Freedom Checks and The Narrative Behind it

Freedom Checks was established by Matt Badiali, who is the financial specialist, in 2016. The headquarters of the entity is situated in East of Miami region. The enterprise has employees more than 45. The organization is a tax- free investment, although it is not managed by the government. The availability of the Status 26-F law has enabled the firm to keep running it’s daily undertakings. Every month, enterprises correlating to the energy business that sum up to 55O, send checks to their investors.

Some enterprises disseminate their tests after the first three months of the year. Master Limited Partnerships firms, abbreviated as MLP’s, have taken an essential part in the oil sector for example, in oil industries and natural gas.

They mainly engage themselves in; oil transport via pipelines and oil refineries. They are also responsible for the digging of the new wells. Issuing out of $0.90 in every salary has enabled the firms to operate in a tax-free environment.

Investors who sell their shares pay a small tax on gains from the capital, making the firms plus their shareholders not to be charged federal income tax. These policies have infused the majority of the American Citizens to invest in the energy industry.

Real estate investment trusts, is the midst of the Freedom Checks investment opportunities that Freedom Checks has embraced. The real estate investment trusts are also another opportunity that is not taxed, making the firm to acknowledge it.

Here, money is generated from their properties from the rentals. Out of the total income, nine-tenths of it is disseminated to the shareholders.

Majority of MLP’s refers to their cash as distributions, but to the Freedom Checks they are like dividends. After the first three months of the year around $160,000 of money, is received by some shareholders. The various entities have acknowledged the encouraging returns from these investments. Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Are Real After All.

Production of energy according to President Nixon, was one way of keeping the United States America free from other nations. He was amongst the individuals who contributed to the formulation of the law that enabled individuals to invest in the oil industry.

Wes Edens: A Distinguished Business Man

Wesley Robert Edens who is commonly known as Wes Edens or simplify Wes is a
self-made millionaire who began his career with California based Savings and
Loan firm. He also undertook temporary positions at Merrill Lynch and Smith
Barney. For a little over five years, Wes Edens worked with Lehman Brothers as
a partner and Managing Director. Later in 1993, he left the firm for BlackRock
and served at the same post as in Lehman Brothers. During his time in Black
Rock, Wes Edens coordinated the formation of his first private equity fund.
Early 1997, he joined UBS where he proficiently worked as the Managing Director
of its major affiliates.

Wes Edens likes running, mountain climbing, and social networking. His
passion for mountain climbing has made him climb Mount Matterhorn in the rural
area of Switzerland and the peaks of Pingora and Teton in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He
is aspiring to climb to the heights of Mt. Everest in the near future.

Wes is a wealthy 56 years with a net worth of at least $940 million and the
current co-owner and head of Fortress Investment Group. He graduated from
Oregon States University in 1984 with a B.S degree in finance and business
administration. After pursuing his career in various fields, he joined four
other principal partners and co-founded Fortress Investment Group back in the
year 1998. Wes can be described as an ambitious, creative, and financial expert
who coordinated the team and made Fortress a public payout firm by the year 1998.
By 2009, Wes and the team had taken the company public through the conventional
process of initial public offering. During the same year, the company sold its
8% shares to the general public for $600 million.

The massive success made Wes, and his partners became billionaires, Wes was
promoted to be the company’s co-chairman of the board of directors and worked
hard to save the company during the infamous subprime mortgage crisis. After
successfully restoring the shares of the company which had fallen below one
dollar, he was promoted to be the chairman of the Fortress Transportation and
infrastructure between the year 2015 and 2016.

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Why Did Shervin Pishevar Rant For 21 Hours?

Shervin Pishevar went on a 21-hour rant in what the media is calling “a financial storm.”

It was a tweet storm that had to do with the worlds of money, business, and finance.

Pishevar hit on everything from Silicon Valley to Bitcoin.

While most people may not have much knowledge of Silicon Valley, many people who are interested in growing their money definitely know about Bitcoin.

What did Shervin Pishevar predict to be the future of Bitcoin?

A tremendous drop in price.

He predicts that Bitcoin will drop to between $2,000 and $5,000 before seeing a steady rise again.

This is actually a fair prediction due to the fluctuating price of cryptocurrency.

The prices of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin increase or decrease based on demand.

Still, no one knows the future of cryto, so every prediction should be taken with a grain of salt. Don’t see predictions as gold.

Another topic of Pishevar’s rant: Big business

Now, we all would like to think that Shervin Pishevar has nothing against big business (he is actually a businessman, himself), but the screenshots of his tweets prove otherwise.

Shervin Pishevar has it in for big business.

Among the companies that Pishevar listed as having “too much power” are Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook.

Yes, all of these are names with which we’re all familiar.

Did anyone ever stop to think, however, that if Pishevar is going to call out one social media platform, he should call out all of them?

Why is he talking down on Facebook but not Twitter?

Could the two be in cahoots to bring down Facebook?

It is too soon to tell. All that we know is that Pishevar has a problem with Facebook.

Billions of people have Facebook accounts and are active on them.

People use Facebook to connect with family, friends, and even clients.

Because people use Facebook for their businesses, Shervin Pishevar may literally be trying to affect the way that people earn their money.

Shervin Pishevar, your job resignation was your decision, but don’t affect other people’s income just because you stepped down from Sherpa Capital.

What Avatrade Review Is Doing Now

Avatrade has managed to make itself one of the most respected forex trading platforms in recent years for a number of reasons. It’s the reason there are so many people looking at this site as a way to get into forex for themselves. Even better than others out there you can get into forex along with other possible investments such as cryptocurrencies. The ability to do this is what separates this from the others out there that want to give people a less than stellar service. You can learn everything you need to know and do everything you need to do through Avatrade without ever going somewhere else.


The most amazing thing about Avatrade is that the platform is giving people the education they need in order to succeed. You no longer have to worry about so many of the things that have defined the other trading platforms. You can get it all through this one service and what they provide. The ability to do this is certainly a pleasant one to have and gives people the ability to decide exactly what they want out of Avatrade. If you want to try out the service before you actually put any money up this option is available. Then you can decide how much you want to invest.


There are certainly many things to admire about the way this app helps you enter into forex and it has the ability to give people something they would otherwise never have seen before. That Avatrade is able to make forex intuitive is an amazing thing in and of itself, but more amazing is the success that people have on this platform. It breeds a certain type of forex trader and that trader is going to be competent in just about every area. They won’t wonder what they need to do next or what investments are going to pay off. They’ll just be able to make the right decisions instantly. Avatrade is proof that with the right design you can get into just about anything that you want to if you put your mind up to it.

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Market America is Thriving Rapidly

James and Loren Ridinger decided to start a company that they may not have known its fate. In 1992, Market America was begun. This fast growing firm is a broker and internet marketer. With its headquarters in Greensboro, Market America deals with numerous kids of products. These products are then distributed to several countries around the world.

The tremendous growth had brought more than six hundred and fifty employees by 2010. Among the products are electronic appliances, household cleaning supplies, personal care products, jewelry, cosmetics and health products among others. Market America manages to run its operation effectively because it has affiliate companies. They mainly help in distributing products from the company.

This company may have a lot of product for selling but it produces none. Other producers supply it and it then distributes to reach the final consumers. Market America welcomes business people willing to work with it through distributing. The company has an unfranchise approach for its partners. One becomes independent but monthly and start up fees is inclusive. Some of the partners have opened online stores to reach consumers effectively.

Market America is future-oriented and aligned to the economy. For instance, the company offers training and mentorship to partners willing to join and those working for it. The company predicts that the future of the economy will be in favor of the average people. It will be about uplifting their living standards of the average person. Every individual deserves a chance to increase their income and have a better life.

One of the ways of achieving this goal is empowering people to do their own work. It should not always be about working for another person and letting them dictate your value. The future will bring independence and development for people. There is need to motivate people to become entrepreneurs and run their own businesses.

Becoming independent paves way for people to create their goals and work towards achieving them. Market America began supporting independence by allowing partners to work without any major attachment to the company. They earn from commission, which means these partners are free to earn as much as they desire. His facebook page

Highland Capital CEO Jim Dondero Sees A Change Coming for the Stock Market

Jim Dondero has a lot of experience in credit markets. Dondero has been involved in the finance industry for more than 30 years. Jim is the current president of Highland Capital Management. Dallas-based Highland Capital Management is one of the most experienced global credit managers in the industry. The company has more than $16 billion in assets under management. Dondero is known as one of the pioneers of the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO). In 1996, Jim started on of the first non-bank CLOs. Dondero and founding partner, Mark Okada both have excellent track records in the financial industry. Before starting Highland Capital Management, Dondero managed assets for American Express and Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. Jim is the Chairman of the Board for CCS Medical and Cornerstone Healthcare. He is also a member of the board of MGM Studios and American Banknote.

Donald Trump’s election impacted the stock market. Before the election, people thought the market would crash, but the opposite happened. Stocks are up by more than 14 percent in 2017, and some investors think the bull market will continue. But Jim Dondero sees a change coming in the stock market. The change will happen in 2017, according to Dondero. Hedge fund managers are under a lot of pressure to produce better returns. Hedge funds only produced average returns of three percent in 2016. That percentage has to increase in 2017, according to Dondero. Highland Capital’s returns were much higher than the average in 2016.

Dondero thinks emerging market investing is important, and that strategy will help increase returns in 2017. But he also thinks the stock market will turn into a bear market at the same time. Once the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, the stock market will react. So many investors are moving away from stocks that are not considered value stocks, and investing in India, Brazil, Argentina, and South Africa. Thanks to offices in Sao Paulo, Singapore, Seoul and New York, Dondero can react quickly to opportunities in emerging markets. But Dondero still believes in healthcare, energy and Tech companies in 2017. Most of Highland Capital’s money is invested in those sectors of the global economy.


Investment Firm Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is a financial services firm based in Dallas, Texas that specializes in credit management. The firm originally formed in the year 1990 when James Dondero and Mark Okada formed a joint company known as Protective Life Insurance Corporation. This company originally specialized in working with fixed income markets which included the management of secured bank loans. By the year of 1993, this company evolved into Protective Asset Management Company which was registered by the SEC as an investment advisory firm. The company was owned by 60% of Protective Life and 40% by both Dondero and Okada. By the year 1997, Dondero and Okada purchased the stake of Protective Life in PAMCO. They also established Ranger Asset Management which would become an independent registered advisor.


Shortly after Ranger Asset Management was formed, the company would later become Highland Capital Management. In the year 2000, James Dondero and Mark Okada put together the first commingled bank loan fund which would be established as an alternative investment 40 Act option. By the year 2004, Highland Capital Management would expand its product line as it would begin entering the mutual fund markets. The firm acquired a couple of floating rate funds from Columbia Asset Management. As part of its overall expansion, Highland Capital Management would establish new office locations in Singapore and Seoul, South Korea in the late 2000’s.


Throughout its existence, Highland Capital Management has continued to expand its product line. As of now, the firm is among the leaders in providing collateralized loan obligations. It first developed this type of product in 1996 as an alternative to traditional banks. Therefore, investors who are looking for this type of security can get it from Highland Capital instead of a regular commercial bank. During the last 20 years, Highland Capital Management has put together and managed over 39 CLO’s which amounted to a total of $32 billion in assets. As a result, Highland Capital Management is now the largest CLO manager in the entire world.


Nowadays, Highland Capital Management is an independently owned investment firm that has over two decades of experience in managing finance products for both retail and institutional investors. The firm is among the most rapidly growing finance companies in the world. It has over 180 employees throughout the world. Highland Capital Management is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has a number of offices throughout the world. There are office locations in Singapore, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Seoul, South Korea, and New York City. Highland has a very diverse client base which includes investors of pension plans, foundations, corporations, financial institutions, government entities and high net worth individuals. The firm focuses on providing value to many investors by offering a wide range of products as well as protecting the capital of investors.