Jeunesse Global Zen Bodi Products Close Review

A smooth face makes a person look beautiful and young thus the need to maintain one’s skin arises. IN 2009, Randy Ray, Wendy Lewis, and Scott Lewis identified this business opportunity and became the founders of Jeunesse. Their mission was to positively affect the world by aiding people to look and feel young. Due to the hard work and support by both its employees and distributor, it has indicated an impressive growth over the years to the extent of being a global direct selling company. Its exclusive nutritional and skin care products to form a comprehensive Youth Enhancement System and Jeunesse has been able to market its product in over 140 countries.


Zen Bodi Line is one of the Jeunesse Global Products that consist of ZEN Shape, ZEN Fit, and ZEN Pro. ZEN Pro being the best protein mix in the market and to develop it, one uses whey, rice, and protein mix to give an ultimate power in One’s body. It also comes in the form of Vanilla Bliss or Chocolate Dream, and in each box, it has 14 packets.


ZEN Fit is the other product under Zen Bodi Line, and it is a dry drink that one can put in his/her water. It is either in the form of watermelon or fruit punch, and it also functions as the supplier of the most substantial amount of the amino acid that One’s body has been craving. Thirty packets of the flavor decided by an individual are packed in one box, and the most favored flavor is the fruit punch.


ZEN Shape is the last product under this Line, and its primary ingredients are the African Mangoes seed extract. It is popular in creating a healthy body that is free from any form of illness and also aids in the quick production of shaping goals. 120 capsules are contained in one bottle of this product. Other Jeunesse Global Products include Instantly Ageless which are micro-cream that aid in erasing the aging signs such as deleting the lines and wrinkles. Due to the high sale of this product, Jeunesse had to come up with Limits on the amount of product to manufacturing.

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