DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani’s Turned His Business Into A Success

Hussain Sajwani did not start out as the hugely industrious businessman he is today. In fact, after school Hussain would work in the family’s watch shop, helping his father run the business. It was in his early years that he laid the foundation for his business acumen and work ethic that would help the DAMAC owner achieve great success.

After graduating from his primary studies, Hussain Sajwani applied and was granted leave to become one of the first UEA citizens to study and graduate from an American university. While attending college, Hussain began selling timeshare properties to earn money. After college, Mr. Sajwani knew he wanted to be his own boss, but took a position at a larger company in the finance department, gain work experience. After two years, Hussain went on to open his first business in 1982.

Hussain Sajwani’s catering service is still in business today cooking over 15,000 meals for various organizations. Shortly after opening the catering service, Hussain noticed that housing seemed to be in demand. Using his pervious experience with selling timeshares and working in finance, Mr. Sajwani became the DAMAC owner. DAMAC is a company that builds, and manages properties in the UAE and surrounding countries.

DAMAC has been adding to it’s continued success for years now with Hussain at it’s helm. Mr. Sajwani still believes in education and experience as key factors in anyone’s success. Hussain Sajwani treats all of his 2000 employees equally. They all have a say in how things are done and may contribute company ideas or constructive opinions freely. Hussain believes in continued education and good health for himself and his staff in order to maintain focus and continued successs.

The DAMAC owner offers group company activities for staff and family to keep everyone active and involved. And most importantly, Hussain never fogets his humble beginnings, no matter how successful he becomes. To read more about Mr. Sajwani and DAMAC, please click here.

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