Breakdown On How To Find Your Dream Wedding Venue


Other than the bride choosing her gown, coming up with the wedding venue NYC is always the next concern. It can be a mind-boggling process for the couple, coming up with the perfect venue that best fits their criteria.

Before deciding which venue you would like, one should put several things into consideration. Avoid cementing deals with venues that are too expensive that you will have to ditch other plans you had in your wedding fantasies. First, come up with a budget and then note down all the venue possibilities that you could come up with targeting the following concerns;


  • Name
  • Location
  • Availability
  • Site category; hotel or outdoor
  • Prices
  • Arrangement
  • Transportation
  • Catering options
  • Accessories
  • Constraints


Once done, carefully analyze an estimate of what each venue would cost. Compare the sites regarding transportation availability, catering services, and extra charges for any extra time. Once you have this figured out, narrow down your list to best venues again scrutinizing specific aspects like;


  • Affordability
  • Availability on your specific date
  • If it will accommodate all your guests
  • If the location is logic to you and your guests
  • Does the arrangement cater for all your weddings sections; ceremony and reception?
  • If the venue has met all your criteria and you are comfortable.


The last step is to carry out site visits to venues that fascinated you to get a detailed explanation of questions you might be having.

Manhattan Penthouse based on 5th Ave in New York is an example of an amazing venue to hold a wedding ceremony, it offers the best views in the city, finger-licking food, and is an award-winning setting having been named Best of 2017 in Manhattan Bride Magazine.


It is old in the game of offering catering services since 1973, but regularly incorporates new styles and ideas in delivering best services. Manhattan Penthouse also provides wedding planners so you can try and relax, knowing you have people backing you up. Organizing the venue is customized according to every bride’s desires and offers amazing discounts in specific months throughout the year. Manhattan Penthouse carries the essence of how every wedding experience should be.






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