Expansion of OSI Group Production Systems

OSI Group, LLC is a global leading food company. The company is currently rolling out an expansion program by acquiring food companies in different parts of the world. The company looks at others which are producing quality food products and taking over the production process. The group has set the standards for food production so high that they do not pick just any company. They have to maintain high-quality production and also adhere to efficiency. The company has headquarters in Illinois. It is leading in the production of protein-rich food products which is supplied to established food service outlets and major retail brands.

The expansion program of the company is not only internationally but also locally. OSI Group acquired former Tyson Foods plant located in Chicago. The plant covers 200,000 square foot building. The plant is located close to the headquarters of the company. This step to expand to this facility was prompted by the high demand for food products in future. The company’s management is happy about the acquisition as it allows them to expand further within the United States. The addition of Tyson Foods plant will enable the company to meet the demand of the customers as well as establishing new business frontiers.

OSI Group is a privately owned company that has a presence in over 17 counties in the world. The company also has over 65 facilities indifferent parts of the world. China is one of the countries where the company is doing very well. Due to the growing demand for food in the country, OSI Group has added more plants in the country.

The decision to buy Tyson Foods will bring the production in the country into a central location. The company will close down other smaller plants in Chicago and Wisconsin so that it could concentrate on the new plant which will improve the efficiency and production of the company.

OSI Group has made two major acquisitions in Europe. It started with the acquisition of a Dutch company known Baho Foods which has subsidiaries in 14 other countries and then moved to the acquisition of “Flagship Europe” which has now been changed to Creative Foods.

OSI Group has also expanded its OSI Food Solutions plant in Spain to match the growing demand for chicken foods. The company is expanding its food production capacity to match the increase in demand for chicken products in Spain and Portugal. Research indicates that there has been an increase of 8 percent in consumption of chicken products.

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