Lori Senecal Preparing New Leaders Before She Retires From CP+B

Having served as the first Global Chief Executive Officer of CP+B, Lori Senecal will leave the advertising agency soon. Lori coordinated the agency’s ten international offices, and she was the person in-charge of expanding CP+B’s international presence. Lori’s tenure at the agency has been successful. Currently, CP+B is searching for Lori’s replacement.

Chuck Porter—CP+B co-founder and chairman—said that since the agency’s global operations had been structured, he and Lori will concentrate on developing new leaders to manage CP+B’s operations. Porter describes Lori as a fantastic person with a clever approach to leadership. He attributes major successes attained by the agency to Lori. For instance, a year after Lori joined CP+B, the company’s revenues rose by 21%, reports Fast Company. He also commended Lori for overseeing the entry of new clients such as American Airlines and Hershey’s.

With the recent promotion of Danielle Aldrich to the position of President of CP+B West, it seems like new leaders are already cropping up. Aldrich held a position at CP+B Boulder, but her new role will require her to manage both CP+B Boulder and CP+B Los Angeles. Aldrich has been working with CP+B for the past 14 years, and she was in-charge of CP+B’s notable clients such as Burger King. Lori Senecal stated that elevating regional leaders such as Aldrich was meant to improve the quality of services CP+B offered to its client partners. Lori believes that Aldrich has all that it takes to be one of CP+B’s leaders. Aldrich is part of the team that received recognition for winning America Airlines from TM Advertising.

Prior to her current role, Lori served as Global Chairman and CEO of KBS until 2009. Through her stewardship, KBS expanded its operations to international markets. The company also grew its staff members from 250 to 900. Lori then became president of McCann New York. Lori started her career in Canada, and on Ad Week she says that she never thought she would work in the US or hold revered leadership posts in America.

Crispin, Porter, and Bogusky famously known as CP+B is a partner of publicly traded MDC Partners. CP+B was founded in 1988 by Sam Crispin. Presently it employs over 700 staff with global operations. CP+B’s head office is in Boulder, Colorado. For more info, check out her profiles on crunchbase.com and on https://ideamensch.com/lori-senecal/.

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