Brian Torchin and his Company Work to Staff Critical Healthcare Vacancies

Brian Torchin is a former chiropractor turned company president. He was educated at the University of Delaware and at the New York Chiropractic College. Until 2007 he operated his own chiropractic clinic in Philadelphia. It was at that point that he realized the most pressing employment challenge facing healthcare is employee turnover. In direct response to this, he opened his own staffing agency, Health Care Recruitment Counselors.

His company focuses on finding highly qualified candidates for vital positions as soon as possible. The goal is 72 hours, but several impressive examples exist of it taking only 48 hours. HCRC uses a creative, far-reaching approach. By looking at the overall qualities of the candidate rather than just matching certain characteristics to a list of criteria, staffers can find exceptional candidates that match each company’s individual preferences and requirements. The company even helps with setting up interviews, checking references, negotiating compensation, and writing contracts. Not only does his company help companies find candidates, but it also helps candidates find positions. Staff work one-on-one with job seekers to match them with positions and provide career counseling. See more of Brian Torchin at Slideshare.

Over 200 companies use Health Care Staffing Recruitment Counselors to manage their staffing needs. HSRC is active in all 50 states and all over the world, with offices in Canada, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Recently they have branched out to fill the staffing needs of law firms in addition to healthcare facilities such as hospitals, urgent care, private practice, and dentist offices. They also provide office management, billing, and public relations candidates.

Brian Torchin is an authority figure when it comes to staffing. He is the author of several publications regarding this topic and is always happy and willing to share his considerable knowledge. He regularly speaks at chiropractic and recruiting events, and has even been invited to share his expertise at the prestigious Oslo Convention in Norway. With his innovative and responsive approach to staffing difficulties and healthcare concerns, Brian Torchin has made a positive difference in the healthcare industry.

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Wes Edens: A Distinguished Business Man

Wesley Robert Edens who is commonly known as Wes Edens or simplify Wes is a
self-made millionaire who began his career with California based Savings and
Loan firm. He also undertook temporary positions at Merrill Lynch and Smith
Barney. For a little over five years, Wes Edens worked with Lehman Brothers as
a partner and Managing Director. Later in 1993, he left the firm for BlackRock
and served at the same post as in Lehman Brothers. During his time in Black
Rock, Wes Edens coordinated the formation of his first private equity fund.
Early 1997, he joined UBS where he proficiently worked as the Managing Director
of its major affiliates.

Wes Edens likes running, mountain climbing, and social networking. His
passion for mountain climbing has made him climb Mount Matterhorn in the rural
area of Switzerland and the peaks of Pingora and Teton in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He
is aspiring to climb to the heights of Mt. Everest in the near future.

Wes is a wealthy 56 years with a net worth of at least $940 million and the
current co-owner and head of Fortress Investment Group. He graduated from
Oregon States University in 1984 with a B.S degree in finance and business
administration. After pursuing his career in various fields, he joined four
other principal partners and co-founded Fortress Investment Group back in the
year 1998. Wes can be described as an ambitious, creative, and financial expert
who coordinated the team and made Fortress a public payout firm by the year 1998.
By 2009, Wes and the team had taken the company public through the conventional
process of initial public offering. During the same year, the company sold its
8% shares to the general public for $600 million.

The massive success made Wes, and his partners became billionaires, Wes was
promoted to be the company’s co-chairman of the board of directors and worked
hard to save the company during the infamous subprime mortgage crisis. After
successfully restoring the shares of the company which had fallen below one
dollar, he was promoted to be the chairman of the Fortress Transportation and
infrastructure between the year 2015 and 2016.

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Nathaniel Ru Expands Sweetgreen to Many Regions

Nathaniel Ru has been busy with his business model. People that know about Sweetgreen cannot help but to know a little bit about Nathaniel Ru. He has become a very interesting part of the evolution of healthy eating, and people are looking at the seasonal menus and the trendy names for Sweetgreen menu items and they are falling in love.

Right now Ru is really on a roll. He is bringing fresh produce from farmers in several different regions. He has hit the Bay Area, and there is also a Sweetgreen location in Los Angeles. Nathaniel Ru has gone on to move far beyond the original location that was near a trendy district in Georgetown to expanding to New York City and Boston. Sweetgreen has also managed to penetrate Chicago and Philadelphia. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

People in Boston also have access to the Sweetgreen chain. It has been very interesting for Nathaniel Ru to connect with partners that he can really trust to provide fresh produce when it comes to building a solid restaurant franchise. All of these connections in different regions shows that Nathaniel Ru is slowly trying to bring healthy eating to people throughout the United States.

Right now the only region that has not seen or heard much of the Sweetgreen dream that Nathaniel has in place is the South. This is an area where people are still trying to figure out what exactly Nathaniel Ru is trying to accomplish.

People that are tourists from the south that go to other cities may find this fascinating, and that is what will initially spread social media buzz that may prompt Nathaniel to move in a southern direction.

He is really taking his time because he knows that every Sweetgreen location is unique. There are farmers in different regions that are going to provide different types of fruits and vegetables. The menu is seasonal in each area, and people are going to experience different things when they connect with Sweetgreen.

That may be one of the main reasons that there has been so much talk about the Sweetgreen environment. More people are starting to discover more about what is happening in the Sweetgreen environment.

They are seeing a movement where healthy food is being celebrated. This makes a big difference when it comes to eating healthy. People are much more inclined to eat healthy when they see this as a hot trend.

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