The Works and Investments of Wes Edens

Wes Edens has been extremely active in the business world since the 80s. Edens first came on the financial scene by obtaining his B.S. in Finance and Business Administration from Oregon University. He co-founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998. Since then he has taken up an insane amount of leadership roles. In 2003 he was made Directo of Seacastle, Inc., a position which he still holds. he served as Chairman of the Board of Fortress from 2006 to 2009. It was also in 2006 that he was made Director of Fortress.

Wes Edens became chairman and director of Aircastle Ltd., serving in these capacities until 2012. In 2008, Edens became Director of Penn National Gaming Inc., holding this position until 2013. He was made the chairman of OneMain Holdings, Inc. in 2011, holding this position until this year. In 2013, Wes Edens became chairman of New Residential Investment Corp, maintaining this position until 2016. It was also in 2013 that Wes Edens became Director of Gaming and Leisure Properties, holding this position until 2016. He became chairman of Intrawest Resorts Holding Inc. in 2014, a position which he still holds. Read more about Wes Edens at Industrial Areas Foundation.

Earlier this year Wes Edens partnered with the Egyptian billionaire, Nassef Sawiris, to purchase a majority share of the English club, Aston Villa. The two bought the shares from the former majority stakeholder, Tony Xia, a Chinese businessman who bought the shares two years ago. The agreement was completed upon official approval of the EFL. Xia will remain with the team management. He and other team leaders are extremely excited about the future prospects of the team that at present has had a losing streak during the past two seasons.

Up until 2016, they had been members of the internationally revered Premier League for the past 29 years. After getting the boot in 2016, they were downgraded to the minor leagues.

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Many analysts say GreenSky Credit is ready for IPO

Historically, technology companies that have sought to go public have been associated with a wide range of problems. For starters, companies that are still in their growth or maturation phases can be badly damaged by the sudden shift to a quarterly-profit-centric management style. Companies that need to be carefully incubated and coddled may see management doing the corporate equivalent of gulping down seed corn just to appease investors’ short-term thirst for dividends and profits. Stories like these often end in disaster.

And this can be seen in the fintech industry, in particular. Two companies in that industry that come to mind as examples of firms that have perhaps gone public too soon are OnDeck and Lending Club. Both firms are now clinging to life, only staving off seemingly inevitable insolvencies through constant infusions of additional capital. However flawed these businesses may have been at their core, going public too soon only quickened their demise.

GreenSky is different

But GreenSky Credit is one fintech company that many analysts are saying is ready to take the big plunge into being a public corporation. The company has been around since 2006, and its business model is considered by many, including founder David Zalik, to be fully mature. At the same time, the company, which is currently estimated to be worth somewhere in the range of $5 billion, could benefit enormously from going public. Private companies that are well managed can often double their underlying value by the simple act of going public. And this could raise a great deal of working capital for GreenSky if it happens.

Ultimately, GreenSky Credit has what it takes to go public because it is a business that is so good and so well-designed that it virtually runs itself. Zalik created a company that has been able to grow by nearly 100 percent per year over the last decade, propelling it to the top of the fintech space. At the same time, GreenSky has relationships with some of the most trusted lenders in the nation, including Sun Trust, Fifth-Third Bancorp and Region’s Bank. These advantages point firmly in the direction of a company that could go public tomorrow without any negative consequences.

Boraie Development Company Continues to Spar Development at Brunswick

Boraie Development Company enjoys its popularity as one among the successful real estate development firms in the United States. The company is a privately owned institution located out of New Brunswick in New Jersey. It also has its facilities within New Jersey. The company was established by an entrepreneur, investor, and businessman, Omar Boraie. With the help of the owner, the institution’s focus was to transform the exclusive part of the United States by bringing up modern houses, executive apartments, community houses, among other developments.




The company’s luxurious apartment at Brunswick




The Aspire Tower is one of the biggest and modern structures designed and built by Boraie Development. It is a rental tower, offering extreme and luxurious services in New Brunswick. With New Jersey’s growing population, trendy renters were seeking solutions that could marry modern designs which could meet the upscale luxury. That was according to the marketing director, Haim McDonald who noted that such kind of coveted lifestyle could be experienced within The Aspire.




The aspire offers 238 studio houses, one bedroomed house, and other designer and modern apartments, including two bedroomed houses. They also provide full services. Residents enjoy amenities, which include whole time concierge lobby, direct access to private parking, and two roof decks. The building is located a few steps from the train station in New Brunswick. It is also situated near Penn station. The Aspire neighborhood is also surrounded by beautiful dining joints and nightlife entertainment among others. The Aspire gives a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle, including residents’ club consisting of a catering kitchen, 12 seater dining tables pool table, smart TVs, expansive terraces, and high-speed Wi-Fi. For more details visit





Shaquille O’Neal’s partnership with Boraie Development




According to NJ Biz, Shaquille O’Neal, a renowned former Basketball player whose roots could be traced back to Brunswick, had partnered with Boraie Development to see that the local residents get affordable, quality housing. One of the projects he has participated in includes the renovation of the old Springfield Avenue theatre which cost over $7 million. Currently, the building is known as the CityPlex12 Newark. The former player has also participated in several housing projects and market rental units.




Acknowledging Boraie Development




Boraie Development commands every acknowledgment in objectives to provide aspects of development and give services in line with influential financial associations. This showcases how much Boraie development should be appreciated as one of the most active development companies around New Jersey focusing on market opportunities and developments of real estates.