Julie Zuckerberg Helps Millenials and Gen-Xers Get Ahead

Julie Zuckerberg, an executive recruiter, has helped Millennials and Gen-Xers to overcome the difficulties seen in today’s work environment. It’s a skill she has acquired over the last three decades. It’s a helpful skill set for any executive recruiter like Julie, but any business can use this information that took her years to glean, and use it today. This is how she does it.


Executive recruiters have to be adept at both spotting talent and knowing exactly where they would best fit. In the financial world, where she works as an executive recruiter, this is a skill that did not come automatically. It took her time, over the last three decades to figure it out. In a world where the economy is always shifting things around, Julie Zuckerberg has identified that psychological disciple and unilateral placement can help a corporation become a well-oiled machine that is both productive, and efficient.


Hiring within a company is the first step in running an effective campaign to fill a role in a company. Employees that have worked within the roles that are under them know what it’s like to be in that employee’s position, and in turn, will be better able to understand and help those people perform at their peak performance.


After that, it’s a simple matter of scanning social media. Those people that are best suited for the position can be easily found there. Social Media offers several quality candidates to select the best candidates from, when the internal selection does not result in finding them right person for the role.


Lastly, fellow employees within the company can be in finding other people to hire for positions that need to be filled. The recruiter can ask them to share recommendations, then those people can be interviewed as a good choice or not. It can often be an excellent catalyst to finding the Millenials and Gen-Xers to connect to the work that they need in today’s economy.


Julie uses these tools to better serve her company and be the executive recruiter that finds the perfect person for the job every time. Anyone can use these skills to do the same. It’s simply a matter of learning how to spot good talent and utilize them accurately. While it is a skill that took years for Julie to learn, anyone can begin to learn how to spot talent and help their business get ahead in today’s economy.