Ara Chackerian Sheds His Light on Healthcare Startups

In an article featured on, titled, “Gauging Healthcare Startups with Ara Chackerian: Boom or Boost”, Mr. Chackerian sheds his light by revealing what it takes to succeed as a healthcare startup. In this article, you’ll get an understanding of whether it’s a good idea to invest in such start-up or cancel out that idea of getting involved. Ara Chackerian, along with Dr. Bijan Salehizadeh, lends their suggestions on the startup market.


As a success in mainstream health care innovations, Ara Chackerian expected it to thrive. The many innovative ideas of current creative startups in digital imaging, robotics and artificial intelligence were a clear sign of his expectation. Many seasoned healthcare firms are now employing more and more technologies of the likes, making digital record keeping and “Big Data” computing mandatory. These new technologies are adopted on a large scale, simply due to the continues innovative healthcare start-ups that seems to make its impact in the healthcare industry. Ara Chackerian says that in order to succeed as a healthcare startup, entrepreneurs must be talented innovators, great sellers and can give a healthy return back to their investors. There has been so many talented innovators in health care start-ups over the years. You can check out their website



There are a few concerns with healthcare startups that has many venture capitalists scratching their heads. Despite the thrive of the health care start-ups abroad and especially in a healthy territory for it in New York, where 79 healthcare startups raised $703 million in venture capital funding in 2017, the concerns are factual. Such startups seem to lose a lot of money in the beginning, which causes buyers to say no and delays the companies’ IPOs. Dr. Bijan Salehizadeh, the managing director of NaviMed Capital sees that private equity for health technology companies will diminish in 2018 and onward, as there are too many technology healthcare start-ups and not enough of them debuting on the public market.


Ara Chackerian suggests that health care start-ups specifically get involved in precision/personalized medicine. As scientific wellness companies are now leaning more towards more strategic and advanced biological data analysis processes for screening purposes and population analysis. As the big players such as Google, Amazon and Apple get heavily involved in health care [taking on the cream of the crop status] this makes matters much more difficult on the technical side for the smaller fish, forcing them to depend on more diversified and advanced technology in order to compete.



About Ara Chackerian

For the past few years, he has been an angel investor in many successful healthcare startups. He founded Embion/ProviderLinks and BMC Diagnostics, while serving as its President and Chief Executive. He also served as the Executive Chairman of Pipeline Holdings, LLC. He would graduate from Florida State University with a bachelor’s in Marketing in 2001. You can visit their Facebook page.


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