry.

More about of Brian Torchin: https://www.behance.net/briantorchin


The life of Bernado Chua

Hailing from the Philippines, Bernardo Chua is a well-known man in the corporate world. He is not only a medical professional but also a one of the best multilevel executive officer as well. His experience acquired from his Chinese grandparents Ganoderma, a fungus found on the mushroom, he was hired by Gano Excel to help promote their coffee and teas infused with the same ingredient.

Bernardo Chua is a humble servant, and his great heart helps in making people lives better. His love for marketing together with his charming personality creates confidence among the workers as well as trust from customers for the products that he promotes. It is in line with this that within a brief period, he had managed to create a solid customer base for Gano Excel not only in Asia but the entire globe as well. Visit on his twitter for latest updates.

After a short period when he began working for Gano Excel, his vision was to take Ganoderma to the United States and advocate for its health benefits when consumed. Ever since he was a young boy and was educated about goderna, all that he ever wanted was show the western world the health benefits of his charm.

Fortunately, when he managed to move to California when he was named the new president of Gano Excel, he got the perfect moment and opportunity to advocate for it. He recruited an army of salespeople, educated them about the benefits of ganoderma and unleashed them to the market. Currently, after the formation of Organo Gold in 2008, the business venture has managed to gain presence globally, and its products are among the highly sold in the entire globe. His vast knowledge in management has pushed the company to greater heights by making use of a unique way of selling their produce. To ensure quality for his products, Bernardo Chua has worked with mushroom growing farmers to provide production of the best mushrooms for use.

His social media accounts are nothing alarming. He likes talking about the drinks he takes or rather talk about the usual things that he does on a daily basis.

Learn more: http://centraljerseyworkingmoms.com/bernardo-chua-motivates-retail-customers-and-distributors-with-new-rewards-program/


Freedom Checks and The Narrative Behind it

Freedom Checks was established by Matt Badiali, who is the financial specialist, in 2016. The headquarters of the entity is situated in East of Miami region. The enterprise has employees more than 45. The organization is a tax- free investment, although it is not managed by the government. The availability of the Status 26-F law has enabled the firm to keep running it’s daily undertakings. Every month, enterprises correlating to the energy business that sum up to 55O, send checks to their investors.

Some enterprises disseminate their tests after the first three months of the year. Master Limited Partnerships firms, abbreviated as MLP’s, have taken an essential part in the oil sector for example, in oil industries and natural gas.

They mainly engage themselves in; oil transport via pipelines and oil refineries. They are also responsible for the digging of the new wells. Issuing out of $0.90 in every salary has enabled the firms to operate in a tax-free environment.

Investors who sell their shares pay a small tax on gains from the capital, making the firms plus their shareholders not to be charged federal income tax. These policies have infused the majority of the American Citizens to invest in the energy industry.

Real estate investment trusts, is the midst of the Freedom Checks investment opportunities that Freedom Checks has embraced. The real estate investment trusts are also another opportunity that is not taxed, making the firm to acknowledge it.

Here, money is generated from their properties from the rentals. Out of the total income, nine-tenths of it is disseminated to the shareholders.

Majority of MLP’s refers to their cash as distributions, but to the Freedom Checks they are like dividends. After the first three months of the year around $160,000 of money, is received by some shareholders. The various entities have acknowledged the encouraging returns from these investments. Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Are Real After All.

Production of energy according to President Nixon, was one way of keeping the United States America free from other nations. He was amongst the individuals who contributed to the formulation of the law that enabled individuals to invest in the oil industry.

Betsy DeVos: Changing the Way That People View the Education Process in America

Before Betsy DeVos was the Secretary of Education she still fought for the educational experience of the American youth. She had learned a long, know how important it was for children to be in a stimulating environment. Unfortunately, the public school system is not equipped to engage children in the ways that they need. She understood this after talking with parents in her home state of Michigan about why they chose to enroll their children in private institutions. They wanted the best for their children and unfortunately, that was not something that was going to be found in a public school system. In fact, she came across parents are willing to sacrifice almost anything to give their children the education and experience that they thought they deserved. It appeared to Betsy DeVos that these children were thriving despite the existence of a public school system in their area. Betsy DeVos wants people to understand that there is a choice and they should not feel pushed into the public-school system with their children.


Before Betsy DeVos was selected for her position she gave an interview with PhilanthropyRoundtable about her views on education. She wanted people to understand that the “school choice” movement was in full swing. While some people are content to just go with the flow of society, Betsy DeVos is always found ways to challenge herself. She wants children to feel that same pride that she felt when challenging herself. Betsy DeVos has also been an outspoken advocate for the quality of the services. She joined the Michigan State Board Of Education in order to facilitate the growth of scholarship programs and tax breaks that would make it possible for children of lower socioeconomic tiers to participate. She found in her own personal research that children of these lower tiers were some of the most vulnerable.


In recent news, Betsy DeVos has used her position as Secretary of Education to view some of the successes in the charter school arena. She is visited many charter schools in Florida, where the charter school system is experiencing exponential growth, to see how it is being integrated into an overall school system. Some of her advice for parents that are looking to enroll their children in these systems is to look at systems that have Artie been established. She explains that the overhead for new systems is higher which means that tuition would also be higher. Parents that want to take control their children’s education should also look into homeschooling their children. This can be a viable option for parents that have the time to educate their children. In this way, they will be able to personally enrich their children’s experience and cater to their individual needs. There are even programs that will allow children to interact with an online classroom while still learning in a home environment. Betsy DeVos, she believes that there are all kinds of ways that children can be educated. She wants parents to understand that they are not “stuck” in that the declining public-school systems of their areas.


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Michel Terpin Qualifies For The Sertões Rally

The Goiás, Mato Grosso, and Mato Grosso do Sul areas will soon be receiving a visit from Michel Terpin and his racing partner, Maykel Justo. The pair have qualified to enter the Sertões Rally, which is to be held in the area with a support park to be established at Autodromo Internacional de Goiânia. The 3,300 kilometer race is in its 25th year.

Racing the course will require a wide range of trajectories, but Terpins and Justo are up for the challenge. They’re to be entered in the T1 Prototype category, operating the second prototype of the T-Rex, which was developed by MEM Motorsport. While this will be the second year in a row that Terpin and Justo will be racing the T-Rex, this isn’t the same vehicle fans have previously seen. Modifications have been made to make the car safer, faster, and tougher.

Every racer looks forward to the Sertões Rally each season, because the variety of terrain makes it one of the most challenging races of the year. Even so, Michel said he’s confident in both the new T-Rex and in his long-time racing partner. Rodrigo Terpins says the car has been updated with a V-8 ethanol engine and feels sure this will give them an edge in the race. For more details visit LinkedIn.

This will be Michel’s tenth year racing in the Sertões Rally, having debuted as a motorcyclist in 2002. Later, he teamed up with his brother, Rodrigo, for four years, before taking the lead as the pilot of his own vehicle. That was when he teamed up with Justo, who has also been racing for more than a decade and has earned four titles in that time. Of Maykel, Mr. Terpin says the navigator is excellent at ensuring they have a safe race each time. He added that Maykel tunes the car to perfection.

The 3,300 kilometer race will pass through four cities in Goiás: Goiânia, Goianésia, Santa Therezinha de Goiás, and Aruanã. As it reaches Mato Grosso, Barra do Garças is the only city in that area that the racers will visit. Later, it will pass through another three cities in Mato Grosso do Sul (Coxim, Aquidauana, and Bonito).



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Guilherme Paulus: His Journey From Being An Intern To The Forbes List Of Billionaires

Guilherme Paulus is one of the most talented and highly skilled entrepreneurs in Brazil. He is considered as an icon in the Brazilian tourism industry. His expertise in the hospitality industry has seen him spearhead various projects in Latin America.

He currently serves as the chairman of CVC, the leading tour company in Latin America. Paulus has showcased outstanding leadership abilities by turning a local travel agency into a world-class tour company.

Featuring in the Forbes’ list of wealthy businesspersons
Paulus’ success has not only caught the attention of Brazilians, but also that of the entire world. His success at CVC earned him a spot in the Forbe’s list of billionaires. The 68-year-old billionaire ventured into entrepreneurship when he was only 24 years of age. His business partner stepped out of the business to venture into politics thus leaving Guilherme Paulus as the sole owner of their company. He then led CVC to become the leading tour operator in Brazil.

Besides founding CVC Tour Company, Guilherme Paulus also ventured into the hotel industry by establishing the GJP chain of hotels and resorts in 2005. To focus his energies on the new venture, Guilherme decided to sell a significant share of the CVC Tour Company to Carlyle Group at a cost of $420 million. Paulus put his efforts into the hotel industry, where he managed to grow his network in the entire Latin America.

In 2014, GJP chain of hotels received a major boost when Brazil was chosen to host the World Soccer Cup. Two years later, Summer Olympics were held in Brazil, thus exposing them to the international clientele. It is estimated that GJP chain of hotels have served more than hundred thousand guests since its establishment. Guilherme Paulus still owns an eight percent share of the CVC Company that is currently valued at R $ 6.35 billion.

Guilherme Paulus’ social life
The hotel entrepreneur is a very social person and he is always thinking of ways that he can connect to the world. He spends a lot of time creating networks with other like-minded entrepreneurs. Paulus believes that the best way of succeeding in the business world is by creating valuable networks.

Leadership at InnovaCare

Richard Shinto serves as the current President and Chief Executive Officer at InnovaCare health solutions. He also serves as the CEO at MMM Healthcare. Dr. Rick Shinto has previously served as the CEO at other institutions such as PMC Medicare Choice and also at MMM Healthcare, a subsidiary of InnovaCare Health.


Between 2008 and 2012 Dr. Richard Shinto was the President and CEO of Aveta Inc. which is of North American Medical Management of Illinois. He was also a part of the management team. He also served as Corporate Vice President of Medical Management between 1996 and 1997 for MedPartners after which he left and became the Chief Medical Officer at Cal Optima Health Plan situated in Orange County in California.


Rick Shinto was the Chief Medical Officer and also COO for Medical Pathways Management after which he became the Chief Medical Officer at NAMM in California. Dr. Rick Shinto received his degree in medicine from the State University of New York. Check out openminds.com



Rick Shinto obtained an M.B.A from the University of Redlands and a B.S. from the University Of California. He began his career practicing as a pulmonologist and internist at California. He has been awarded as one of the Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare in 2018. In July of 2016, there were several additions to InnovaCare Health’s leadership with the inclusion of Jonathan Meyers, Penelope Kokkinides and Mike Sortino.


Jonathan Meyers serves as their Chief Actuary Officer. Penelope Kokkinides id the Chief Administrative Officer while Mike Sortino is the Chief Accounting Officer.

Penelope Kokkinides praises her team for being great to work with during developing of ideas and also during their implementation. She is thankful for technology and how it keeps people interconnected.


She says that a habit that has made her more productive is spending part of her nighttime thinking about the events of the next day, what and how to be done and where she could help out to ensure the progress. She informs that a crucial aspect that entrepreneurs should develop is taking time to be informed about the happenings in the industry. For more details Visit Crunchbase.


This involves reading books, journals, articles and also carrying out their research. To be successful, Penelope takes care to be organized which mostly involves her prioritizing specific tasks and goals to be achieved. She also states that she thinks ahead on the next steps to be carried out and the direction forward.


Click here: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/new-jersey-based-careone-and-innovacare-continue-providing-assistance-to-victims-of-hurricane-maria-300534504.html