Nathaniel Ru Expands Sweetgreen to Many Regions

Nathaniel Ru has been busy with his business model. People that know about Sweetgreen cannot help but to know a little bit about Nathaniel Ru. He has become a very interesting part of the evolution of healthy eating, and people are looking at the seasonal menus and the trendy names for Sweetgreen menu items and they are falling in love.

Right now Ru is really on a roll. He is bringing fresh produce from farmers in several different regions. He has hit the Bay Area, and there is also a Sweetgreen location in Los Angeles. Nathaniel Ru has gone on to move far beyond the original location that was near a trendy district in Georgetown to expanding to New York City and Boston. Sweetgreen has also managed to penetrate Chicago and Philadelphia. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

People in Boston also have access to the Sweetgreen chain. It has been very interesting for Nathaniel Ru to connect with partners that he can really trust to provide fresh produce when it comes to building a solid restaurant franchise. All of these connections in different regions shows that Nathaniel Ru is slowly trying to bring healthy eating to people throughout the United States.

Right now the only region that has not seen or heard much of the Sweetgreen dream that Nathaniel has in place is the South. This is an area where people are still trying to figure out what exactly Nathaniel Ru is trying to accomplish.

People that are tourists from the south that go to other cities may find this fascinating, and that is what will initially spread social media buzz that may prompt Nathaniel to move in a southern direction.

He is really taking his time because he knows that every Sweetgreen location is unique. There are farmers in different regions that are going to provide different types of fruits and vegetables. The menu is seasonal in each area, and people are going to experience different things when they connect with Sweetgreen.

That may be one of the main reasons that there has been so much talk about the Sweetgreen environment. More people are starting to discover more about what is happening in the Sweetgreen environment.

They are seeing a movement where healthy food is being celebrated. This makes a big difference when it comes to eating healthy. People are much more inclined to eat healthy when they see this as a hot trend.

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