Meet Jeremy Goldstein, a Prominent Boutique Lawyer

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer and a committed philanthropist. He has a strong background of experience in the law industry and has been rated among the best lawyers in the world. He has also been able to restore hope to the people with various disorders and has managed to make their lives better.

Having served as a board member of Fountain House has made the people living with mental disorders across the country renew their hopes. He is very optimistic about helping them realize their potentials. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Chambers and Partners and Exclusive NYC Wine Dinners Hosted by Attorney Jeremy Goldstein and Friends over 56000 for Fountain House

According to research, mental illness is one of the most significant contributors to suicides. These people often feel neglected and are forced to live outside because everyone thinks that they have not the capacity to do anything.

Over 85% of these people are unemployed and also homeless. They also struggle to meet their daily needs which is a great let down and ignorance by the community. Jeremy Goldstein decided to come up with ways in which these people can manage to restore their hopes and start earning income like any other person in the society.

Jeremy Goldstein sat alone and thought about how he can change the lives of these people. He decided to revive Fountain House which would enable him to push his agenda. This was through an exceptional and extravagant dinner which was able to highlight the plight of these people. They wanted to see them got to schools, get an education and start getting jobs like any other person in the society.

According to Fountain House, they have their goals explicit and straightforward. To provide support, education, care and also helping them gain new skills. These people suffer from mental illnesses can be changed and live on their premises with families as well. They only need education and better jobs to sustain them.

Great efforts were applied by Jeremy Goldstein and Fountain House and by today, 42% of these people have gained employment and have managed to receive a combined employment revenue of 2 million dollars annually. The income shows tremendous growth for these people.

Jeremy Goldstein is an experienced lawyer who has a lot of expertise in executing various transactions. As a corporate lawyer, he has managed to help multiple companies manage to achieve various operations through a commitment to excellence.

He has worked with a lot of companies and has helped them meet their overall targets. His mission is to see his law firms expand to becoming the leading boutique firm in the sector.

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