Robert Ivy: Guiding Architects Into Career Success

Learning is an important part of the professional journey which takes places in school and also in service. Joining a professional association such as the American Institute of Architects whose CEO is Robert Ivy is another way to stay in the know. Professional organizations are a great way to network and hold annual conferences at which professionals meet and share on issues affecting them. Members also get to learn about research, up and coming trends and policies. Joining a professional organization even while unemployed can give one an edge not only because it looks good on their resume but because it means they have a larger store of information.

Being part of a professional organization also enables professionals to speak in one voice on issues that affect their area. Speaking on this Robert Ivy the CEO of American Institute of Architects points out that although the architect community in the US is smaller compared to others they have been able to influence tax legislation. Joining a professional organization means that one has increased the association’s power to lobby for policy changes and other issues affecting members.

If one is a job seeker joining a professional organization has many benefits. Most professional organizations hold job fairs alongside their yearly conferences or separately. Here unemployed members or those looking to change jobs can find companies or organizations looking to hire new staff. Apart from that being part of a professional organization makes it possible for one to access the groups’ online message boards and fins vacancies that may be listed there.

Since most professional organizations require that members have certain qualifications job seeking members will find that they will stand out among job applicants. The fact that professional organizations like the AIA expects members to hold certain values and are held accountable by the association according to Robert Ivy and this makes them more attractive to prospective employers.

About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the CEO and Executive Vice President of American Institute of Architects. He holds a masters degree in Architecture from Tulane University. He is the author of Fay Jones: Architect a biography of the former student of Frank Lloyd Wright.


Robert Ivy On How Professional Societies Bridge The Gap For Professional Architects

If you were entering into a professional field of work then you would know that there is a long and occasionally difficult to navigate path in order to get to where you want to go. While the exact details of this path change based on the job, the traditional expectations include education, internship, and low-level job placement until you can work your way up the ladder. For architects, the path is not as simple and that is where professional societies like the American Institute of Architects come into play. The American Institute of Architects, also known as the AIA, is led by CEO Robert Ivy and it is largely considered one of the most effective ways to become ingratiated within the architectural world. Let’s take a close look at the AIA as well as the general benefits of a professional society. Visit to know more about Robert Ivy.

Robert Ivy believes that the path to success for an architect is all about getting to know the people in the industry around you while working together toward common goals. At the American Institute of Architects, members are given access to integral educational resources that are specifically tailored to their needs as an aspiring architect. These resources are absolutely useful for newcomers to the industry and they can go a long way toward setting up members for long-term success.


Outside of the educational tools that a professional society provides, members will also be granted access to, perhaps, the most important perk of all: networking ability. Robert Ivy knows that you need to be skilled in order to succeed as an architect, but it also never hurts to network with the right people in order to make your success all the more easier. At a professional society like the AIA, members are introduced to people who will later go on to become the best of the best within the industry. The American Institute of Architects serves as a great place for aspiring architects to connect with seasoned veterans.

Robert Ivy has been working in the architectural world since at least 1996 when he became the Editor in Chief at the Architectural Record. Since then he has gone on to earn numerous honors for his work in the field. Follow Robert Ivy at Twitter.