Jeremy Goldstein’s views on the knockout options

In the past years, many companies and their employees had adapted to the stock options form of compensation. However, as time goes by and competition continues to increase as well as the constant economic recession that leads to changes in the value of the stock, may have become wary of this method.


Why may are against the stock option method of compensation

Many employees do not care to be awarded stock options since they consider them only valuable to the investors and executives of the companies they work in. There is also the fear that when the share value of these stocks decreases, the options will be of no value much like the casino chips. Employees would rather be compensated in other traditional ways like wages, insurance coverage of equities.


There is also the issue that many companies fear that this form of compensation results in tasking accounting situations. This results in more expensive relevant costs as compared to the financial benefits. Most corporations are doing away with the method to save money.


Benefits of stock options

The upside to offering stock options to employees is that it encourages them to work harder towards improving or maintaining the standards and stock value for them to keep earning from the options hence growing the company’s revenue.


Knockout Options

Experts like Jeremy Goldstein have come up with a new way for companies to keep handing the options without the disadvantages. The Knockout options are the kind of options that can be done away with over time and when the stock value is low. The terms are that these options have an expiry date and can be done away with if the value goes below 75 dollars per share over a certain amount of time.


Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy is a US lawyer and legal advisor with twenty years of experience. His expertise lies in matters of mergers and acquisition as well as laws of compensation. He has played a crucial part in transactions of many companies like the acquisition of Duke Energy among many others.


The New York University JD holder is the founder and partner at the Jeremy L Goldstein and associates law firm that offers advisory services on matters of compensation. He is also a chair of the mergers and acquisitions subcommittee and the Fountain House Charity Foundation. Learn more:

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