Clay Siegal: Sickness Killer

Sickness and disease or something that ha always been here with us people. There was a time when if a person got sick that death was almost certain. But we as people also have been developing cures and remedies for a very long time. As the years go by we learn more and more and com closer to eradicating any harmful disease that tries to plague us. People are living longer than ever before and there are a lot of people who have aided this process. Clay Siegal is definitely one of them.

Clay Siegal is the CEO and founder of the company Seattle Genetics. Founded in 1998 the company has grown into a vast industry leader in their field. That field is antibodies and drugs that cure diseases and sicknesses that seem to see no remedies. They go for the hardest hitting most unknown sicknesses to bring them down for the sake of the human race. Clay Siegal is an expert in the field of medicine and drugs as he has a PHD from George Washington University in genetics as well as a B.S. degree in zoology from The University of Maryland.

The company that Clay built is very successful. They are actually responsible for creating the first FDA approved antibody drug conjugate. This and a slew of other medical drugs about 11 of them to be exact are all on the line of production and they have very good deals with multiple drug manufacturing companies. The company is the creator of the drug Adcetris which treats cancer in the lymph system. Clay Siegal wants to do away with the old methods of treatment for diseases like cancer, he believes they are to harmful and that the drugs his company makes can replace them. Th experience that set Siegal on this journey as his encounter with a loved one that almost died from chemotherapy instead of the actual cancer they had. Ever since then he has been looking for better ways to cure people.

Clay Siegal is man that has dedicated his life to the destruction of disease and sickness that ravage the human body. He has made noticeable progress on his front. Thanks to people like clay Siegal’s efforts we are much closer to ending disease.

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