On the Move with Waiakea and the Bottle Water Industry in 2018

According to the International Bottled Water Association, bottled water is now a leading product in the beverage industry. Millions of people around the world are now purchasing this product in record numbers. A lot of consumers see the benefit in bottled water and they want more of it. This is especially true for the Hawaiian volcanic water brand Waiakea.

Ryan Emmons started Waiakea back in 2012. He realized that consumers would want to have a fresh tasting water product that is derived from a volcano. Believe it or not, many people want to drink fresh and purified water. Even if they can have the same substance from their own kitchen sink. However, a lot of people have hang-ups about their municipal tap water supply.

In the early 2010s major American cities had to restrict their populations from drinking tap water. This was due to problems with water sources and filtering. This happened in Michigan and in Ohio. Since the early 2010s people have been leery of drinking tap water. People are cautious because they just do not want to get sick from drinking water from their faucet.

Some people like bottled water because it tastes better than regular sink water. Waiakea bottled water is filtered through volcanic rocks. Waiakea water pH is naturally low. The volcanic water benefits cannot be denied. Minerals are in abundance within Waiakea. The drink is also loaded with natural elements that help to keep the body hydrated and filled with fluid.

Waiakea is being shipped out to various markets all over the world. As this product reaches each destination, many consumers make it point to purchase this refreshing substance. Waiakea water is a solid competitor against well established water brands. This brand has been gaining a lot of market share since its inception. People everywhere are naturally gravitating toward Waiakea once they taste it.

Waiakea is used to reenergize people after a workout and people drink it on a hot a day to stay cool. Some people naturally drink this water beverage when they simply want to quench their thirst. Ryan Emmons Waiakea brand is now considered one of the major bottled water beverages on the market.


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