The U.S. Money Reserve Helps People Understand Economic Issues

Recently, the president of the U.S. Money Reserve did a speech during a conference about what economic crisis can mean to the gold industry. He knows that gold can be negatively affected by many different things and he wants other people to understand that it is is something that will change the way that things are done in the gold industry.

Because of this, he wanted people to be aware of what was going to have a negative impact on the gold prices and what was going to change based on the options that people had for gold buying when they were in different situations.

During the conference, people will be able to learn about the problems in our world. From Brexit to terrorism and everything in between, people who are invited to the conference will have a chance to learn not only what the problems are but also what they are doing to the prices of gold because of all of the issues that are associated with the gold buying industry and the things that are going on in the world at the time. For people to be able to get more out of the options that they have, they need to make sure that they are aware of all of these issues. Read more: US Money Reserve | Manta and  US Mint Director | US Money Reserve

Because of security reasons, the location and the exact time of the conference are still to be announced. The president wants to keep this information undisclosed for as long as possible because of the issues that are associated with it.

He plans to make sure that things are going to work out for the conference before he makes sure that things will be announced. He also wants to protect those who have been invited to the conference so that they will not have to worry about security problems while they are there.

It is important to make sure that people know about gold. Not only will they learn about how gold can be negatively impacted based on the issues in the world but they will also learn what gold can do to protect them and protect the money that they have.

This is something that has worked out for many different people and something that continues to be a positive aspect of the gold buying industry. Throughout the time that people have been working to make sure that they are getting what they can out of the gold industry, they have been using it to protect their wealth.

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Lori Senecal: The Brainchild of Crispin Porter and Bogusky

Lori Senecal is a well-renowned business leader and is the current Global Chief Executive Officer of Crispin Porter and Bogusky. She has displayed unique leadership, creativity, and focus on the digital marketing firms. As it goes with her position, Senecal is charged with the duty to coordinate the functioning of all Crispin Porter and Bogusky international offices plus ensuring the company’s revenue is on the rise always.

Lori’s journey to success began in McCann-Erickson Worldwide which is one of the units of Interpublic Group of Companies. Her undisputed quality and unique creativity made her be promoted to the position of president for the firm. Two years into her new role, she would later move to Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal Partners where she was appointed the president and Chief Executive Officer. While in KBS, she transformed the company to become the best working institutions in New York. She made contracts with BMW, American Express, and much more.

Lori intention is to serve as a role model and mentor to young professional women who wish to earn from their hard work. She took the time to speak at the 3 percent conference that mainly aims at boosting the number of women Creative Directors from 3 percent to at least 11 percent through nurturing the female creativity and leadership skills. Her efforts in building the community and nation as a whole have not gone unnoticed. Lori was honored with a Quantum Leap Award for innovation and leadership at the Game Changer Awards. She also monitors students’ inventions and innovations through her award program, the Isaac+Award.

Recently, Lori Senecal has been involved in sharing with the youth on the online platform on how to create great Facebook Ads. According to her research, a majority of Facebook users access their accounts via mobile devices. Thus, the most effective strategy would be optimizing the site for mobile use. She also places emphasis on using striking color combinations to halt fast-scrolling individuals. Lori believes that for a company to advertise effectively, then it has to achieve three main objectives which include having a message that is well phrased, the message ought to be understood by the audience, and finally, the message must inspire the audience to act. Follow her on Twitter

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An Incredible Concept In In-Home Napa Valley Wine Tastings

A recent article that appeared on the trade website Affiliate Dork intrigued me. I am a huge lover of wines, but with three small children I find myself settling for grocery store wine rather than buying any wines worth a true tasting or pairing. The last great wines I brought home were from trips to Italy and Napa Valley, but those are since gone.

A concept the started in 2001, called Traveling Vineyard, has recently seen a huge rebloom as its “Wine Guides” take to social media to share their incredible stories of success and earned income, simply be sharing great wines with other people who love great wines. It sounded too good to be true, chatting about wine and sipping wine and then getting paid for it? But I reached out to real people via social media that had made excellent income and had wonderful things to say about the company and its support for its wine guides.

The concept is simple, yet sophisticated. Wine Guides host parties in the homes of friends, co-workers, acquaintances, really anyone who is interested in wine and would love a tasting. These tasting parties are absolutely free and come with six of Traveling Vineyard’s exclusive wine brands. Guest of the party sip and listen while the Wine Guide goes over details of the wine for the guests. Wine Guides don’t have to be aficionados. As soon as they sign up Traveling Vineyard sends a complete starter kit that includes not only glasses and an elegant 6 bottle carrying case, but an entire system that thought everything one would ever need to know about the wine.

At the end of a tasting, guests can simply select which wines and what quantity they would like to receive and the Wine Guide benefits from those sales. How perfect! Wine lovers get wonderful wines from Napa Valley and the Wine Guides get to do a truly fun job and share their love of wine with others.

The upsides to being a Wine Guide are incredible – set your own hours, the sky is the limit on income (you earn as much as you are willing to put into it) and Traveling Vineyard has an amazing success program that pairs new Wine Guides with a Leader, who serves as their personal mentor. Interested in becoming a Wine Guide? Read the article:

Improving the state of the Human, Civil and Migrant rights


With the rise of racism and discrimination in the 20th century, it was hard for the minority groups to get peace. The gays were looked down upon, the people living with disabilities could not get fair treatment, and the migrants had difficult times in coping with the host countries. Several of these communities suffered in silence since they could not get the rights. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase and Michael Larcey | Twitter

Currently, several individuals and organizations have come up with different ways of giving these groups some support. There are groups of individuals who can provide financial aid. Some groups can use the public to get justice, and other use the courts to challenge certain decisions. These groups work together at times to provide the best solutions for the issues to deal with the civil, human and migrant rights.

The advocates for human rights

The organization is composed of different scholars who have a zeal of the human rights. These people do not use the public to get fair hearings; they focus on the courts. The group is made up learned lawyers.

They challenge the decisions that are made in the United States and spread their influence to the other part of the world. With their focus, the advocates for human rights fund their activities in most cases. For more complicated cases, other organizations deal with the funding activities as they champion for their needs.

Lacey and Larking Frontera Fund

Jim and Michael have used their influence to support the civil, human and migrant rights. In 2007, the duo wrote an article on Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County. Jim and Michael were arrested in the middle of the night about the article they wrote on the Sheriff. The jury equally demanded to know the people who read the piece online.

The two used the First Amendment of the United States’ constitution to defend themselves which they did successfully. Their case was dismissed, and they received a compensation of $3.75 million. Having felt violated, they used this money to support the course of human, civil and migrant rights through different organizations.

Human Rights Funders Group

The group focuses on funding human rights activities that they feel are worth defending. The organization was started for education purposes in defending the rights of the minority in the learning institutions.

Currently, the group has risen to a level where they are in a position to support different courses which violate the human rights. Currently, the organization has picked a few cases on the migrants to help them reach their desired goals.

Migrant legal services

The migrant legal service is an organization that protects the rights of the migrants through the use of the law. The group offers legal services to the migrants at cheaper rates. There are cases where some of the issues are serious, but the migrants cannot afford them.

As an organization that is interested in the human rights, it picks the cases and provides its help without focusing on the pay. Since the team is composed of different lawyers, all their cases are handled according to the law.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Launches Cancer Clinical Pathways

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America in partnership with the Allscripts and NantHealth have launched Clinical Pathways. The Pathways includes platforms that will enable the oncologists to provide treatments for the cancer patients through the eviti and Allscripts Sunrise platforms.

The Clinical Pathway program, formed in 2016 will also provide the physicians with information on the cancer treatment process without interrupting their workflow. The program was designed with the patient in mind as it includes latest cancer research and the available treatments. This hands-on program will provide the oncologists with the information they need to provide personalized care to the patients.

The treatment platform will provide a wide range of information including the specific treatment needed by the patient, the comparison between the various treatment options, and the clinical data needed.

As stated on Wikipedia, the Clinical Pathways will enhance transparency in the type of treatment that has been used and the delivery channel. The Pathways will be a great relief to the patients as they will accelerate the insurance approval process by providing all the required clinical data.

The integration of the eviti and the Allscripts Sunrise will provide real-time evidence-based information on the cancer treatments.

The Pathway program is open to all the patients at all the five hospitals affiliated with CTCA.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, established in 1988 is a for-profit network that involves five hospitals in the United States that serve cancer patients. It is a private organization that follows an integrated approach in providing treatments for the cancer patients.

Not only does CTCA offer intensive treatment options, but it also therapies to manage the side effects of the treatments like fatigue, pain, and malnutrition.

CTCA headquarters were moved from Schaumburg, Illinois to Boca Raton, Florida

For more information on CTCA follow them on Twitter.

Businessman Marc Sparks: Committed To Giving Back To The Community

Marc Sparks is a successful, visionary, hard working businessman who believe that through the grace of God he was able to overcome the many hurdles and challenges he faced. Even though he is now a multimillionaire, Sparks remains very humble. He is also committed to giving back to his community every chance he gets. Sparks does so by helping aspiring entrepreneurs and proving support to the less fortunate in Austin, Dallas and many other areas of Texas. Through the assistance he provides countless children and adults are able to enjoy a better quality of life.


One of the charities to which Marc Sparks has provided support for over 30 years is a homeless shelter called the Samaritan House. The facility provides hundreds of men, women and children that are facing tough times nutritious meals, clean clothes and a safe place to sleep. The Samaritan House also offers educational support, health care, job training and help finding work and a permanent place to live. The facility has provided the assistance many people needed to turn their lives around and get back on track. To Marc Sparks, God has helped him to prosper so he could do just that. Learn more:


Education is another area in which Marc Sparks gives generously. When he was in high school in Austin, Texas, Sparks found it difficult to maintain a ‘C’ average. Today, through the American Can! magnet high school program, he works to ensure struggling students get the support, encouragement and resources they need to do well. Sparks also understands that many needy children also get failing grades because they lack computers and other resources. Through his Sparky’s Kids foundation, he has provided over 1000 computers for underprivileged children in Texas.


Finding affordable, quality housing is another problem a growing number of working people in Texas face daily. Marc Sparks tries his best to address that problem in two ways. For decades he has volunteered to build houses for the poor through Habitat for Humanity. He also works to provide transitional housing for people who need a helping hand to get back on their feet. He is also involved in mentoring budding entrepreneurs and providing them with business tips and essential supplies and imparting valuable leaderships skills. His goal is to ensure they have the tools they need to succeed. Learn more:


One of Marc Sparks most recent projects is an inspirational book entitled ‘They Can’t Eat You.’ In it he talks about some of the struggles he faced when he was starting out in business and the steps he had to take in order to succeed. Sparks wants the book to show both his successes and his failures and help give entrepreneurs the confidence to keep trying.

Tasteful Lingerie Launched by Honey Birdette

Tasteful lingerie has been introduced around the world as a result of a new collection. The New York Collection is a new launch from Honey Birdette, which features beautiful models wearing boudoir-style lingerie across New York City.

For over a decade, Honey Birdette has been selling lingerie and adult toys. They have made a name for themselves because of the way that they sell: tastefully. The lingerie is classy and the toys are high-quality.

It’s no surprise that Honey Birdette is successful. They were Australia’s first sensuality boutique. They listen to their customers and constantly launch new products, including toys for him and her. It allows everyone to have some fun while turning up the heat in the bedroom.

The New York Collection is tastefully done and has the attention of men and women. The lingerie is broken out into several lines, including Miss D, Alex, and Luna. Colors range from ivory to black, allowing women to find the color that best suits their skin tone as well as their mood.

The lingerie also varies in terms of how revealing it is. Some have a hint of BDSM with built-in collars and silver circles for attaching hooks and such. Others are much more submissive, with lace and cutouts that show off parts of the body.

Overall, Honey Birdette has another winner on their hands, especially once Facebook had a chance to respond to the campaign video that launched. People are asking when they can get the lingerie, and the site delivers around the globe.

Find more Honey’s on YouTube and Instagram

Vijay Eswaran: Indian Author, Businessman, & Philanthropist

Vijay Eswaran is an author and Malaysian businessman who has a long history and steady career. He was born in 1960 in Penang, Malaysia. He studied socio-economics at the London School of Economics, graduating with a Bachelors degree in 1984.

He worked several odd jobs all around Europe after college and was introduced to the binary system. This prompted Mr. Vijay Eswaran to get a professional certification from the Chartered Institue of Managed Accountants, followed by an MBA from Southern Illinois University.

QI Group

In 1998, he returned to Malaysia and was approached by Cosway Group with an offer to start a multi-level marketing company for them. Eswaran co-founded QI Group, and it deals with several different marketing techniques including: Since it was founded, QI Group has expanded to be a powerhouse in the multi-level marketing front. It has regional offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore with a significant presence in 10 other countries.

  • Business Travel
  • Media
  • Luxury Products
  • Corporate Investments
  • Health and Wellness
  • Telecommunications

Published Works

Eswaran is also an accomplished author. His first book In The Sphere of Silence was published in 2005 to wide success. This book explains Mr. Eswaran’s philosophies as they relate to his life. His second book In the Thinking Zone was released in 2008, with his third book titled 18 Stepping Stones following in 2010. His final book was published in 2016 and is titled Two Minutes From the Abyss.


Vijay Eswaran is very active in various philanthropic organizations. He founded the Vijayaratnam Foundation, along with the RYTHM Foundation in Malaysia. These programs offer mentorship to young adults, and he also donates to various non-profits and charity groups.

Vijay Eswaran is a powerhouse who continues to evolve to keep his company at the forefront of its field. He will be around for years to come, and his future is bright.

Inspired by Interview with Tammy Mazzocco

In the business world, it is important to avoid burn out and discouragement. I found an interview posted recently by “” to be incredibly beneficial in terms of advice on how to stay positive.

Real estate agent Tammy Mazzocco described the importance of staying positive. She said that in her business, leading a healthy and productive life is just as important as the actual work that she does each day. Before even thinking about work, she meditates and does some movement. This helps her get into a energized state, and gives her a healthy mindset that she can use to approach her day.

She also described something else that I found helpful. She said that she likes to approach problems and challenges head-on through hard work and a positive attitude. I tend to think of problems as needing intellectual and logistical solutions, so it was so refreshing to hear that just having a positive outlook can help you confront a challenge.

According to Grooves Capes, Tammy Mazzocco started out as a secretary in the real estate world, but quickly climbed the ladder. She started working in the condominium management field, and then moved up to become a multi-site property manager for two apartment buildings and an office warehouse complex.

She got her real estate licence while still working in property management, and continued to grow and learn within her work environments and in various positions. Tammy even became a personal assistant to a prominent RE/MAX producer, and picked up more tips, tricks, and philosophies.

Her career is inspiring to me because it shows all that an attitude of learning and growth can do. In the “Inspirery” interview, she says that on her bad days, she always turns to meditation: “Even today I have some bad days, but meditating every day helps me out when I’m in trouble.”


Samuel Strauch Is An Experienced Real Estate Investor

If you are looking for a way to start investing, real estate is a great option. You can start investing in real estate, build wealth and earn passive income.

Property management is where many beginning investors make a lot of mistakes. Knowing how to screen tenants is essential. You also need to know how to mange the property, or hire a property management company. If you have others manage your properties, you can concentrate on other issues.

To be successful in this business, you need to get the right education and training and apply what you have learned.

Samuel Strauch, a highly renowned real estate investor can help you succeed in this industry. He is one of the most reliable and knowledgeable experts in this field.

Real estate investing is considered by many experts and successful entrepreneurs as a reliable way to get into investing. This profitable venture can several different creative forms.

To learn what strategies work in real estate investment it is advisable to get in touch with Samuel Strauch. Getting into the real estate investing field is a smart decision and can put you on the path to financial independence.

Numerous people have built their fortune in this lucrative investment field and you can get your share of the fortune if you follow proven strategy.

Samuel Strauch believes that each person in our society should endeavor to do their best in making our world a better place. Samuel Strauch devotes a great deal of time and effort toward helping others who need his guidance or advice.

Based in Miami, Florida, Samuel Strauch is one the leading experts in the real estate field. He has a thorough understanding of successful investments, and he strives to teach others how to spot lucrative opportunities.

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