Tasteful Lingerie Launched by Honey Birdette

Tasteful lingerie has been introduced around the world as a result of a new collection. The New York Collection is a new launch from Honey Birdette, which features beautiful models wearing boudoir-style lingerie across New York City.

For over a decade, Honey Birdette has been selling lingerie and adult toys. They have made a name for themselves because of the way that they sell: tastefully. The lingerie is classy and the toys are high-quality.

It’s no surprise that Honey Birdette is successful. They were Australia’s first sensuality boutique. They listen to their customers and constantly launch new products, including toys for him and her. It allows everyone to have some fun while turning up the heat in the bedroom.

The New York Collection is tastefully done and has the attention of men and women. The lingerie is broken out into several lines, including Miss D, Alex, and Luna. Colors range from ivory to black, allowing women to find the color that best suits their skin tone as well as their mood.

The lingerie also varies in terms of how revealing it is. Some have a hint of BDSM with built-in collars and silver circles for attaching hooks and such. Others are much more submissive, with lace and cutouts that show off parts of the body.

Overall, Honey Birdette has another winner on their hands, especially once Facebook had a chance to respond to the campaign video that launched. People are asking when they can get the lingerie, and the site delivers around the globe.

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Vijay Eswaran: Indian Author, Businessman, & Philanthropist

Vijay Eswaran is an author and Malaysian businessman who has a long history and steady career. He was born in 1960 in Penang, Malaysia. He studied socio-economics at the London School of Economics, graduating with a Bachelors degree in 1984.

He worked several odd jobs all around Europe after college and was introduced to the binary system. This prompted Mr. Vijay Eswaran to get a professional certification from the Chartered Institue of Managed Accountants, followed by an MBA from Southern Illinois University.

QI Group

In 1998, he returned to Malaysia and was approached by Cosway Group with an offer to start a multi-level marketing company for them. Eswaran co-founded QI Group, and it deals with several different marketing techniques including: Since it was founded, QI Group has expanded to be a powerhouse in the multi-level marketing front. It has regional offices in Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore with a significant presence in 10 other countries.

  • Business Travel
  • Media
  • Luxury Products
  • Corporate Investments
  • Health and Wellness
  • Telecommunications

Published Works

Eswaran is also an accomplished author. His first book In The Sphere of Silence was published in 2005 to wide success. This book explains Mr. Eswaran’s philosophies as they relate to his life. His second book In the Thinking Zone was released in 2008, with his third book titled 18 Stepping Stones following in 2010. His final book was published in 2016 and is titled Two Minutes From the Abyss.


Vijay Eswaran is very active in various philanthropic organizations. He founded the Vijayaratnam Foundation, along with the RYTHM Foundation in Malaysia. These programs offer mentorship to young adults, and he also donates to various non-profits and charity groups.

Vijay Eswaran is a powerhouse who continues to evolve to keep his company at the forefront of its field. He will be around for years to come, and his future is bright.

Inspired by Interview with Tammy Mazzocco

In the business world, it is important to avoid burn out and discouragement. I found an interview posted recently by “Inspirery.com” to be incredibly beneficial in terms of advice on how to stay positive.

Real estate agent Tammy Mazzocco described the importance of staying positive. She said that in her business, leading a healthy and productive life is just as important as the actual work that she does each day. Before even thinking about work, she meditates and does some movement. This helps her get into a energized state, and gives her a healthy mindset that she can use to approach her day.

She also described something else that I found helpful. She said that she likes to approach problems and challenges head-on through hard work and a positive attitude. I tend to think of problems as needing intellectual and logistical solutions, so it was so refreshing to hear that just having a positive outlook can help you confront a challenge.

According to Grooves Capes, Tammy Mazzocco started out as a secretary in the real estate world, but quickly climbed the ladder. She started working in the condominium management field, and then moved up to become a multi-site property manager for two apartment buildings and an office warehouse complex.

She got her real estate licence while still working in property management, and continued to grow and learn within her work environments and in various positions. Tammy even became a personal assistant to a prominent RE/MAX producer, and picked up more tips, tricks, and philosophies.

Her career is inspiring to me because it shows all that an attitude of learning and growth can do. In the “Inspirery” interview, she says that on her bad days, she always turns to meditation: “Even today I have some bad days, but meditating every day helps me out when I’m in trouble.”


Samuel Strauch Is An Experienced Real Estate Investor

If you are looking for a way to start investing, real estate is a great option. You can start investing in real estate, build wealth and earn passive income.

Property management is where many beginning investors make a lot of mistakes. Knowing how to screen tenants is essential. You also need to know how to mange the property, or hire a property management company. If you have others manage your properties, you can concentrate on other issues.

To be successful in this business, you need to get the right education and training and apply what you have learned.

Samuel Strauch, a highly renowned real estate investor can help you succeed in this industry. He is one of the most reliable and knowledgeable experts in this field.

Real estate investing is considered by many experts and successful entrepreneurs as a reliable way to get into investing. This profitable venture can several different creative forms.

To learn what strategies work in real estate investment it is advisable to get in touch with Samuel Strauch. Getting into the real estate investing field is a smart decision and can put you on the path to financial independence.

Numerous people have built their fortune in this lucrative investment field and you can get your share of the fortune if you follow proven strategy.

Samuel Strauch believes that each person in our society should endeavor to do their best in making our world a better place. Samuel Strauch devotes a great deal of time and effort toward helping others who need his guidance or advice.

Based in Miami, Florida, Samuel Strauch is one the leading experts in the real estate field. He has a thorough understanding of successful investments, and he strives to teach others how to spot lucrative opportunities.

Learn more about Samuel Strauch at https://members.nationalgeographic.com/103868846510/


Todd Lubar, the TDL Global Ventures president and the Legendary Investments’ Sr. VP, is a businessman and entrepreneur who has helped individuals in accomplishing their dreams of being homeowners. He has also worked for more than 20 years in the industry of real estate. He has ranked among the best 25 originators of mortgage for many years. http://patch.com/maryland/potomac/todd-lubar-successful-baltimore-businessman, In addition to the real estate industry, Lubar has also worked in many industries including the construction, entertainment and mortgage banking industries.

From 1977, Todd Lubar went to Sidwell Friend School which is located in Washington DC. In 1987, he went to the Peddie School in Hightstown NJ where he started his high school education after which he proceeded to Syracuse University till 1995 from which he graduated with B.A in speech communication. From 1995 to 1999 he did his initial job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He helped in the growth of the legacy financial office of Maryland to a loan volume production unit of many 100 million dollars a year after joining the legacy financial group in 1999. He worked with the group until 2005 when he became the Sr. VP with charter funding until 2007 August.

The TDL Global ventures came as a result of working in the credit space and finance for twenty years and his passion to help people accomplish their dreams. Todd Lubar prioritized what was in the news as this kept him energized for the rest of the day. The combination of real estate with his previous experience made him to work in the mortgage banking thus resulting to his success with TDL. He was excited by remote functioning of the technology that was developing and the fact that it surrounded his home.

Todd Lubar became a productive entrepreneur by being organized and knowing what was involved at each business level as this helped him in making required decisions. According to Angel.co, his business growth was as a result of honest communication and trust. He gave those involved in his business a chance of exchanging concerns with him. He encouraged individuals to remember the set goals as this would land them better places.

Lubar learnt the importance of working hard and the money value after doing his worst job at a grocery while in high school. He said in his interview with Arthur that if he was given a chance to start again he would be more careful on what individuals would surround him and how he would promote trust’s culture in his business.

Lubar encouraged their community to read ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by David J. Schwartz because it encourages people to think big and set greater expectations for themselves.

For more info, visit Todd Lubar’s Facebook page and website at toddlubar.com.

Cancer Will Never Be The Same – Eric Lefkofsky

The University of Chicago Medicine is known for their research in breast cancer, and has now been offered a helping hand to compile data, to more efficiently treat their breast cancer patients. The organization is Tempus, founded by Eric Lefkofsky in 2015. Tempus uses a combination of genomic sequencing and machine learning to ensure personalized treatment for each and every patient.After graduation in 1987 from Southfield Lathrup High School, Eric obtained two degrees from the University of Michigan. First he obtained a Bachelors of Art degree, then continued to obtain a Juris Doctorate from Michigan Law School in 1993.

Lefkofsky started his career in Carpet sales at the Michigan University. Then in the late 90’s Lefkofsky and a college friend created Starbelly, a site specializing in promotional products. After Starbelly had a unexpected increase in volume, the company was sold to Halo Industries just a year later. After creating and selling a few more companies, Lefkofsky helped create ThePoint.com. ThePoint.com is now known as Groupon.In late 2010 Forbes reported that Groupon was the fastest growing company in history. Eric became the Chief Executive Officer of Groupon in late 2013. Just three years later he co-founded Tempus, the technology Company that allows for personalized care in the treatment of cancer. Eric now serves as their Chief Executive Officer.

Mr. and Mrs. Lefkofsky run a charity that helps fund educational and scientific organizations world wide. Eric also serves on multiple board of directors including, the Chicago Children’s Hospital and The Museum of Science and Industry, as well as the Chicago Art Institute and World Business Chicago. Through all the experience that Lefkofsky has obtained, he has started a career in teaching business in multiple schools around Chicago.Mr. Eric Lefkofsky has proven to be a true blessing to the people of Chicago, and the cancer community as a whole.

Read full article: www.lefkofsky.com/

Data in the Fight Against Cancer

Big data is a buzzword that a lot of people use, but few people actually understand what it means. In the world of healthcare, a lot of people are excited about the changes that are starting to take place. If you want to excel at a high level, Eric Lefkofsky is the person to go to. He is excited about the changes that are coming to this area, and he is ready and willing to help others get to the next level. He strongly believes that big data can help in the fight against cancer. Not only that, but he also believes that other people are ready and willing to jump in and donate money to help others.


Many people think of data as something that is used just in business. However, there are a lot of other functions of big data as well. If you are ready to take things to the next level in this area of your life, you need to have a plan for the future. Many people are worried about all of the changes that have started to take place in the world of health. Eric Lefkofsky has a track record of success in this area, and he is excited about all of the changes that are coming out of this coalition of people.

Final Thoughts

Eric Lefkofsky is a great leader in the field of health and wellness. He is excited about all of the changes that have been made in this area. He wants to make sure that other people are ready and willing to help them invest for the future. If you want to join the battle against cancer, this is an exciting field. With his work at Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky is becoming one of the leading figures in the field of health.


Wen By Chaz Is Delivering On Its Promise

So often today, people are promised something, and they do not get it. It leaves them feeling ripped off and like they were lied to. Needless to say, that is not a very good feeling for the customer. That is why they can become very frustrated and annoyed with the whole process. They wonder if anyone is telling the truth anymore in any type of industry. However, they can rest easy and they can relax as there is a person out there that gets the job done each and every time and that is Chaz Dean. When he says something, you can take it to the bank.

With Wen hair, he has delivered the goods with a product that works as an all-in-one styling treatment, shampoo, and conditioner. That is correct. That is three things all in one bottle for one price. This saves the customer space and time. They don’t have to worry about having a bunch of unnecessary bottles in their shower. With this product, they can have it all in one bottle and get everything they desire and more. That is what Chaz Dean has done and it is beyond exciting to see what he will come up with next and what he plans on doing. I know many people are interested in seeing it.

Going back to Wen by Chaz, there is a review out there, http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened, by Emily McClure of the well-respected website, Bustle.com. She took time to really give this product the full review. She even gave it seven days. She did not just try it for one day and call it quits. She kept up with this product all the way for a week to see the changes it made in her hair using the Fig version, http://www.sephora.com/healthy-hair-care-kit-P374589. She received bounce, shine, and confidence. Confidence is something one cannot put a price tag on.

For more product information, please visit the Wen Twitter account and Facebook page.

Professional Business Advice From Kevin Seawright

Many people today want to improve their current financial situation. One of the best ways to do that is through a new business. However, this requires capital and a business plan that few people understand how to build. He has a track record of success in this area of the business world, and he is excited about all of the changes that have started to take place. Read more: Kevin Seawright Joins Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

Not only that, but he is ready and willing to change the world when it comes to his life and career. If you want to work with a financial professional in your life, he is the person to go to. He has a lot of experience in various areas of the economy, and he will help you in a variety of ways with your long term career plans.

Kevin Seawright

There are many people who love working with him in business. Personal and business finance is a passion of his, and he is excited about the future as well. If you are ready to start planning how to build a great business, financing may be a part of that. Learn more about Kevin Seawright: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/kevin-seawright

He has experience in his own life borrowing money to get a business started, and you can use that experience to your benefit. Not only that, but you also need to think of ways that you can help other people build wealth for the future. Over time, he is really excited about all of the changes that are taking place in his life and career.

Future Plans

If you want to change your situation, you have to change your actions based on your desired results. Kevin Seawright can build a great plan to help you succeed, but you have to act on it. Over time, he has proven to truly care about the lives of other people who he is working with.

Not only that, but he is ready and willing to start building wealth for the future in a variety of ways. Kevin Seawright knows the way in which you can plan your personal finances for the future and have success at the same time.

Julie Zuckerberg Helps Millenials and Gen-Xers Get Ahead

Julie Zuckerberg, an executive recruiter, has helped Millennials and Gen-Xers to overcome the difficulties seen in today’s work environment. It’s a skill she has acquired over the last three decades. It’s a helpful skill set for any executive recruiter like Julie, but any business can use this information that took her years to glean, and use it today. This is how she does it.


Executive recruiters have to be adept at both spotting talent and knowing exactly where they would best fit. In the financial world, where she works as an executive recruiter, this is a skill that did not come automatically. It took her time, over the last three decades to figure it out. In a world where the economy is always shifting things around, Julie Zuckerberg has identified that psychological disciple and unilateral placement can help a corporation become a well-oiled machine that is both productive, and efficient.


Hiring within a company is the first step in running an effective campaign to fill a role in a company. Employees that have worked within the roles that are under them know what it’s like to be in that employee’s position, and in turn, will be better able to understand and help those people perform at their peak performance.


After that, it’s a simple matter of scanning social media. Those people that are best suited for the position can be easily found there. Social Media offers several quality candidates to select the best candidates from, when the internal selection does not result in finding them right person for the role.


Lastly, fellow employees within the company can be in finding other people to hire for positions that need to be filled. The recruiter can ask them to share recommendations, then those people can be interviewed as a good choice or not. It can often be an excellent catalyst to finding the Millenials and Gen-Xers to connect to the work that they need in today’s economy.


Julie uses these tools to better serve her company and be the executive recruiter that finds the perfect person for the job every time. Anyone can use these skills to do the same. It’s simply a matter of learning how to spot good talent and utilize them accurately. While it is a skill that took years for Julie to learn, anyone can begin to learn how to spot talent and help their business get ahead in today’s economy.