Improving the state of the Human, Civil and Migrant rights


With the rise of racism and discrimination in the 20th century, it was hard for the minority groups to get peace. The gays were looked down upon, the people living with disabilities could not get fair treatment, and the migrants had difficult times in coping with the host countries. Several of these communities suffered in silence since they could not get the rights. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase and Michael Larcey | Twitter

Currently, several individuals and organizations have come up with different ways of giving these groups some support. There are groups of individuals who can provide financial aid. Some groups can use the public to get justice, and other use the courts to challenge certain decisions. These groups work together at times to provide the best solutions for the issues to deal with the civil, human and migrant rights.

The advocates for human rights

The organization is composed of different scholars who have a zeal of the human rights. These people do not use the public to get fair hearings; they focus on the courts. The group is made up learned lawyers.

They challenge the decisions that are made in the United States and spread their influence to the other part of the world. With their focus, the advocates for human rights fund their activities in most cases. For more complicated cases, other organizations deal with the funding activities as they champion for their needs.

Lacey and Larking Frontera Fund

Jim and Michael have used their influence to support the civil, human and migrant rights. In 2007, the duo wrote an article on Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County. Jim and Michael were arrested in the middle of the night about the article they wrote on the Sheriff. The jury equally demanded to know the people who read the piece online.

The two used the First Amendment of the United States’ constitution to defend themselves which they did successfully. Their case was dismissed, and they received a compensation of $3.75 million. Having felt violated, they used this money to support the course of human, civil and migrant rights through different organizations.

Human Rights Funders Group

The group focuses on funding human rights activities that they feel are worth defending. The organization was started for education purposes in defending the rights of the minority in the learning institutions.

Currently, the group has risen to a level where they are in a position to support different courses which violate the human rights. Currently, the organization has picked a few cases on the migrants to help them reach their desired goals.

Migrant legal services

The migrant legal service is an organization that protects the rights of the migrants through the use of the law. The group offers legal services to the migrants at cheaper rates. There are cases where some of the issues are serious, but the migrants cannot afford them.

As an organization that is interested in the human rights, it picks the cases and provides its help without focusing on the pay. Since the team is composed of different lawyers, all their cases are handled according to the law.

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