Perry Mandera And The Latest Blog Posts Of His Recent Work

It is easy to say that here that Perry Mandera is one of the leading businessmen today that are able to offer the best products in the market. Sure, we could get other options from the competition, but it seems that only Perry Mandera is able to offer the kind of business that has an attempt to make sure that the police department is getting the improvement that it deserves.


In this article, we will recap the ways that Perry Mandera is doing just that with the help of two of his latest blog posts for his company, The Custom Companies, Inc. in Northlake, Illinois. Shall we continue?


The New Illinois State Crime Commission

One of the latest blog posts that you could read today about Perry Mandera is the one where he is working alongside the Illinois State Police Commission to make sure that the community’s crime scenario is reduced, especially those that involve juvenile delinquents.


It is also noteworthy to say here that because of the increased quality and performance results of Perry Mandera, Perry Mandera is now an awardee of the Bishop Sheil Award in 2010 along with the Citizen of the Year Award that he got in 2011.


Second Blog Post

It may also be necessary to say here that the non-profit that Perry Mandera started is also able to help many programs and efforts to lower the taxes charged on trucks (Twitter). In fact, in one of the recent posts from Perry Mandera, it was mentioned that the Illinois Trucking Association is now able to get a lowered rate of taxes for the trucks that it is part of.


This is not hard to see, considering that Perry Mandera is known in the industry to be the man behind the non-profit that helps businesses get the services and benefits that they deserve.


In fact, the awards that he’d been receiving is just testament to the fact that he’s been a leader in the transportation industry and he has more than decades of experience in the field that he is mastering. Truly, Perry Mandera’s work in Custom Companies, which is a company he started, is a sneak peek of his leadership skills.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Launches Cancer Clinical Pathways

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America in partnership with the Allscripts and NantHealth have launched Clinical Pathways. The Pathways includes platforms that will enable the oncologists to provide treatments for the cancer patients through the eviti and Allscripts Sunrise platforms.

The Clinical Pathway program, formed in 2016 will also provide the physicians with information on the cancer treatment process without interrupting their workflow. The program was designed with the patient in mind as it includes latest cancer research and the available treatments. This hands-on program will provide the oncologists with the information they need to provide personalized care to the patients.

The treatment platform will provide a wide range of information including the specific treatment needed by the patient, the comparison between the various treatment options, and the clinical data needed.

As stated on Wikipedia, the Clinical Pathways will enhance transparency in the type of treatment that has been used and the delivery channel. The Pathways will be a great relief to the patients as they will accelerate the insurance approval process by providing all the required clinical data.

The integration of the eviti and the Allscripts Sunrise will provide real-time evidence-based information on the cancer treatments.

The Pathway program is open to all the patients at all the five hospitals affiliated with CTCA.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, established in 1988 is a for-profit network that involves five hospitals in the United States that serve cancer patients. It is a private organization that follows an integrated approach in providing treatments for the cancer patients.

Not only does CTCA offer intensive treatment options, but it also therapies to manage the side effects of the treatments like fatigue, pain, and malnutrition.

CTCA headquarters were moved from Schaumburg, Illinois to Boca Raton, Florida

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Tasteful Lingerie Launched by Honey Birdette

Tasteful lingerie has been introduced around the world as a result of a new collection. The New York Collection is a new launch from Honey Birdette, which features beautiful models wearing boudoir-style lingerie across New York City.

For over a decade, Honey Birdette has been selling lingerie and adult toys. They have made a name for themselves because of the way that they sell: tastefully. The lingerie is classy and the toys are high-quality.

It’s no surprise that Honey Birdette is successful. They were Australia’s first sensuality boutique. They listen to their customers and constantly launch new products, including toys for him and her. It allows everyone to have some fun while turning up the heat in the bedroom.

The New York Collection is tastefully done and has the attention of men and women. The lingerie is broken out into several lines, including Miss D, Alex, and Luna. Colors range from ivory to black, allowing women to find the color that best suits their skin tone as well as their mood.

The lingerie also varies in terms of how revealing it is. Some have a hint of BDSM with built-in collars and silver circles for attaching hooks and such. Others are much more submissive, with lace and cutouts that show off parts of the body.

Overall, Honey Birdette has another winner on their hands, especially once Facebook had a chance to respond to the campaign video that launched. People are asking when they can get the lingerie, and the site delivers around the globe.

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Kim Dao and Sunny’s Shopping & Hair Salon Visit in Harajuku

Kim Dao and Sunnydahye are in the video “Shopping in Harajuku, Japanese Hair Salon & Haul” spending the day in the city together getting their hair done and shopping. The first stop that they make is at Hair Salon 76 Nalu, which Kim Dao says is her favorite. Kim Dao also states that this salon is very foreigner friendly. The stylist for Kim Dao gives her hair a treatment to restore damage from the bleaching that has been done to it recently. The process looks therapeutic as the stylist gently massages her scalp and gently treats her hair until it comes out looking absolutely fabulous. Kim Dao even orders a lemon mint tea from the salon to sip on as they treat and style her hair. Kim Dao and Sunny show off their freshly styled locks and then head off for some lunch. It looks delicious and colorful. After Kim Dao and Sunny finish eating they head out for a day of shopping. Their first stop is at the Alice in Wonderland store. The merchandise looks whimsical and fun, staying true to the theme of Alice in Wonderland. Kim Dao and Sunny spend the rest of the day visiting other shops in the area.

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