Cancer Will Never Be The Same – Eric Lefkofsky

The University of Chicago Medicine is known for their research in breast cancer, and has now been offered a helping hand to compile data, to more efficiently treat their breast cancer patients. The organization is Tempus, founded by Eric Lefkofsky in 2015. Tempus uses a combination of genomic sequencing and machine learning to ensure personalized treatment for each and every patient.After graduation in 1987 from Southfield Lathrup High School, Eric obtained two degrees from the University of Michigan. First he obtained a Bachelors of Art degree, then continued to obtain a Juris Doctorate from Michigan Law School in 1993.

Lefkofsky started his career in Carpet sales at the Michigan University. Then in the late 90’s Lefkofsky and a college friend created Starbelly, a site specializing in promotional products. After Starbelly had a unexpected increase in volume, the company was sold to Halo Industries just a year later. After creating and selling a few more companies, Lefkofsky helped create is now known as Groupon.In late 2010 Forbes reported that Groupon was the fastest growing company in history. Eric became the Chief Executive Officer of Groupon in late 2013. Just three years later he co-founded Tempus, the technology Company that allows for personalized care in the treatment of cancer. Eric now serves as their Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. and Mrs. Lefkofsky run a charity that helps fund educational and scientific organizations world wide. Eric also serves on multiple board of directors including, the Chicago Children’s Hospital and The Museum of Science and Industry, as well as the Chicago Art Institute and World Business Chicago. Through all the experience that Lefkofsky has obtained, he has started a career in teaching business in multiple schools around Chicago.Mr. Eric Lefkofsky has proven to be a true blessing to the people of Chicago, and the cancer community as a whole.

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Helping Cure Cancer With The Omar Boraie Chair

The Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey has established the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science to help to propel research in the precision medicine field. Endowed chairs are considered the gold standard in education. They also express the commitment the university has to the academic discipline at a high level. The endowed chair also ensures the continued progression and the support of the university. The endowed chair is named after a developer from New Brunswick, named Omar Boraie. Developer Omar Boraie has pledge $1.5 million to the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey. The Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science ( is a part of the University’s 18 chair challenge. The 18 Chair Challenge is a campaign that has anonymous donors pledging a $1.5 million match for each new chair, which will result in $3 million each.

Medical professionals are changing the approach on how they diagnose and treat cancer with the field of precision medicine and genomic science. With this field of medicine, it involves the treating and analyzing of cancer tumors on a genetic level. This allows oncologists to come up with individual therapies for their patients. President Barack Obama made a very important announcement during his State of the Union Address. He announced the launch of an initiative for precision medicine that will focus on a finding a cancer cure and a cure for other diseases.

According to the article published on NewsWise, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey was the first facility in the state of New Jersey to use genomic sequencing and precision medicine as an approach to caring for a patient. There has been some good news when it comes genomic sequencing. It has shown that it has been valuable when it comes to therapies for rare cancers. The scientists at the Rutgers University Cancer Institute of New Jersey are making advances in precision medicine. They are hoping that the financial pledges will allow them to do important work.