Expansion of OSI Group Production Systems

OSI Group, LLC is a global leading food company. The company is currently rolling out an expansion program by acquiring food companies in different parts of the world. The company looks at others which are producing quality food products and taking over the production process. The group has set the standards for food production so high that they do not pick just any company. They have to maintain high-quality production and also adhere to efficiency. The company has headquarters in Illinois. It is leading in the production of protein-rich food products which is supplied to established food service outlets and major retail brands.

The expansion program of the company is not only internationally but also locally. OSI Group acquired former Tyson Foods plant located in Chicago. The plant covers 200,000 square foot building. The plant is located close to the headquarters of the company. This step to expand to this facility was prompted by the high demand for food products in future. The company’s management is happy about the acquisition as it allows them to expand further within the United States. The addition of Tyson Foods plant will enable the company to meet the demand of the customers as well as establishing new business frontiers.

OSI Group is a privately owned company that has a presence in over 17 counties in the world. The company also has over 65 facilities indifferent parts of the world. China is one of the countries where the company is doing very well. Due to the growing demand for food in the country, OSI Group has added more plants in the country.

The decision to buy Tyson Foods will bring the production in the country into a central location. The company will close down other smaller plants in Chicago and Wisconsin so that it could concentrate on the new plant which will improve the efficiency and production of the company.

OSI Group has made two major acquisitions in Europe. It started with the acquisition of a Dutch company known Baho Foods which has subsidiaries in 14 other countries and then moved to the acquisition of “Flagship Europe” which has now been changed to Creative Foods.

OSI Group has also expanded its OSI Food Solutions plant in Spain to match the growing demand for chicken foods. The company is expanding its food production capacity to match the increase in demand for chicken products in Spain and Portugal. Research indicates that there has been an increase of 8 percent in consumption of chicken products.

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Sheldon Lavin helps OSI Group to set the pace in the world of food processing

Before joining OSI Industries in 1970, Sheldon Lavin had a successful career in the banking industry. He was an executive in his financial firm that he had established to help food companies in access capital for expansion from lenders. When he joined the food industry, many people considered him an outsider. However, he proved them wrong by leading the company into a massive expansion spree, thus dominating the world food industry.

In 1970, Sheldon Lavin joined OSI industries as a financial consultant. Through his firm, he helped OSI Industries access capital to expand processing capacity. OSI Industries had signed a contract with the McDonalds and therefore they needed to increase their processing capacity to serve the numerous McDonald outlets.

In 1975, Sheldon Lavin became more involved in the affairs of OSI Industries after the founder, Mr. Otto Kolschowsky retired leaving the management of the company to his sons. He became a partner in the company and eventually a permanent employee. He took over as the CEO of OSI Industries where he helped the company to set up camp in Europe, China, Japan and several other countries in the late 70s.

In the following two decades, OSI Industries continued to expand by opening more processing facilities and signing new fast food outlets and restaurants. One of Otto’s sons quit and Sheldon bought a 50 percent share of the company. With time, he bought a controlling stake in the company and the future of the entire company was now on his shoulders.

Education background

Sheldon Lavin is a trained banker. After earning a degree in Accounting and Finance, he established a financial consultancy firm which was successful in helping food companies’ access expansion capital from lenders. During this time, many companies were experiencing post Second World War effects. There was an acute shortage in financing for companies that wanted to expand their production. Sheldon saw an opportunity and grabbed it with his two hands.


Besides being a successful executive, Sheldon also actively participates in many charities. He devotes his money and time to the Sheba Foundation, Ronald McDonald House of Charities, Goodman Theatre and Rush University Medical Center.


Sheldon has helped OSI Group to win numerous awards since he joined the company. He has also won several awards as an executive. Some of the awards won by the company include the Globe of Honor Award, which the company won three times in 2013, 2015 and 2016. Under his leadership, OSI Group is revolutionizing the way companies process their foods for human consumption.

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OSI Group — Quality with Chicken Cutlets

Flagship Europe is one of the leading suppliers of beef, chicken, and different types of meat in Europe. The corporate entity has recently been bought out by OSI Industries. The businesses each came to a mutual agreement and settled the work privately. It was a beautiful deal for each side. The individuals of Europe currently have two nice food production corporations providing them with their every day dietary desires. The businesses are happy with their nice production facilities and might manufacture many pounds of meat in a single day. The merger occurred at the right time in history. The people of the world have been increasing their desire for chicken and other meat at a more speedy rate than ever before, and other people are uptaking additional meat in their diets than they were in previous years. The capability of chicken production that OSI Group has increased to provide will be e boon to the entire world. People in every area of fast food and food service will benefit.

OSI Group boasts a long history of providing the simplest service for the world’s population. They have been a large business for many years longer than most of their competition. They have an immense list of shoppers with high status. They’re the leading producers of chicken, beef, and different meats within the world, and that they have remained within the trade due to their high standards of perfection and quality meat. The meat merchandise that they manufacture endure strict scrutiny from a panel of scientists and each piece is correctly created in a very humane production plant. The conditions for processing the chicken and beef are humane and guarunteed to cater to the enhanced sentiments the population expects in their food. The recent acquisition of Flagship Europe can enhance this production even more.

OSI Group Food Solutions could be a nice example of a top quality company that cares about their overall client base and about their services regarding groups of individuals. Their facilities are updated to incorporate larger break rooms and higher accommodations for employees. The acquisition of Flagship Europe comes with the growth of their facility in a European country and their purchase of a brand new plant within the United States. OSI Group is right on schedule to continue being the best producer throughout the world for meat merchandise and other food well into the long term foreseeable future.

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OSI Group vs The Competition

When it comes to custom food suppliers, there are plenty to choose from. This is one of the most demanding industries on earth. This industry will never go out-of-style because everyone has eat. One of the biggest and best custom food suppliers in the world is located right in Aurora, Illinois. OSI Group just so happens to be that company, and it has revolutionized the game for the better. OSI Group is at the top of the ranks because it does so many things. It provides food development, food processing, food management and food distribution. This entire system is efficient to the highest degree. It literally has hundreds of satisfied clients/customers all over the world today.

OSI Group can create foods exactly like the clients specifications. Real-world knowledge and expertise goes into each and every product. The entire supply chain uses some of the best safety practices for quality assurance. This ensures the client of the best possible food product. Peace of mind is the key and OSI Group provides it on an annual basis. Another great reason for growth comes in the form of mergers and acquisitions. This company is no stranger in this department. OSI Group has acquired some of the biggest names in food services such as BAHO Food and Flagship Europe. With these acquisitions, the company can spread into untapped markets. BAHO Food and Flagship Europe are very prominent throughout the European countries as they produced some of the best frozen goods, entrees, marinades, sauces, poultry and others foods. Thanks to this merger, more than 18 additional countries can now receive the custom food solutions from OSI.

The company is rather large thanks to its 65 state-of-the-art facilities. These facilities are scattered among 17 different countries. That’s right! This is global dominance at its finest. There are also over 20,000 employees that earn a good living here. In 2011, Forbes ranked OSI Group as the 136th largest company in America with over $3 billion in sales. All in all, OSI Group is raising the bar higher than ever before, and it’s changing the status quo.

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David Mcdonald, the Driving Force behind the Success of OSI Group

David McDonald is the President and COO of the privately owned OSI Group, which is a privately-owned food processing company. He has been with the company for close to three decades and needless to say, this brilliant entrepreneur has driven the company to a point where the sky can only be the limit.

He also has demonstrated his mettle when it came to making impressive and meaningful mergers. And the fact that Mr. McDonald has managed to instill the same kind of discipline and dedication to all those employees in all corners of the world just goes to demonstrate how much of a brill he is.

Under his watchful eye, the OSI Group has made sure that the quality of food that they provide the populace with is nothing short of incredible quality. And if anyone has questions, a visit their official website.

One thing that has made sure that he is making some amazingly important strides towards realizing the company’s dream to becoming a premier global food provider is through strategic hiring. Mr. McDonald just doesn’t look for skills and leave it at that. He and his diligent board always focus on the employees’ willingness to learn as well as persistence.

David McDonald has also made sure that the OSI Group is opening branches in different locations in the world. Some of the most notable locations that the OSI Group has opened outlets include Australia, China, Brazil, Hungary, India, Japan, Philippines, Spain, and Ukraine just to mention a couple.

So, what kind of products that the OSI Group provide for its clients worldwide? Well, they focus on beef, pork, bacon, poultry, sausage and friend foods processing. And since they have some of the best minds in culinary arts that this world has to offer, its clients around the globe have the advantage of enjoying nothing but the high quality food at competitive prices.

OSI Group also has another department that deals with produce processing. Under this umbrella department, OSI Group focuses on the production of healthy fruits, tomatoes, corn, onions, lettuce, and cucumbers. And since these branches are operated differently (depending on the area of operation), the OSI Group can only go up from here henceforth which is quite incredible.

Thanks to the opening of well over 65 privately owned facilities worldwide, the OSI Group has managed to employ 20,000+ food processing experts. And the number keeps on improving as the OSI Group continues to expand more and more.

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