Kim Dao and Sunny’s Shopping & Hair Salon Visit in Harajuku

Kim Dao and Sunnydahye are in the video “Shopping in Harajuku, Japanese Hair Salon & Haul” spending the day in the city together getting their hair done and shopping. The first stop that they make is at Hair Salon 76 Nalu, which Kim Dao says is her favorite. Kim Dao also states that this salon is very foreigner friendly. The stylist for Kim Dao gives her hair a treatment to restore damage from the bleaching that has been done to it recently. The process looks therapeutic as the stylist gently massages her scalp and gently treats her hair until it comes out looking absolutely fabulous. Kim Dao even orders a lemon mint tea from the salon to sip on as they treat and style her hair. Kim Dao and Sunny show off their freshly styled locks and then head off for some lunch. It looks delicious and colorful. After Kim Dao and Sunny finish eating they head out for a day of shopping. Their first stop is at the Alice in Wonderland store. The merchandise looks whimsical and fun, staying true to the theme of Alice in Wonderland. Kim Dao and Sunny spend the rest of the day visiting other shops in the area.

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