Upwork Gains a Spot On NYSE

As people look on and see what Upwork is doing as a freelancing website they can see the strides that have been made with tech investments. Upwork decided to go public 4 years after forming, and investors are elated about the fact that this company is on the NYSE. It is a strong company that has many opportunities to grow, and this is why investors are eager to put their money into it.

People are seeing that a company like Upwork is primed to help freelancers make money. It has become the type of business that is recognized for information technology, administration, writing and software development. The fact that there is so much that has to be done in the freelance world makes it the perfect type of website for people that work independently. If you are your own boss it is easy to see the potential of getting connected with a site like this.

More people are finding ways to make money with a site like Upwork. This is a website that will work for all of those that have decided that they did not want to have a boss. If you want to work for yourself you cannot deny that sites like Upwork are going to be able to facilitate this. This is why investors want to get into action. They are well aware that you have the ability to build a much better platform for getting the help that you need. If you are trying to debate on how you can maximize your exposure as a freelancer you do not have to worry much when you connect with Upwork. Once you build a profile and start taking jobs you will get reviews. These reviews will play a big part in how you build a client List. All of this goes back to helping you build a better network of people that can appreciate the work that you do.

Investors are going to make sure that there is a growth in this type of networking environment for freelancers. The fact that this company is going public will ensure that it can become much more visible. .

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NGP VAN Is An Outstanding Political Tool

NGP VAN is a tool that all politicians can use to enhance their campaign. NGP VAN is an online platform that is very easy to use. This platform is famous for their canvassing, which is the single best way to gain voters. Canvassing allows volunteers in the campaign to store information from supporters. This information includes things like place of residence, occupation, and family members. These volunteers can then reach out to the friends and family members of all of their supporters, and this has helped thousands of politicians get elected and reelected.


NGP VAN canvassing is also good because there is no need to keep hard copy records. Whether it’s supporters information or their donations, NGP VAN software stores all pieces of information separately and makes it easy to find, too. This has been great during tax season because politicians no longer have to worry about forgetting to claim a specific donation on their taxes. NGP VAN software prepares all of this in the background. This software also comes with several different templates that can be used for tax purposes. Using this software has helped thousands of politicians not have any situations with the law due to tax purposes. In fact, every major politician in America has turned to NGP VAN for one reason or another, and all of these politicians benefited from their experience.

Another great thing about NGP VAN is that the software is LGTBQ friendly. This is the only software that has several different gender choices for supporters. All supporters will also receive information indicating that the politician is for the LGBTQ community. This has helped thousands and even millions of people in the LGBTQ community become registered voters. NGP VAN is planning on doing more in the future to assist the LGBTQ community in becoming voters and having a voice during every election.





SKOUT Now Available In Polish

SKOUT, a premier global app that enables people to meet new friends and broaden their social circle just announced that it is currently available in Polish. In recent years, the Skout users in Poland have grown. More people now meet new friends through their mobile phones. Over the last two years, the connections made by Skouters in Poland have increased by over 40%. Christian Wiklund, CEO and co-founder of Skout noted that they are always identifying new ways to improve the experience of using SKOUT in making new connections. Additionally, he pointed out that they were excited to make the app available in Polish to enhance the experience of their Polish community.

It is free to download for Android and iOS devices. The SKOUT app allows people to meet others that share their interests. It also helps them to chat with new friends, send stickers and virtual gifts to friends, and virtually travel to different cities to meet new friends. In 2015, over 16 million journeys were made by Skouters using the SKOUT Travel feature. The newest feature by Skout is ‘Interested? ‘. It instantly matches Skouters that have similar interests using the ‘Meet People’ search settings.

The SKOUT app is used by millions of people in over 180 countries. It is now offered in 22 languages that include English, Danish, German, French, Hungarian, Italian, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, Polish, and Norwegian. It is also available in Portuguese, Russian, Malay, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Tagalog, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Turkish.

SKOUT is the biggest global platform that allows people to expand the social circle and meet new people. Its community is spread in more than 180 countries. SKOUT is devoted to offering a platform that people can easily as well as safely connect. The app that is available in 22 different languages was created in 2007. Its headquarters are located in San Francisco.

SKOUT offers several features that assist users to meet people, see the individuals that have checked their profile, view other people’s profiles and photos, earn points, and send gifts. A user can easily feature him or herself and get viewed by the whole Skout community. Additionally, Skout Travel helps a user to travel to any part of the world virtually. To join the community, one can easily log in with Google+ or Facebook. Alternatively, users can create a profile using their own e-mail and have a fun making new connections using the SKOUT app.

Learn more about Skout: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/laura-dunn/women-in-business-portia_b_7168318.html

Spring Arrives and So Does Handy Help

The spring arrives and this means a “super cleaning” is in order. The cleaning session may even be well past due. A house is a big place. Basement, first floor, second floor, and, possibly, an attic, comprise all the rooms inside a decent-sized property. For two people living in a home of these dimensions, cleaning everything becomes difficult. Something ends up being missed.

And no, a house does not have to be this huge in order to be tough to clean. Smaller homes and even studio apartments are tough to keep clean. People may put the best effort at cleaning a property, but things end up being missed. Then, one day, all that dust on the furniture or the stains on a window become impossible to ignore. So, don’t ignore them. Take immediate steps to clean things up.

At this point, the “easier said than done” chorus may start to sing. If staying on top of cleaning a house was easy, then the place would never have ended with messy spots in the first place.

Spring brings forth a lot of rebirth and renewal. Among the arrival of the new season is a new approach to cleaning. The approach is, surprise, an easy one. Simply using the Handy app is enough to get a home totally and thoroughly cleaned.

Handy is a company that was founded by young entrepreneurs who met at Harvard business school. The concept of Handy is rooted in a simple plan. People can hire expert home cleaning or maintenance freelancers with a few taps on a smartphone app. (The company’s website may also be used to set up a cleaning job) Payment is processed through the app with no real complicated steps.

Handy is a growing company. Offices have opened in several major cities. Service bookings have risen to the $1 million per week mark. This information alone should build confidence in those thinking hiring the service. The fact the company requires stringent screening for its freelancers is another positive.

Spring is not the only time of the year Handy can be used to book cleaning services. Handy is open 24/7 for bookings. Whenever the need arrives to have a home, apartment, or office cleaned, Handy is available.

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Over 65,000 Downloads of the New Video Visitation Mobile App for Apple and Android Devices Announced by Inmate Phone Call Provider

The Securus Technologies refers to one of the leading provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions meant for corrections, public safety and investigations and monitoring. The firm has just made public its successful user adoption of its mobile application for the inmate video phone calls for both the tablets, Android smartphones and Apple iPhones, iPad touches and iPads. 

The android phone app was launched less than 6 months ago and has already been downloaded more than 60,000 times while the apple devices version which was launched last week has already been downloaded around 5000 times. 
The Securus Video Visitation mobile application represent another way in which we connect and serve by bringing together friends and families using an easier and a more convenient way to visit their loved ones. The Vice President of the Marketing and the Strategy of the Securus Technologies Mr. Russel Roberts revealed that until now, the friends and families of those who were interested in connecting with their loved ones had no option of how they participated in the visits or inmate phone calls. This made us to make the investment more necessary in order to bring more options to the process of visitation. The Securus Video Visit application is capable of brining the mobility consumers who are familiar with the rigidness of prisons and jails thereby making the inmate phone calls and the visitation process more suitable for any person who is involved. 

The Securus Video Visitation application also provides a convenient and simpler way for the families of the inmates to video call their loved ones using the Apple phones, Android or tablets. With the availability of such a free mobile app, the families are able to share some of the great and special moments like holidays, sporting events and birthdays and assist their loved ones to ensure they feel at home in a manner that phones cannot. 

You can easily find the Securus Video Visit app at the App Store and the Google Play. The application also offers the users capability to sync visit details to calendars in addition to the remote visitation. 

About the Securus Technologies 

The Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas and serve more than 3,400 public safeties, correct facilities and law enforcement and more than 1,200,000 inmates across the North America. The Securus is committed in serving and connecting by providing public information, inmate communication, incident management, emergency response, investigation, monitoring products, information management, biometric analysis and inmate self-service.

Securus Technologies is not affiliated with the Securus product that promotes health, nor is it a part of the website Securus America.

Talk Fusion Bringing New Possibilities Into Homes And Businesses

Talk Fusion is bringing in new and exciting ways to communicate with friends, family and colleagues. They started by bring a new video chat platform that has the newest WebRTC technology. This spread so quickly that it has now grown to be one of the most used video platforms in the world. Talk Fusion also has added on a function for live meetings where presenters can integrate slides, presentations, videos and images into the presentation seamlessly so that everyone is on the same page. The video email function has predesigned templates in different languages so that if you are sending a personal email or a business email, you can find the template that works best for you and your video. The video newsletter function allows you to capture leads and contacts as well as schedule emails in advance and get an analytics report to see how you are doing and who is reading the emails you are sending. The community blog is the last function and it is combining social media and video to make a great new platform for sharing videos with your circle of contacts.

Hello Tesla recently did a review of the company’s services and the writer, Lacy Rushin, said that her favorite aspect of the video communication tools was how easy it all was to use. She continued by saying that video making can be an intimidating process and there are lots of aspects to figure out. Talk Fusion simplifies everything by creating templates that fit every situation. Customers will find everything from fun and colorful to professional and businesslike among the more than 1 thousand template themes. Rushin went on to say that once users get comfortable with the process of putting things together, there is the option for users to create their own templates.

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How Handy Keeps the Customers Loyal

Handy has become important to a lot of people that do not have the time to clean. There are a variety of factors that have made on-demand services popular. There are many people that do not have the time to do the cleaning. There are also shows like “Hoarders” that have scared homeowners into keeping their homes clean. Some homeowners host a lot of parties, and they need regular cleaning because of this. Whatever the reason may be, Handy has become the most reliable resource for cleaning, and Handy founder is trying to bring more contractors to a city near you.

There are already a lot of metro locations that have Handy contractors, but there are still many cities that don’t have access to these workers. Location is everything for a business, but Handy is not restricted to a location because there are contractors all over the world. There is a strategy and a level of structure that is needed to employ contractors in these different areas. That is what founder Oisin Hanrahan continues to work on.

There are also Handy contractors that are ready to go to work in London and Toronto, but there is still room for expansion in the United Kingdom and Canada. That is what Handy executives are focusing on. Handy has already become very well-known, and the services that are offered are being expanded. Handy is on the way to becoming the premiere on-demand services business for homeowners. It was only a matter of time since there are already so many contractors that work on exterior jobs. By contrast, Handy is taking care of everything on the inside of the home.

This article recapped http://thenextweb.com/insider/2015/11/05/how-handys-founder-oisin-hanrahan-is-scaling-his-startup-into-an-on-demand-powerhouse/