End Citizens United Accuses Rick Scott Of Election Malpractices

End Citizens United (ECU) recently turned to the Federal Election Commission to express their grievances against Rick Scott. The political action committee alleges that Rick Scott is unduly utilizing a super PAC to bankroll his Senate campaign. Rick Scott is the current governor of Florida and is seeking to become the next senator of the state of Florida.

According to the complaint from End Citizens, Rick Scott, is accused of using a super PAC in order to raise as much money for his campaigns because otherwise, he would have to work with the federal limits that curtail the number of contributions and expenditure during campaigns.

Rick Scott has up to date raised seventy-eight million US dollars for his campaign, an amount that complies with PAC’s range which does not limit the amount of money that a candidate can raise and spend in the campaigns. End Citizens United has faulted Scott for disregarding the anti-coordination law.

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According to Adam Bozzi, who is the Director of Communications for End Citizens United, Rick Scott has no respect for the anti-coordination laws and he is more focused in his political ambitions. Bozzi says that Rick Scott is so fixated on his Senate bid that he has devised a way to cheat the election law by putting funds into the super PAC. This additional money is ostensibly meant for the President but Adam Bozzi says it is just a ghost scheme to help Scott evade the finance laws and sponsor his campaign.

The campaign camp of Rick Scott vehemently refuted the accusations and attempted to distance their camp with the alleged scheme to cheat on the election laws. However, ECU came out blazing with proof of evidence that the Senator hopeful, was still in bed with the PAC even after announcing his bid for election. Rick Scott has denied any mischief and wrongdoings maintaining his innocence. ECU, says that there is more than it meets the eye and Rick Scott campaign is marred with a number of malpractices, which they are still gathering evidence to proof that Scott has bent the law.

More about End Citizens United

ECU is a political action committee that was formed from the disappointment of the decision of the Supreme Court in 2010 in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. The decision from the court struck out limits of contributions and spending during the campaigns. The mission of the group is to drive out big money from the political establishment. The group which has its headquarters in Washington D.C aims at achieving campaign reforms so that campaigns can account and disclose their spending to ensure a fair ground for every candidate. ECU was founded in 2015.

Check more about End Citizens United: http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/end-citizens-united-pac-wants-make-its-name-reality

Charles Koch’s view in regards to American Politics

Charles Koch is described as a philanthropic, a business person and a political donor who resides in the United States of America. He is aged 80 years old, and he is co -owner of Koch Industries with his brother. The company has been ranked the largest private corporation in the United States of America. Being the CEO and the Chairman, his brother is the executive vice president of the company. The company is mostly involved in the production business in oil refinery, chemical processing and manufacturing of pollution controlling technologies and equipment.

The letter that his father left them with is placed on the wall in his office, and he draws all the wisdom for the letter. He explains and opens up about the charter which he terms as a guiding principle in his life and business. Charles Koch explains that his father advised them to treat and maintain the business with wisdom. They should treat each other as friends and any other human being with respect.

Handling money is sometimes cumbersome, but he advocates for much consultation amongst each other so that the business can be stronger. Working hard is the central message that he left his family. Being lazy will not help them and dignity and upholding the right moral in both business and the family life is the only key towards success.

His father wishes that they would continue being together forever and advising each other in the day to day activities. All in all, he has fulfilled some of his father’s wishes. He has been in a position of maintaining and managing their business. His father taught them about hardworking and at the same time being patient in everything that they do. They should be understanding and always protective of each other.

The principles that guide Charles Koch is to see the world where individuals are free. Freedom opens up so many opportunities as he advocates the United States of America government to give the rest of the citizens and business freedom. His firm stands as politics matter is a clear sign that he cares for the industry as a whole. The freedom will make them conduct their businesses bearing in mind of the responsibility they have for the coming generations. Youths should always be active when young so that they can bring change in the world. He advocates for selfless citizens as it can be observed trough his generous nature.

Source: http://www.wsj.com/articles/charles-kochs-warning-1462400425

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Koch Myths Debunked?

Hard as it is to believe now, there was a time when the general public was unaware of the existence of the Koch brothers. Both Charles and David have been treated as boogeymen of the left, reported to be funding every Republican electoral race across the country. The truth is a little more nuanced.

Though suspected to be a reaction to the election of President Obama, the 2008 election was merely the moment they gained the attention of media and the general public. Both Charles and David have had a position in funding political initiatives and candidates for over 40 years, in an effort to promote a libertarian market and policy that is inline with conservative bodies like the Cato Institute. David Koch even ran for Vice President in 1980 under the Libertarian Party.

Despite their history, many outlets continue to portray the Koch brothers as merely patrons of the odiously named “dark money” movement that attempts to undermine the representative process of American politics. While the Koch brothers are two of the wealthiest men in America–it’d be pointless to pretend otherwise–the “Koch Network” has actually included hundreds of donors to political causes who meet at seminars who all donate a minimum of $100,000 in political donations each year. These funds are then put towards organizations, super PACs and media marketing in defense of candidates and policy that promote the libertarian ideals they’ve backed for decades.

This concentration of wealth by industrialists, investors and other wealthy people has led many critics of the Kochs to assume that this network is only a front to hide some corporate malfeasance, particularly in the case of Koch Industries or the companies of those who invest in the network. While libertarian politics promote business growth and lowering taxes across the board, the Kochs have committed their political activity to the reduction of government involvement in the lives of Americans, directly in opposition to the aims of the progressive left, which has been instrumental in the criticism of their political involvement.

Regardless of their involvement, the efforts of Charles Koch seem not too disimilar from the behavior of political donors on either side of the political aisle, leaving voters to decide the worth of their involvement.


Koch Industries partly funds his political leanings. Charles Koch retains control of his family business as its chairman since 1967.

This article recapped http://billmoyers.com/story/five-myths-about-the-koch-network-and-why-it-matters-to-set-them-straight/