Jacob Gotlieb: Taking Over Health Care Through Altium Capital

Jacob Gotlieb’s investment experience and prowess in tapping and investing in innovative healthcare technologies and treatment companies span decades. It has earned him respect in the alternative investment circles where he is considered a titan. He now has a new Investment vehicle, Altium capital that invests in healthcare companies which come up with disruptive health and medical treatment innovations.

Recent investments

His company recently acquired 5.6% of Oramed pharmaceutical shares after the firm developed a ground-breaking oral treatment alternative for diabetes. Through this new orally ingestible insulin capsule known as ORMD-0801, diabetes patients will no longer have to endure the pain associated with the common injectable treatment option. The firm has also developed an oral glucagon capsule that also promises to turn the life around for diabetes patients.

Besides Oramed, Jacob Gotlieb’s other recent ventures in healthcare include Amarin corporation, a firm that specializes in the development of lipid-based drugs aimed at helping improve cardiovascular health. Altium also invested in the replacement therapy focused, Oragenics Company. Oragenics has access to proprietary technologies that it intends to use in the development of powerful antibiotics to counter the drug-resistant bacterial strains associated with several infectious diseases.

More about Jacob Gotlieb

Gotlieb is a graduate of Brown and New York University where he graduated with a BA and an MD respectively. He is also a certified public accountant (CPA). Prior to establishing Altium, he was the brains behind Visium asset management, a hedge fund giant and a major player in healthcare investment.

Despite its success, Jacob Gotlieb was forced to close its doors after an insider scandal. However, his journey in investing and hedge funds began at Merlin New York where he was a portfolio manager. He later moved to Balysany asset management where he was famed for his massive portfolio gains but after a while decided to go solo and that was when he established Visium.

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