Market America is Thriving Rapidly

James and Loren Ridinger decided to start a company that they may not have known its fate. In 1992, Market America was begun. This fast growing firm is a broker and internet marketer. With its headquarters in Greensboro, Market America deals with numerous kids of products. These products are then distributed to several countries around the world.

The tremendous growth had brought more than six hundred and fifty employees by 2010. Among the products are electronic appliances, household cleaning supplies, personal care products, jewelry, cosmetics and health products among others. Market America manages to run its operation effectively because it has affiliate companies. They mainly help in distributing products from the company.

This company may have a lot of product for selling but it produces none. Other producers supply it and it then distributes to reach the final consumers. Market America welcomes business people willing to work with it through distributing. The company has an unfranchise approach for its partners. One becomes independent but monthly and start up fees is inclusive. Some of the partners have opened online stores to reach consumers effectively.

Market America is future-oriented and aligned to the economy. For instance, the company offers training and mentorship to partners willing to join and those working for it. The company predicts that the future of the economy will be in favor of the average people. It will be about uplifting their living standards of the average person. Every individual deserves a chance to increase their income and have a better life.

One of the ways of achieving this goal is empowering people to do their own work. It should not always be about working for another person and letting them dictate your value. The future will bring independence and development for people. There is need to motivate people to become entrepreneurs and run their own businesses.

Becoming independent paves way for people to create their goals and work towards achieving them. Market America began supporting independence by allowing partners to work without any major attachment to the company. They earn from commission, which means these partners are free to earn as much as they desire. His facebook page

Jim Larkin

Ireland’s trade union leader and activist, Jim Larkin, had fought for years to create fair pay and better conditions for all union workers, no matter if they were skilled or unskilled laborers. He longed for all of Ireland’s industrial workers to belong to one union only.

His leadership and willpower has helped to bring awareness towards the plea for workers’ rights during the 1900’s. Jim Larkin was born on January 21, 1876, to parent that emigrated from Ireland to reside in Liverpool, England. He was the second oldest son in his family and his childhood was spent in utter poverty.

From an early age, Larkin would have to find manual work from various sources to help supplement his family’s income. In his twenties, he found work at the local docks as a docker and was promoted to a dock foreman in 1903. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

His very first strike campaign was alongside his fellow Liverpool dockers in 1905. Only a few foremen participated in the strike and Larkin was relieved of his foreman duties afterwards.

He became a member of the National Union of Dock Labourers, or NUDL, when the union became impressed with Larkin’s spirit at the strike. They assigned him as a temporary strike organizer until late 1905, when he had received a permanent status within the NUDL.

After many strike campaigns and recruitment were conducted in places like Glasgow, Preston and Dublin, the NUDL started to notice that Larkin’s strike methods were becoming almost ‘militant’. He was expurgated from the NUDL and he quickly moved to Dublin, Ireland, and had formed the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union, ITGWU, in 1907.

Jim Larkin and his friend James Connolly and founded the Irish Labour Party in 1912. Under his leadership, Connolly would help lead a series of strikes and boycotts across Ireland. One of their most well-known was the ‘Dublin Lock Out’ that took place in 1913. Some of Dublin’s largest industrial labor companies would lock out their employees that were affiliated with the ITGWU.

They didn’t like the idea of Larkin wanting to unionize their workforce as a whole, so they devised a pledge for their employees to sign stating that they must leave the ITGWU or be locked out from employment. The strike went on for almost seven straight months and over 100,000 workers, employers and their families were severely affected by it.

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How Rocketship Schools Can Improve Your Child’s Education

At Rocketship Public Schools, you can have piece of mind that your child is in a safe and positive learning environment. Their staff believes in the true potential of each individual child. Rocketship is a non-profit network of public elementary charter schools that employs the top educators and catapults student achievement. They also encourage parent participation to help drive transformative change. The leaders, students, teachers and parents work together as a team to help improve the future of low-income communities.

Rocketship Charter Schools take the steps necessary to reach ambitious goals. They encourage challenges that will result in a meaningful impact on your child. Rocketship Public Schools are based on three important pillars. Through personalized learning, their instruction, content and learning experience is tailored to the pace of the individual child. They understand the importance of investing in training and development of their educators. They rely on the parents to hold the educators accountable, and positively encourage their child’s education to help their school and community thrive.

Rocketship Charter Schools are unlike any other elementary school. They do a rotation between four separate content block each day. Those content blocks are: STEM, Learning Lab and Enrichment, and Humanities. Your child will be taught by educators who specialize in each particular content block. The teachers at Rocketship collaborate together to create lesson plans, engage parents and come up with classroom management strategies. They have seen tremendous growth in their students through independent learning, teacher-led online learning programs and through tutoring in small groups. Rocketship takes pride in the fact that they promote positive core values of respect, empathy, responsibility and persistence.

All of the Rocketship schools offer classes in art, gardening, music, nutrition and dance. Their enrichment classes help build team work, character skills and critical thinking, which is important in and out of the classroom. What makes Rocketship a stand-out school, is the way they include the parents in every aspect of their child’s education. Each fall, the educators visit every student’s home, so they can learn more about their family outside of the classroom. Each Rocketship school has a principal, an office manager, a business operations manager and two assistant principals.

Mike Baur, the banker turned entrepreneur

An entrepreneur and businessman, Mike Baur is the managing partner co-founder and of the Swiss startup factory. For over twenty years, he worked in the banking industry after which he quit to invest in startup companies. This was before together with Oliver Walzer in 2014, cofounding Swiss startup factory.

When Swiss startup factory partnered with CTI in January 2016, Baur was named the managing director’s deputy of CTI invest. The Swiss startup factory, under Baur’s leadership, went through its accelerator program with Goldback group as well as its Fintech Fusion partnership in early 2016. Baur’s early career was profiled by the Wall Street Journal to entrepreneurship and startup investments from Swiss banking in December 2016.

Baur admits his love for working in the banking industry and sites his desires to satisfy his entrepreneurial dreams as the key reason as to why he had to leave the banking industry. According to Baur, most advisors and managers in the Swiss banking industry reluctantly adapt to changes in the economy. This makes them powerless in case of any crisis related to finances. As an example, Baur sites the resistance of banks towards digitalization of operations.

Baur made the difficult choice to become an entrepreneur despite the massive success in the banking industry. He decided to start the Swiss startup company despite the technology industry facing significant challenges. Having worked in the banking industry, Baur was conversant with the challenges entrepreneurs faced. Baur’s Swiss startup Factory helps entrepreneurs in strategic decision making as well as financial planning. It also offers mentorship programs and coaching to both aspiring and growing entrepreneurs.

The twenty years in the banking industry equipped Baur with adequate knowledge and skills to understand and navigate his current industry. He feels at home running a company that provides entrepreneurs with dispensable financial skills. When he worked in the banks, the main business was collaborating with business gurus and giving financial advice. The contribution to success and expansion of businesses has made the Swiss Startup Factory a crucial figure. In Switzerland, it is the best privately financed early stage Startup Company.


Doing What Others Won’t: James Dondero

When was the last time you checked your portfolio’s performance or the history of the company you invest with? Many investors have a hard time even finding out who their fund manager is, let alone their history and past successes and failures. For investors with Highland Capital Management and James Dondero, this is not a problem that you will have. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

James Dondero has been a leading fund manager for the past two decades in the Dallas area. As President and CEO of Highland Capital Management, Dondero has been able to create funds that offer low-cost, high return investments for clients for years. The key for this firm is to take a client focus and a focus on lowering costs, as well as being the first to start new types of investments that are considered well ahead of their time in the finance space. One example is the advent of emerging markets funds. In the early 1990s, most investment firms were content with creating funds that propelled the status quo and had traditional returns. James Dondero, however, saw that his investors wanted something a little different, and he created several emerging markets funds for newer, untested types of companies. These funds outperformed the markets and Dondero and his investors earned massive returns.

Along with this strategy for innovation came the knack that Dondero had working with clients. In 1983, shortly after Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia, he was accepted into the JP Morgan Guaranty Training Program. This prestigious program was taught by some of the most well-known and successful businessmen and investors of the time, and Dondero picked up a lot of useful tips on how to impress clients and make them happy, while also making funds that perform well.


Now Highland Capital has over $13 billion in managed assets, and their base is only growing. As well as bringing new success to their clients, the firm is also dedicated to the local area, giving massive amounts of money to local charities and organizations. In fact, since 2012, Highland Capital Management and James Dondero have given over $5 million to the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institution. As long as James Dondero is around, he will continue to promote the well being of the Dallas area. Follow James on Linkedin.

Perry Mandera And The Latest Blog Posts Of His Recent Work

It is easy to say that here that Perry Mandera is one of the leading businessmen today that are able to offer the best products in the market. Sure, we could get other options from the competition, but it seems that only Perry Mandera is able to offer the kind of business that has an attempt to make sure that the police department is getting the improvement that it deserves.


In this article, we will recap the ways that Perry Mandera is doing just that with the help of two of his latest blog posts for his company, The Custom Companies, Inc. in Northlake, Illinois. Shall we continue?


The New Illinois State Crime Commission

One of the latest blog posts that you could read today about Perry Mandera is the one where he is working alongside the Illinois State Police Commission to make sure that the community’s crime scenario is reduced, especially those that involve juvenile delinquents.


It is also noteworthy to say here that because of the increased quality and performance results of Perry Mandera, Perry Mandera is now an awardee of the Bishop Sheil Award in 2010 along with the Citizen of the Year Award that he got in 2011.


Second Blog Post

It may also be necessary to say here that the non-profit that Perry Mandera started is also able to help many programs and efforts to lower the taxes charged on trucks (Twitter). In fact, in one of the recent posts from Perry Mandera, it was mentioned that the Illinois Trucking Association is now able to get a lowered rate of taxes for the trucks that it is part of.


This is not hard to see, considering that Perry Mandera is known in the industry to be the man behind the non-profit that helps businesses get the services and benefits that they deserve.


In fact, the awards that he’d been receiving is just testament to the fact that he’s been a leader in the transportation industry and he has more than decades of experience in the field that he is mastering. Truly, Perry Mandera’s work in Custom Companies, which is a company he started, is a sneak peek of his leadership skills.

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Stream Energy: Rebuilding Communities in Texas

Stream Energy is one of the latest players in the energy industry. The company was founded in 2004, and their headquarters is located in Texas. Stream Energy has been providing affordable electricity packages to their customers, along with other services like wireless, home and protection. Stream Energy was commended by the public when they decided to help the people who were much affected by Hurricane Harvey. According to the management of Stream Energy, they will be providing $25,000 assistance for the victims of the disaster. Through the philanthropic arm of Stream Energy called Stream Cares, the company is hoping that the money they donated will be used to buy the vital necessities needed by the evacuees who fled the wrath of the hurricane.



Texas never thought that Hurricane Harvey would be leaving catastrophic damage in the state. When news reports broke out the hurricane will be making a landfall in Texas, hundreds of thousands fled their homes because of the fear that they can die from the wrath of the storm. When Hurricane Harvey made landfall, hundreds of towns and settlements facing the gulf area were devastated. The hurricane brought in huge storm surges, destroying homes and properties. Major cities inland were not spared by the disaster. Large amounts of rainfall and strong winds resulted in the immediate rise of the water level, creating floods. The rushing water from swelling rivers washed out homes and properties.



After the hurricane hit, the effect on Texas showed an apocalyptic scenario. Companies started to work together and helped the victims, and Stream Energy stated that they would be assisting the state in the relief efforts (ReleaseFact). The money that they donated was given to the American Red Cross, and according to Stream Energy, it is just the beginning of their assistance. Because so many homes were damaged, people are having a hard time getting their hands on essential utilities like electricity and phone connected. Stream Energy promised the victims of the hurricane that they would be deploying their workers to check the lines. Stream Energy stated that they would be doing everything to restore the energy in the shortest amount of time.


Jorge Moll: Give For Better Health

Research advises that holiday shopping can actually be important for one’s emotional well-being and health. There are benefits for the givers and recipients’ happiness and health. There are numerous ways in which giving is good for you and the community in which you live. Giving is good for our health, it makes us feel happy, it contributes to gratitude, it promotes social connection and cooperation, and giving is contagious.


Giving could increase a person’s longevity and physical health. This is because it can help with decreasing stress. Stress is linked to several health conditions and issues. Studies show that multiple forms of giving to others will increase health. When the elderly volunteered for their communities, they were 44 percent less likely to pass away after five years (


Giving makes people feel happy. Studies show that people are generally more happy giving gifts than receiving them. In 2006, Jorge Moll and associates found that giving to charities will activate pleasure regions of the brain ( This creates the “warm glow” effect of gift giving.


Offering or receiving gifts can evoke gratitude in people. When you show gratitude for actions or words, it will increase positivity. Gratitude is important to social bonding, health, and happiness.


Giving promotes social connection and cooperation“, says Jorge Moll. The act of giving to others will promote cooperation and trust that will strengthen ties to others. This, in turn, promotes better physical and mental health.


The act of giving is contagious. When a person gives generously, it will inspire others to show generosity later. Research shows that each person in a social network can influence hundreds of people, even if they have never met before.


Jorge Moll, MD, Ph.D., has actively participated in many research articles and education. He is the president of the governing board of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR). He shows intense interest in neural and psychological mechanisms that govern social preferences. They are shaped by values and morals that are modified by culture, personal experience, and neurotechnological interventions.


NeuroCore Uses an Alternative Treatment for ADHD and Depression

One of the most common occurrences in health care is that when people are given the diagnosis of depression or ADHD, they are then given medication. There are plenty of issues with this. One issue is that medication can actually mask the issue and make it worse. Many experts are aware of this issue. This is one of the reasons that they have looked for alternative methods for treating these mood disorders. One of these methods they have chosen is called brain training. This is the technique that is used by Neurocore in order to treat personality disorders that people have fallen victim to. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Neurocore has treatments that are effective for even eight year old children that find themselves overwhelmed with school. One thing about school is that it is not meant to be overwhelming. Yet, the school system has set it up so that more children are overwhelmed with all of the homework that they are to get done. For example, one child found himself overwhelmed and frustrated with school that even something as simple as putting his socks away have led to a meltdown. Fortunately, Neurocore is well equipped to help with this ongoing issue for each child that is affected. Read more at about Neurocore.

There have been a few positive reviews about Neurocore and the treatment methods offered by the company. For one thing, people are noticing the changes in their children after their therapy sessions. The parents just have to set up appointments for them to get into their sessions so that they will be able to benefit from what is offered to them. The form of treatment that Neurocore uses is a combination of bio-feedback and neuro-feedback. This involves the child watching a movie that goes on as long as the brain is in the right frequency for there to be a positive change.

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Where To Recieve Butt Lift Procedures In Brazilian Butt Lift Dallas

Dallas, Texas, is just like any other big city. It has professional sports, it has an abundance of activities to participate in, and it has some of the top medical personnel. When it comes to the medical field of work, Dallas is fully-loaded. Are you interested in butt lift surgery? This type of surgery is very common now days, especially among women. Excessive weight-loss or genetic limitations play a role in what type of rear-end we have. Thanks to advanced-technologies, you can receive an updated look to your bum in the shortest amount of time.

To be perfectly honest, butt lift surgery isn’t for everyone and there is a criteria for receiving service. First of all, you definitely have to be in good shape. No, you don’t need to be a fitness-fanatic, but general good health is a necessity as it promotes healing. Excessive drinking and excessive smoking is out of the question. If you plan on getting this type of surgery, then you better start cutting-out the detrimental actions of drinking and smoking. Patients will also need to have a consistent state-of-mind by not having outrageous expectations. We all have different shaped bodies and a certain butt lift procedure may look great on one person while looking average on another. On top of that, fat plays a huge role in these procedures. Remember, this is more so butt lift surgery, not implant surgery.


There are various forms of payment options to consider. There are many surgeons that offer payment-plans. This can come from the medical center itself or from an outside source. You can always pay for the procedure in full if you have the necessary funding. The Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute and North Texas Plastic Surgery Center are two great medical providers of this surgery. All in all, the final choice comes down to what’s best for you.