The Actions of Joe Arpaio

On the evening of Oct. 18, 2007, several of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s deputies arrested and forcibly removed two Village Voice media executives from their homes. Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin were shoved into black SUVs with Mexican license plates and taken to separate jails. They were both booked on unspecified charges.

Joe Arpaio orchestrated the arrests because he was angered by an expose written by the due, which revealed his dirty-dealings during his tenure.

The newspaper has repeatedly reported on Arpaio’s racist fear mongering in Arizona. While other newspapers spent their time defending Arpaio’s racist and homophobic stances, the Phoenix New Times continued to lambaste the Sheriff over a decades of fact-based illegalities rampant in his office.

Specific accusations included the unhealthy conditions in his jails; retaliatory abuses against his critics; mistreatment and deaths of countless inmates; racial profiling and unlawful detentions.

At the time of their arrests, Lacey and Larkin were writing a front page story in the Phoenix New Times about how Arpaio regularly worked in conjunction with his allies in the prosecutor’s office to violate the rights of writers, editors and even readers who went against him.

Instead of caving, Lacey and Larkin continued their written assault, which resulted in their arrests.

Once the news went national, there was a huge outcry. Lacey and larkin were released and the charges dropped.

the duo’s subsequent illegal detention set off a court trial centering on First Amendment Right violations and abuse of power.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in their brief that Arpaio’s assault on the First Amendment was direct and undeniable.

In 2013, Lacey and Larkin won the case and were paid $3.7 million from Maricopa County. The money was used to help with the Frontera Fund. The funds are distributed to help with cases involving the civil rights violation of Mexican Americans.

Lacey said Sheriff Arpaio terrorized every person he found with brown skin.


Organo Gold Offers Premium Beverages And Great Business Opportunities

The world is comprised of multi millions of people who are avid coffee drinkers. They may miss doing a lot of things during the day, but they will not forget to drink their coffee. Over the span of a few years, coffee has become a major commodity. This trend has resulted in a multi billion dollar industry. Fast food companies are helping make this fast growing product the most highly consumed beverage in the world, next to water. Organo Gold is a world wide network of that sells only the finest premium coffees, and teas. What makes Organo gold stand out above the rest is Ganoderma. Read the reviews at

Ganoderma is a mushroom that has been grown and used for years in China. The properties of the mushroom have various health benefits, and it give coffee a rich, natural, all around great taste. This herb is the power house of mushrooms, and has been used for over two thousand years. It is an ancient secret that is known to defend and protect your body for a healthy immune system. Organo gold is only sold by distributors in over fifty countries around the world. The company is proud of the earning potential for their distributors, and invite others to become a part of their growing, innovative team. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

Organo Gold was founded in 2008, and has since become a billion dollar market. The company offers global support for their distributors, regional leadership, and management teams in the different countries for individual support. They offer a generous compensation plan that is innovative, and transparent. This includes product commissions, and interim promotions. Organo Gold also offers a leadership training program for the entrepreneur with a goal to increase earning potential, and provide for a financially secure future.

Organ Gold not only sells premium coffees, but they also sell premium teas with the herb Ganoderma. The company offers body management products, and personal care products. What ever the health need is, Organo gold can help get you and your body into great shape. You can have a healthier lifestyle with many of the products offered by Organo Gold. It will help improve your physical fitness, as well as improved mental thought processes. You will be more alert, and will not have the crashing after ordinary coffee has lost it’s energy boost. Organo Gold want the entire world to experience the pleasures, and the health benefits of their premium beverages.


Shiraz Boghani Given An Award For Excellence In Hotel Management

Shiraz Boghani is a popular entrepreneur who is loved by people from all parts of the world because of his dynamic nature. The businessman is praised because of what he has been doing for the highly competitive hotel sector. In his career in the hotel department, the businessman has managed to acquire several recognitions that have made him very happy.

Last year, Shiraz was offered the hotelier of the year award, a title that is offered to very few people in the society. The prestigious award was given to Shiraz during one of the events that are held for the Asian community. There were very many individuals who were interested in the award, but most people could not match the high standard that Boghani and his hotels have been able to attain.

Shiraz Boghani was not always a hotel expert. The businessman was born by Kenyan parents who later on chose to relocate and settle in the United Kingdom. The businessman acquired his studies from good schools that are in the UK, and this has been vital in his career life. At first, the businessman went for a degree in finance, and this assisted him to work in several financial companies in the world. His career in the finance department was, however, short lived. After graduating from the university, the businessman felt that he wanted to try his luck and make wealth in the hotel industry.

Shiraz Boghani had learnt that the investors in the hotel department had not been offering consumers the services that were needed. Together with a team of several other professionals, Shiraz became the first professional to start developing great facilities for consumers in the hotel department. Most of the hotels founded by the businessman are found in London. At the moment, the finance executive is working as the chairman of a leading hotel chain that is called Splendid Hospitality Group. As one of the leading group of hotels in the world, Shiraz Boghani has used the skills he acquired at the university to control the finances of the company and make it a leader in the market. The professionals working with Shiraz have been vital for his successful career life. These individuals have been selected after working in the hotel industry for a long time, and they have also been offered adequate training so that they give quality services to consumers. Boghani says that he cannot function properly without the help of these professionals.

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Jed McCaleb – Genius and Disrupter of Bitcoin Technology

For everything imaginable in the world, there is an expert. Jed McCaleb happens to be an expert on cryptocurrency. He is also a renowned American programmer. Cryptocurrency owes much to the immense contributions of Jed McCaleb. He created Mt, Box, which was the first Bitcoin exchange in the entire world. He can also add to his creative resume eDonkey, which was the first venue for multisource downloading.


McCaleb and fellow developer Sam Yagan started eDonkey in 2000. Some people, like McCaleb, are born at the right time and amass information and knowledge the world finds useful. Creative souls never sit still. As a result, McCaleb has started yet another, his newest, adventure called Stellar. His brainstorm to start this venture is the result of flaws he sees in the global financial system.


His co-founding partner is Joyce Kim, and he currently serves as the CTO. Stellar is a universal financial network whose goal is to help increase economic participation. McCaleb is a busy man and splits his time into two camps. When he is not busy coding and addressing technical components of the company, he focuses on handling emails and all things associated with running a vibrant and successful business.


The idea to start Stellar came from having a full understanding of what Bitcoin is. Part of his genius is that he spends plenty of time coming up with ways to improve existing technologies and solve world problems using those technologies. He envisioned that the technology behind Bitcoin could solve a host of problems.


McCaleb reasoned that Bitcoin’s technology could be transformational, and that it would go well beyond the confines of just creating a digital currency. While Bitcoin moves value, Stellar connects financial institutions in ways that make it affordable for these institutions to connect with people who are unbanked. At least 2.5 billion people may fit into the category of unbanked.


Countries fight to keep control over their currency. Banking giants are also heavily invested in the status quo. It may be crypto currencies that decide the fate of developing countries in the future. It may also decide the fate of access to financial services, inflation, and even terrorism.

What Avatrade Review Is Doing Now

Avatrade has managed to make itself one of the most respected forex trading platforms in recent years for a number of reasons. It’s the reason there are so many people looking at this site as a way to get into forex for themselves. Even better than others out there you can get into forex along with other possible investments such as cryptocurrencies. The ability to do this is what separates this from the others out there that want to give people a less than stellar service. You can learn everything you need to know and do everything you need to do through Avatrade without ever going somewhere else.


The most amazing thing about Avatrade is that the platform is giving people the education they need in order to succeed. You no longer have to worry about so many of the things that have defined the other trading platforms. You can get it all through this one service and what they provide. The ability to do this is certainly a pleasant one to have and gives people the ability to decide exactly what they want out of Avatrade. If you want to try out the service before you actually put any money up this option is available. Then you can decide how much you want to invest.


There are certainly many things to admire about the way this app helps you enter into forex and it has the ability to give people something they would otherwise never have seen before. That Avatrade is able to make forex intuitive is an amazing thing in and of itself, but more amazing is the success that people have on this platform. It breeds a certain type of forex trader and that trader is going to be competent in just about every area. They won’t wonder what they need to do next or what investments are going to pay off. They’ll just be able to make the right decisions instantly. Avatrade is proof that with the right design you can get into just about anything that you want to if you put your mind up to it.

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30 Years On, The Oxford Club Continues to Show the Smart Way to Invest

Private entrepreneurial network The Oxford Club has, through a series of expert research and tangible results, developed strategies that help investors seek out and locate investment opportunities that promise solid returns – strategies that it has shared through Investment U, the Oxford Club’s educational arm. While no investment can be said to be guaranteed, using the plans developed by the Oxford Club will certainly stack the odds in one’s favor.


First, the Oxford Club encourages portfolio diversification – not just across individual stocks but also across markets and sectors, as well as risk levels and asset classes, giving the investor the highest chance of success and the lowest chance of jeopardy long-term.


The Club also stresses the importance of knowing when to sell stocks, and in fact advises that an exit strategy for selling be determined in advance of buying a particular stock. This eliminates indecisiveness and guesswork on the part of the investor.


Another strategy, tied to the concept of diversification, is the use of position sizing to ascertain how much to invest in a particular stock versus another across many different asset classes.


Finally, the Club advocates cutting costs where possible to make one’s portfolio as lean as possible and see net increases in returns; tactics to achieve this include bypassing fund managers as well as legally minimizing tax liabilities.


Oxford Club makes investment recommendations based specifically on these strategies, and for nearly 30 years has seen members reap the rewards. Started as the Passport Club in 1989, this global network of investors and entrepreneurs now number more than 157,000 in over 130 countries and has emerged as one of the world’s leading providers of prime investment opportunities as well as strategies and tactics designed to facilitate wealth creation and successful investment.

Get Your Cabinets from Siteline Cabinetry

Siteline Cabinetry is a small company that was started just recently. Although it is very new in the market, the company has done well when it comes to the provision of full access cabinets. The products that have been made by this company are frequently added to remodelled or new kitchens, bathrooms and offices. The small company is becoming popular because of the fact that it can design products that are attractive and unique. Customers are always happy because of the services they get from the firm. Siteline Cabinetry products can accommodate different decors that are used in all buildings in the modern times.


The modern market is not a playground for investors. For a company to perform well and impress its customers in the market, it must give a lot of priority to the quality of products it is manufacturing. The customization and durability of the products from the company in question play a leading role in the success of an institution. Siteline Cabinetry has taken care of all these qualities. Customers are never given a chance to complain because of the products they have been offered by the company. Most high quality products are very expensive in the modern times, making them unaffordable for the people who need to purchase them. With Siteline Cabinetry, customers do not have to worry about high prices. The company has been giving customers the products it produces at very affordable rates.


Unlike most companies, Siteline Cabinetry does not like operating from a warehouse. The company understands that the customers should only get the products they have chosen for themselves. Siteline Cabinetry has established this culture so that all the people who come into the institution are given the kind of products they need. The company founders show the clients different designs first. After checking the designs available, these people are allowed to choose the designs that have managed to impress them. Siteline Cabinetry has been doing well in the tight markets because of using this simple rule. The orders that are made by the customers are delivered in less than seven days. Most people have been impressed by the services offered by Siteline Cabinetry.

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Jeremy Goldstein talks about stock options and other employees’ incentives

Stock options are a means of workers compensation. Many business organizations have used it, and it seems like its good days are gone. Corporations are coming up with new methods that they consider more effective than the stock options. However, even as the world moves away from the stock options and adopting new methods, there are still some advantages about the stock options that we can list. These are the advantages that have made them popular up to now.


Although there are problems associated with stock options, there is a reason why some employees still prefer them for compensation. Benefits such as low-cost insurance benefits keep workers glued to them. Some benefits cannot be found in other forms of compensation. It is better to take an offer on low-cost insurance for yourselves and the family than to take an increased salary. There is an advantage of the previous over the latter. Highest paid workers tend to take the stock options instead of an increased salary. They seem to realize some of the benefits associated with stock options and this goes to show that all is not lost for this compensation method. Stock options normally are constant for all employees in a company. No one has an advantage over the others.


EPS in business growth


EPS means “Earnings per Share.” It is one of the performance-based incentives payment methods. The companies executives are the ones who put the metrics that will determine the level of performance required. EPS is one of the best methods for a company to make huge growth over a short time. They normally influence buyers and sellers of shares in a company. If they are well implemented, they can attract investors into a company. EPS also ensures that employees only get what they deserved depending on their input in the company.


However, critics of this incentive methods discourage business from applying it because it does not offer any sustainable growth over a long period. It is a temporary way of improving business and not for a long term. So, investors looking to create long term growth should avoid them completely. Learn more:


About Jeremey Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer who has specialized in business matters. He has been serving in the corporate sector for over 15 years. His main role has been to advice corporate executives on the best compensation methods that they should apply.


Jeremy Goldstein has co-founded a law firm called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. The law firm has offices in New York.


Jeremy Goldstein is also involved in other areas of business such as mergers and acquisitions. In his career, he has worked with big organizations such as Verizon, Bank of America and AT&T.

Market America is Thriving Rapidly

James and Loren Ridinger decided to start a company that they may not have known its fate. In 1992, Market America was begun. This fast growing firm is a broker and internet marketer. With its headquarters in Greensboro, Market America deals with numerous kids of products. These products are then distributed to several countries around the world.

The tremendous growth had brought more than six hundred and fifty employees by 2010. Among the products are electronic appliances, household cleaning supplies, personal care products, jewelry, cosmetics and health products among others. Market America manages to run its operation effectively because it has affiliate companies. They mainly help in distributing products from the company.

This company may have a lot of product for selling but it produces none. Other producers supply it and it then distributes to reach the final consumers. Market America welcomes business people willing to work with it through distributing. The company has an unfranchise approach for its partners. One becomes independent but monthly and start up fees is inclusive. Some of the partners have opened online stores to reach consumers effectively.

Market America is future-oriented and aligned to the economy. For instance, the company offers training and mentorship to partners willing to join and those working for it. The company predicts that the future of the economy will be in favor of the average people. It will be about uplifting their living standards of the average person. Every individual deserves a chance to increase their income and have a better life.

One of the ways of achieving this goal is empowering people to do their own work. It should not always be about working for another person and letting them dictate your value. The future will bring independence and development for people. There is need to motivate people to become entrepreneurs and run their own businesses.

Becoming independent paves way for people to create their goals and work towards achieving them. Market America began supporting independence by allowing partners to work without any major attachment to the company. They earn from commission, which means these partners are free to earn as much as they desire. His facebook page

Jim Larkin

Ireland’s trade union leader and activist, Jim Larkin, had fought for years to create fair pay and better conditions for all union workers, no matter if they were skilled or unskilled laborers. He longed for all of Ireland’s industrial workers to belong to one union only.

His leadership and willpower has helped to bring awareness towards the plea for workers’ rights during the 1900’s. Jim Larkin was born on January 21, 1876, to parent that emigrated from Ireland to reside in Liverpool, England. He was the second oldest son in his family and his childhood was spent in utter poverty.

From an early age, Larkin would have to find manual work from various sources to help supplement his family’s income. In his twenties, he found work at the local docks as a docker and was promoted to a dock foreman in 1903. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

His very first strike campaign was alongside his fellow Liverpool dockers in 1905. Only a few foremen participated in the strike and Larkin was relieved of his foreman duties afterwards.

He became a member of the National Union of Dock Labourers, or NUDL, when the union became impressed with Larkin’s spirit at the strike. They assigned him as a temporary strike organizer until late 1905, when he had received a permanent status within the NUDL.

After many strike campaigns and recruitment were conducted in places like Glasgow, Preston and Dublin, the NUDL started to notice that Larkin’s strike methods were becoming almost ‘militant’. He was expurgated from the NUDL and he quickly moved to Dublin, Ireland, and had formed the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union, ITGWU, in 1907.

Jim Larkin and his friend James Connolly and founded the Irish Labour Party in 1912. Under his leadership, Connolly would help lead a series of strikes and boycotts across Ireland. One of their most well-known was the ‘Dublin Lock Out’ that took place in 1913. Some of Dublin’s largest industrial labor companies would lock out their employees that were affiliated with the ITGWU.

They didn’t like the idea of Larkin wanting to unionize their workforce as a whole, so they devised a pledge for their employees to sign stating that they must leave the ITGWU or be locked out from employment. The strike went on for almost seven straight months and over 100,000 workers, employers and their families were severely affected by it.

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