Andrew Rolfe: On A Mission To Help Students In Africa

Andrew Rolfe is an extremely well-known name in his industry, being the Chairman of the Ubuntu Fund. He is especially known for the numerous philanthropic efforts that the fund has undertaken. The most recent fundraiser that he held was extremely successful, having raised a total of £603,000. The most recent fundraiser that they had was set in London and saw an incredible amount of people coming together to help the foundation and assist them with their philanthropic endeavors. The fundraiser was held with the view of helping children in need, coming from African countries. Andrew Rolfe was successful in meeting his goal and is going to make a great difference to the lives of numerous children who are in need of help from people in privileged parts of the world. The funds that were raised at the event would be sent to the Ubuntu Education Fund’s campus in Port Elizabeth. The campus aims to provide children with a high quality of education, which can, in turn, help them get out of the unfortunate situations that they are currently faced with. Since the fundraiser went well beyond what they envisioned to raise, Andrew Rolfe now has enough to also fund a fully fledged pediatric center within the school campus to provide high-quality medical care and treatment to the children who go there.


The organization has helped numerous people from all over the world, giving them the proper tools to help them make a difference in their own lives, and in their society. The fund has managed to help over four hundred thousand people in underprivileged communities in the continent. Andrew Rolfe has taken it upon himself to ensure that all of the children who are under the care of the programs that he has in place are mentally and physically sound so that they can lead better lives. Their development is one of the top priorities of Andrew Rolfe and something that he stresses on immensely when he works at the fund and hosts the fundraisers for their benefit. Andrew Rolfe has been operating the fund since 1999 and has been contributing to its growth ever since.

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