Glen Wakeman: Then Epitome of Executive Management

Wakeman is the current CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. This is a SAAS company that he started in 2015. Glen has been an experienced manager in the business and finance sector having worked there for over two decades. Glen holds a degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton which he received in 1981. He also holds an MBA in finance from the University of Chicago. After his studies, Glen went straight into his career working for GE Capital (SlideShare). While serving at GE, Glen Wakeman was recognized by the board of directors as the growth leadership role model.

Glen Wakeman has been an entrepreneur and a mentor to many people especially his colleagues. Some of his achievements have been through, steering startups, offering guidance on M&A, exponential growth, and new market entry. In his career, Glen Wakeman has invented a 5 point model of business management. These are execution, human capital, governance, risk management, and leadership.

Apart from being an investor, Glen Wakeman is also a writer. He writes on online publications on various matters concerning the financial sector. Some of the topics he covers are emerging markets, international fiscal matters, strategies, management, and administration. Glen is also a financial counsel and has helped C-level firms like Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded to get to the level they are. He also writes these topics: angel financing, global affairs, business transformation and capital raising. Glen Wakeman has always been passionate about innovation, growth and executive development in the management of businesses.


Glen Wakeman has worked in 6 countries and has run businesses with operations in more than countries in the world. Today Glen is a recognized worldwide for his prowess in managing big firms with awesome success rate. Actually, he has found firms that are in a sorry state and within no time he has turned around the fortunes. Indeed Glen Wakeman is truly an icon in executive business management.


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