Michel Terpin Qualifies For The Sertões Rally

The Goiás, Mato Grosso, and Mato Grosso do Sul areas will soon be receiving a visit from Michel Terpin and his racing partner, Maykel Justo. The pair have qualified to enter the Sertões Rally, which is to be held in the area with a support park to be established at Autodromo Internacional de Goiânia. The 3,300 kilometer race is in its 25th year.

Racing the course will require a wide range of trajectories, but Terpins and Justo are up for the challenge. They’re to be entered in the T1 Prototype category, operating the second prototype of the T-Rex, which was developed by MEM Motorsport. While this will be the second year in a row that Terpin and Justo will be racing the T-Rex, this isn’t the same vehicle fans have previously seen. Modifications have been made to make the car safer, faster, and tougher.

Every racer looks forward to the Sertões Rally each season, because the variety of terrain makes it one of the most challenging races of the year. Even so, Michel said he’s confident in both the new T-Rex and in his long-time racing partner. Rodrigo Terpins says the car has been updated with a V-8 ethanol engine and feels sure this will give them an edge in the race. For more details visit LinkedIn.

This will be Michel’s tenth year racing in the Sertões Rally, having debuted as a motorcyclist in 2002. Later, he teamed up with his brother, Rodrigo, for four years, before taking the lead as the pilot of his own vehicle. That was when he teamed up with Justo, who has also been racing for more than a decade and has earned four titles in that time. Of Maykel, Mr. Terpin says the navigator is excellent at ensuring they have a safe race each time. He added that Maykel tunes the car to perfection.

The 3,300 kilometer race will pass through four cities in Goiás: Goiânia, Goianésia, Santa Therezinha de Goiás, and Aruanã. As it reaches Mato Grosso, Barra do Garças is the only city in that area that the racers will visit. Later, it will pass through another three cities in Mato Grosso do Sul (Coxim, Aquidauana, and Bonito).



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