End Citizens United Accuses Rick Scott Of Election Malpractices

End Citizens United (ECU) recently turned to the Federal Election Commission to express their grievances against Rick Scott. The political action committee alleges that Rick Scott is unduly utilizing a super PAC to bankroll his Senate campaign. Rick Scott is the current governor of Florida and is seeking to become the next senator of the state of Florida.

According to the complaint from End Citizens, Rick Scott, is accused of using a super PAC in order to raise as much money for his campaigns because otherwise, he would have to work with the federal limits that curtail the number of contributions and expenditure during campaigns.

Rick Scott has up to date raised seventy-eight million US dollars for his campaign, an amount that complies with PAC’s range which does not limit the amount of money that a candidate can raise and spend in the campaigns. End Citizens United has faulted Scott for disregarding the anti-coordination law.

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According to Adam Bozzi, who is the Director of Communications for End Citizens United, Rick Scott has no respect for the anti-coordination laws and he is more focused in his political ambitions. Bozzi says that Rick Scott is so fixated on his Senate bid that he has devised a way to cheat the election law by putting funds into the super PAC. This additional money is ostensibly meant for the President but Adam Bozzi says it is just a ghost scheme to help Scott evade the finance laws and sponsor his campaign.

The campaign camp of Rick Scott vehemently refuted the accusations and attempted to distance their camp with the alleged scheme to cheat on the election laws. However, ECU came out blazing with proof of evidence that the Senator hopeful, was still in bed with the PAC even after announcing his bid for election. Rick Scott has denied any mischief and wrongdoings maintaining his innocence. ECU, says that there is more than it meets the eye and Rick Scott campaign is marred with a number of malpractices, which they are still gathering evidence to proof that Scott has bent the law.

More about End Citizens United

ECU is a political action committee that was formed from the disappointment of the decision of the Supreme Court in 2010 in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. The decision from the court struck out limits of contributions and spending during the campaigns. The mission of the group is to drive out big money from the political establishment. The group which has its headquarters in Washington D.C aims at achieving campaign reforms so that campaigns can account and disclose their spending to ensure a fair ground for every candidate. ECU was founded in 2015.

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