Johanan Rand creates integrating treatments that are used to treat age-related medical issues

Johanan Rand is the founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Center, an institution that focuses on helping patients with age-related medical issues. He has helped numerous patients suffering from insomnia, erectile dysfunction, weight gain, high blood pressure, vaginal dryness, anxiety and depression and many other age-related medical issues. Johanan Rand has a wealth of experience in the use of therapeutic treatments and hormonal therapies to help his patients restore their hormonal balance in the body. Johanan Rand notes that the increased levels of bad hormones in the body as one age are the main causes of many chronic health conditions. Therefore, by restoring the hormonal balance, an individual can regain their youthful energy and vitality. The hormonal therapy coupled with diet and exercises initiates positive changes in the body that eventually lead to natural healing.


Most of Johanan Rand’s treatments focus on weight reduction and anti-aging treatments. He has developed the IV Nutrition therapy that works with the body to aid in the weight loss. Each of Johanan Rand’s programs takes due consideration to the specific needs of the patients, considering that patients have different needs. Johanan Rand notes that focusing on a single patient at a time helps him to measure objective results as well as determine whether the treatment is the most appropriate for that patient.


During the IV Nutrition therapies, the patients get an opportunity to get results for blood works and genetic tests, which are used to determine the underlying cause of the medical condition. Johanan Rand notes that one condition can be caused by a wide range of factors. For instance, weight gain can be as a result of psychological reasons or even menopause. Therefore, identifying the root cause helps him to develop an effective treatment that suits the needs of the patient.


Johanan Rand has spent numerous years conducting research and understanding the aging process. It has enabled him to develop some of the most effective therapies to treat various age-related conditions. He has also written a lot of materials that help patients understand some of the medical conditions and how they can prevent them.



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