Jed McCaleb – Genius and Disrupter of Bitcoin Technology

For everything imaginable in the world, there is an expert. Jed McCaleb happens to be an expert on cryptocurrency. He is also a renowned American programmer. Cryptocurrency owes much to the immense contributions of Jed McCaleb. He created Mt, Box, which was the first Bitcoin exchange in the entire world. He can also add to his creative resume eDonkey, which was the first venue for multisource downloading.


McCaleb and fellow developer Sam Yagan started eDonkey in 2000. Some people, like McCaleb, are born at the right time and amass information and knowledge the world finds useful. Creative souls never sit still. As a result, McCaleb has started yet another, his newest, adventure called Stellar. His brainstorm to start this venture is the result of flaws he sees in the global financial system.


His co-founding partner is Joyce Kim, and he currently serves as the CTO. Stellar is a universal financial network whose goal is to help increase economic participation. McCaleb is a busy man and splits his time into two camps. When he is not busy coding and addressing technical components of the company, he focuses on handling emails and all things associated with running a vibrant and successful business.


The idea to start Stellar came from having a full understanding of what Bitcoin is. Part of his genius is that he spends plenty of time coming up with ways to improve existing technologies and solve world problems using those technologies. He envisioned that the technology behind Bitcoin could solve a host of problems.


McCaleb reasoned that Bitcoin’s technology could be transformational, and that it would go well beyond the confines of just creating a digital currency. While Bitcoin moves value, Stellar connects financial institutions in ways that make it affordable for these institutions to connect with people who are unbanked. At least 2.5 billion people may fit into the category of unbanked.


Countries fight to keep control over their currency. Banking giants are also heavily invested in the status quo. It may be crypto currencies that decide the fate of developing countries in the future. It may also decide the fate of access to financial services, inflation, and even terrorism.

30 Years On, The Oxford Club Continues to Show the Smart Way to Invest

Private entrepreneurial network The Oxford Club has, through a series of expert research and tangible results, developed strategies that help investors seek out and locate investment opportunities that promise solid returns – strategies that it has shared through Investment U, the Oxford Club’s educational arm. While no investment can be said to be guaranteed, using the plans developed by the Oxford Club will certainly stack the odds in one’s favor.


First, the Oxford Club encourages portfolio diversification – not just across individual stocks but also across markets and sectors, as well as risk levels and asset classes, giving the investor the highest chance of success and the lowest chance of jeopardy long-term.


The Club also stresses the importance of knowing when to sell stocks, and in fact advises that an exit strategy for selling be determined in advance of buying a particular stock. This eliminates indecisiveness and guesswork on the part of the investor.


Another strategy, tied to the concept of diversification, is the use of position sizing to ascertain how much to invest in a particular stock versus another across many different asset classes.


Finally, the Club advocates cutting costs where possible to make one’s portfolio as lean as possible and see net increases in returns; tactics to achieve this include bypassing fund managers as well as legally minimizing tax liabilities.


Oxford Club makes investment recommendations based specifically on these strategies, and for nearly 30 years has seen members reap the rewards. Started as the Passport Club in 1989, this global network of investors and entrepreneurs now number more than 157,000 in over 130 countries and has emerged as one of the world’s leading providers of prime investment opportunities as well as strategies and tactics designed to facilitate wealth creation and successful investment.

Get Your Cabinets from Siteline Cabinetry

Siteline Cabinetry is a small company that was started just recently. Although it is very new in the market, the company has done well when it comes to the provision of full access cabinets. The products that have been made by this company are frequently added to remodelled or new kitchens, bathrooms and offices. The small company is becoming popular because of the fact that it can design products that are attractive and unique. Customers are always happy because of the services they get from the firm. Siteline Cabinetry products can accommodate different decors that are used in all buildings in the modern times.


The modern market is not a playground for investors. For a company to perform well and impress its customers in the market, it must give a lot of priority to the quality of products it is manufacturing. The customization and durability of the products from the company in question play a leading role in the success of an institution. Siteline Cabinetry has taken care of all these qualities. Customers are never given a chance to complain because of the products they have been offered by the company. Most high quality products are very expensive in the modern times, making them unaffordable for the people who need to purchase them. With Siteline Cabinetry, customers do not have to worry about high prices. The company has been giving customers the products it produces at very affordable rates.


Unlike most companies, Siteline Cabinetry does not like operating from a warehouse. The company understands that the customers should only get the products they have chosen for themselves. Siteline Cabinetry has established this culture so that all the people who come into the institution are given the kind of products they need. The company founders show the clients different designs first. After checking the designs available, these people are allowed to choose the designs that have managed to impress them. Siteline Cabinetry has been doing well in the tight markets because of using this simple rule. The orders that are made by the customers are delivered in less than seven days. Most people have been impressed by the services offered by Siteline Cabinetry.

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Stream Energy: Rebuilding Communities in Texas

Stream Energy is one of the latest players in the energy industry. The company was founded in 2004, and their headquarters is located in Texas. Stream Energy has been providing affordable electricity packages to their customers, along with other services like wireless, home and protection. Stream Energy was commended by the public when they decided to help the people who were much affected by Hurricane Harvey. According to the management of Stream Energy, they will be providing $25,000 assistance for the victims of the disaster. Through the philanthropic arm of Stream Energy called Stream Cares, the company is hoping that the money they donated will be used to buy the vital necessities needed by the evacuees who fled the wrath of the hurricane.



Texas never thought that Hurricane Harvey would be leaving catastrophic damage in the state. When news reports broke out the hurricane will be making a landfall in Texas, hundreds of thousands fled their homes because of the fear that they can die from the wrath of the storm. When Hurricane Harvey made landfall, hundreds of towns and settlements facing the gulf area were devastated. The hurricane brought in huge storm surges, destroying homes and properties. Major cities inland were not spared by the disaster. Large amounts of rainfall and strong winds resulted in the immediate rise of the water level, creating floods. The rushing water from swelling rivers washed out homes and properties.



After the hurricane hit, the effect on Texas showed an apocalyptic scenario. Companies started to work together and helped the victims, and Stream Energy stated that they would be assisting the state in the relief efforts (ReleaseFact). The money that they donated was given to the American Red Cross, and according to Stream Energy, it is just the beginning of their assistance. Because so many homes were damaged, people are having a hard time getting their hands on essential utilities like electricity and phone connected. Stream Energy promised the victims of the hurricane that they would be deploying their workers to check the lines. Stream Energy stated that they would be doing everything to restore the energy in the shortest amount of time.


A/B Testing With Sentient AI

Business advertising in the internet age could not be more difficult. With so many products vying for the attention of consumers, it’s important to make sure that your page is utterly perfect and generating enough traffic. Traditionally, web designers rely on A/B testing to perfect a web page, testing one option against another with the audience until the option that works best is chosen. While this method is the most widely used and liked, it also has some of the worst improvement ratings. Only about one in every six tests ultimately increases conversions rates. The issue with A/B Testing lies in the timing of the testing.

Very often these testing periods are performed with the context of other changes already made and take time for the data to be gathered and examined, causing the data to overlap and coincide with other tests with different options on the website. This can result in the designer taking several tests to come to the conclusion that something on the site should not have changed at all. The reason the A/B testing remains a mainstay lies in the fact that the conclusions are all supported by evidence, however, these conclusions can be time-consuming and expensive.

With Sentient AI at a designers hands, they can confidently test multiple variations of multiple advertisements in a very quick span of time. It is a tool for web designers to cut years and years off of their work, increasing conversion rates by as much as 45%. The Sentient AI Ascend boasts an impressive number of features for web design, with the ability to even include multi-variate testing and automatic optimization as your audience changes and new visitors come to your site. The Ascend utilizes Bayesian statistics and genetic algorithms to combine successful concepts and test ideas from earlier generations to continuously create new designs and test them against the data from every visitor who comes to your site. All of this is automated, saving hours and hours of labor.

The real beauty of Ascend is how easy it is to add to your site. It really is a very easy install for those with any level of competence. For “Drop and Drag” designers and for those comfortable with lines of code, the AI can be added to the page with as little as a single line of script. Sentient has designed their product top to bottom with efficiency in mind, ensuring positive conversion rates for your website, and more e-traffic for your business.

Eli Gershkovitch: Making His Mark On The Canadian Craft Beer Scene

Eli Gershkovitch is an entrepreneur and businessman who has taken his love for beer to a whole new level. He is the founder and CEO of Steamworks, one of the largest and most well-known breweries in the entire country. He has always upheld the notion of doing only those things that one loves and is a living example of that. He initially wanted to become a lawyer and had completed his degree in the same. After finishing his course, he decided to take a gap year and travel the world before he started working in the corporate sector. During this time, while he was in Europe, he tried his first craft beer and was amazed by it. He realized that it was some of the finest beer that he had ever tasted and wanted to take it back with him (BeerMe). When he came back to his home country, he decided to start his brewery that produced excellent craft beer which was the same kind that he had tasted in Europe when he was traveling there.


Craft beer has been becoming increasingly popular recently with people preferring to go in for this rather than mass-produced brands. This has made breweries like the one that Eli Gershkovitch founded incredibly popular. Being able to provide the masses with what they want has been the biggest boon for the brewery ( Today, Eli Gershkovitch can say that he is doing well for himself while being the head of a company he brought up himself. All of this, while doing exactly what he loves.


Eli Gershkovitch is a businessman and heart and believes that a good business plan can greatly benefit his company. He has implemented some of the unique business strategies when it comes to Steamworks which has resulted in it becoming increasingly popular, attracting huge crowds of people. Eli Gershkovitch also makes sure that the brewery is always up to date with the latest trends and what people would want. This has also helped the company stay ahead of the competition and be at the forefront of the newest trends in the world of brewing.

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A Bold Move Yields Lasting Prosperity for Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a businessman and entrepreneur born and raised in Freiburg, Switzerland. He attended Bern University and the University of Rochester where he obtained his degrees in business. At the age of sixteen, he ventured into business with the aim of promoting economic growth. In 1991, Baur’s impressive and inspiring life took off when he joined the Union Bank of Switzerland as an apprentice. Before the age of thirty, the bank promoted him to an advisory position. With this new position, he interacted with wealthy Swiss investors, as well as other wealthy individuals in the region.


Despite his unparalleled performance at the Union Bank of Switzerland, Baur terminated his employment. However, he received an offer from a Zurich bank called Clariden Leu, which he accepted. The high ranking position included several benefits and reliable compensation. He worked for the bank for six years before calling it quits in 2014 to go and pursue other passions.


Baur’s main passion was to assist young tech entrepreneurs in the country. Therefore, in 2014, he co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory with the assistance of Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. It is an independent firm meaning that it can take action without a conflict of interest. In the enterprise, his job entails financing and fundraising. The company offers mentoring and training services to young Swiss entrepreneurs. Additionally, the company provides funds to startups in Switzerland lasting for three months. Startups that work with the enterprise market both their products and services around the globe. The program also links these young tech entrepreneurs with their counterparts in the business to learn from each other how to seek for funding from investors. These opportunities continue to play a significant role in the success of these startups.


Additionally, Swiss Startup Factory encourages their charges’ to take part in pitching contests where he served as a juror in 2014. The competition offers business owner an opportunity to talk about their products, services, and plans. Planners of the contest only admit firms with one million dollar funding. Seasoned financial experts in the region go through the presentations and determine the winner.


In 2014, the wealth management expert created a new company called Think Reloaded. The company provides financial advice to their affluent clients in the region. In 2016, Mr. Baur collaborated with BV4 to estimate the monetary value of the intellectual property because these are the greatest assets of startups.


George Soros’ Rise to Political Icon

Everybody is going to remember where they were when Donald Trump was announced as the nomination for President by Republicans in 2016. George Soros, a philanthropist, progressive, and investor knew that he couldn’t find himself sitting on the sidelines after it happened. The 2016 Presidential Election will go down in the history books as one of the most divisive and interesting elections of all time. George Soros made sure that his name is going to be remembered in the discussion.George Soros was born in Hungary and he was raised there until he was a teenager when, in 1945, the Nazis came to occupy his country. For over a year Nazi’s occupied Hungary and indiscriminately killed Hungarian Jews. In 12 months time nearly 500,000 Jews would be murdered. During that time period of Soros and his family did everything they could to help people escape but there was only so much that they could accomplish before having to flee for their own lives.

Soros would end up settling down in London where he would work two different jobs in order to pursue higher education. His experiences with the Nazi regime as well as his schooling and studies at the London School of Economics would inform and inspire Soros to become the progressive philanthropists and open border advocate that we know today. Soros used this time period in order to establish his own thoughts on the greater picture of the world before emigrating to the United States in order to pursue the American dream. Soros would go on to establish the Soros Hedge Fund and summarily become one of the most prolific investors of all time.Along the way Soros would open up the Open Society Foundations which focused on bridging the gap between social justice and democratic values all around the world. Through Soros Hedge Fund the OSF Soros has donated nearly $12 BILLION to grassroot foundations and charities in every nook and cranny of the planet, including the United States.

This is what pushed Soros from just another billionaire into the class of liberal and progressive icon. Soros saw Donald Trump’s rise as a direct threat to everything that Soros spent his life working toward: criminal justice reform, immigrant rights, and voting rights for minorities who had been punished by illegal gerrymandering. Any position that Soros had, Trump would assuredly sit on the opposite side of the spectrum. Soros knew that he had to get involved and so that is exactly what he would go on to do.Through the 2016 election Soros would donate nearly $25 million to progressive politicians, including a smooth $7 million to a Pro-Clinton political action committee. Now, Soros stands as one of the most vocal detractors of Donald Trump in a world that desperately needs Soros’ help.

What You Ought To Know about Anthony Petrello

Antony Petrello is a successful businessman primarily known in the United States of America. He hails from New Jersey specifically from Newark community. Anthony Petrello holds a mathematics degree from Yale University. Also, he attended Harvard School where he attained a law degree. His career began at Baker and McKenzie Law firm as a managing partner at its New York branch. At the company, he was a specialist in corporate taxes. Then he quit and went to work at Nabors Industries which is owned by his grandfather. Nabors Industries is the largest oil producing and drilling company.

Antony worked as a chief operating officer where he was in charge of management operations of the company. He was offered the President position succeeding his uncle. Antony Petrello was made the vice chairperson of the industry due to his competent leadership skills. In 2012, he got an appointment as both the Chief Executive Officer and the chairman of the Nabors Industries. He is also a business strategist and this has made industry successful. He is one of the best paid Chief Executive Officer but attributes his success to treating other people with integrity.

Antony Petrello holds other corporate positions. For instance, he is a member of the board at Stevenson and Stewart Firm. He serves as an advocate at Texas Children’s Hospital that has a program which researchers focus on children with neurological disorders. Under his leadership in Nabors, he expanded its operations. He introduced software that produces data reports, rig reporting and data collection. Besides drilling, Nabors Industries offer innovative technologies to other oil and gas companies for direct drilling. Nabors Industries also provide onshore and well services.

He has also engaged in the acquisition of twenty-nine marine vessels charter that helps the Nabors Industries carry out offshore activities. Antony Petrello also started the manufacturing of drilling drives and rig instruments. His humble beginning made him start philanthropic activities. He and Nabors Industries donate funds to organisations that buy children food and clothing. Besides, he supports and fund research institutes that focus on children with neurological problems. Antony Petrello is one to watch in the business world as he is an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs.

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An Incredible Concept In In-Home Napa Valley Wine Tastings

A recent article that appeared on the trade website Affiliate Dork intrigued me. I am a huge lover of wines, but with three small children I find myself settling for grocery store wine rather than buying any wines worth a true tasting or pairing. The last great wines I brought home were from trips to Italy and Napa Valley, but those are since gone.

A concept the started in 2001, called Traveling Vineyard, has recently seen a huge rebloom as its “Wine Guides” take to social media to share their incredible stories of success and earned income, simply be sharing great wines with other people who love great wines. It sounded too good to be true, chatting about wine and sipping wine and then getting paid for it? But I reached out to real people via social media that had made excellent income and had wonderful things to say about the company and its support for its wine guides.

The concept is simple, yet sophisticated. Wine Guides host parties in the homes of friends, co-workers, acquaintances, really anyone who is interested in wine and would love a tasting. These tasting parties are absolutely free and come with six of Traveling Vineyard’s exclusive wine brands. Guest of the party sip and listen while the Wine Guide goes over details of the wine for the guests. Wine Guides don’t have to be aficionados. As soon as they sign up Traveling Vineyard sends a complete starter kit that includes not only glasses and an elegant 6 bottle carrying case, but an entire system that thought everything one would ever need to know about the wine.

At the end of a tasting, guests can simply select which wines and what quantity they would like to receive and the Wine Guide benefits from those sales. How perfect! Wine lovers get wonderful wines from Napa Valley and the Wine Guides get to do a truly fun job and share their love of wine with others.

The upsides to being a Wine Guide are incredible – set your own hours, the sky is the limit on income (you earn as much as you are willing to put into it) and Traveling Vineyard has an amazing success program that pairs new Wine Guides with a Leader, who serves as their personal mentor. Interested in becoming a Wine Guide? Read the article: