The Escalating Fee on Calling the Incarcerated

It is surprising that the innocent have to part with lots of cash to communicate with their imprisoned loved ones. For instance, Anthony Koffalt, who was arrested in Pennsylvania for having sneaked out with items from Walmart, his wife has spent at least $3,000 to contact him through the communication services provided by the Global Tel-Link. It looks like the innocent are the ones feeling the wrath of the justice system rather than the imprisoned.


The Cost of Communication


According to the relevant sources, the cost of a 15-minute call is $12.90 in prison here Mr. Koffalt is kept. The prison is however located just a few hours’ drive from where his wife stays in Franklin, Pa. The cost of the same length of call among the free citizens in Pennsylvania is only 60 cents. This implies that the prisoners and their loved ones spend an unbelievably high amount of money to keep in touch. Ms. Koffalt reported that every time she deposits $25 into the communication box, the communication services provider chops of $6.95 on an instant basis. Ms. Koffalt who does not even drive remained adamant that she does not have such an amount of money to spend on communication alone. She explained that she has to take care of her 19-year-old son and his girlfriend and that means she does not have much.


Apart from MS. Koffalt, there are many other instances where people complain of extremely high communication fee as per the Tel-Link. It is believed that the cost of making calls can be taken down despite the vivid efforts by the company to make them even higher. The situation has led to many citizens being unable to get in touch with their loved ones, especially when they stay too far from the penitentiary and cannot afford to make the expensive calls.


Securus Technologies Sends Out Press Release Concerning GTL

One of the most popular methods used by companies to update the public on company activities and operations is the press release. One of the reasons why press releases are used so much by companies is because press releases are a quick way of communicating with the public.


While press releases are a popular way for companies to communicate with the public, there are times when press releases can become problematic. One of the times when press releases can become an issue is when the public or another company questions the information contained in a press release. Recently GTL sent out multiple press releases related to technology that the company is in the process of using and going thorough patent procedures with regarding the technology.


In the press releases, GTL made many statements about the technology that the company wanted to inform the public about in detail. However, another company, Securus Technologies did not agree with the claims made by GTL in the press releases. Therefore, Securus Technologies sent out a press release to point out the inaccurate information made in the claims by GTL.


The press release sent out by Securus Technologies was detailed and listed claim by claim what Securus Technologies felt was inaccurate information made public by GTL. I think that the press release sent out by Securus Technologies was very informative. The press release gave very specific reasons for why Securus Technologies believes the claims made by GTL were incorrect. The press release was done in a professional way, and the press release was very direct.


Securus Technologies has been serving agencies such as law enforcement, public safety, and corrections for many years. Also, Securus Technologies has been serving inmates across the country. The company provides a wide array of technology related products and services for safety related organizations..