Meet Dr. Sameer Jejurikar for the Best Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Dr. Sam Jejurikar is among the most successful and highly recognized Plastic surgeon in the world. He has a plastic surgery plastic firm in Dallas, Texas. He majors in cosmetic surgery regarding face, breasts, and body. He has maintained a positive reputation that has earned him positive reviews gaining him even a bigger name in this industry. Apart from being his great recognition due to his expensive cosmetic procedures on his patients, he is also a big player in philanthropy. He believed in hard work and devotion. He has contributed significantly to helping the poor and the needy. Sam Jejurikar offers free operational procedures to the poor and less fortunate. He believes in giving back to society. This has, in turn, earned his a big name in the world of philanthropy.

Dr. Sam Jejurikar has in the past been into many other countries where he has assisted with the repair of cleft palates and various other related deformities. He is set to pay a visit to Bangladesh shortly where there are many individuals in need of this form of medical attention. His trips are highly demanding, but he has never got tired or opted to pull out. He rather enjoys it and enjoys the satisfaction that he gets out of it. His major goal has always been to provide his dear esteemed patients with the best and critical care to help all those who are in desperate need.

Despite that Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is always busy he is always fond of making some time to schedule for the individual consultations with each of his patients. This serves as the only way he can sincerely show his understanding for their particular needs and requirements and advise them accordingly about what they are supposed to do. Every one of his patients require different treatments for the best results. Dr. Sam Jejurikar is always ready to provide these services. Sam Jejurikar is an open minded person and always ready to share out his knowledge and experience with the entire world. His patients and peers highly honor him for his expertise and commitment in his career.

Alexander Hern’s Achievements in the Entrepreneurship World

Alexander Hern’s Achievements in the Entrepreneurship World

Like they say that experience is the best teacher, Alexander Hern is now an expert in starting companies and developing them through their first stages. Alexander has been in the entrepreneurship sector for more than two decades. All these time he has been concentrating on the first stage companies and their incubation of technology. He has partnered with other entrepreneurs to start several companies including Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO (INKT) and Yesmail among other companies which have grown into big corporations. Alex also has a lot of useful skills that have assisted him to achieve in the business world. Some of the skills that Alexander Hern has employed are business strategy, entrepreneurship and business development among other essential skills.

Achievements of Alexander Hern as an Entrepreneur

Throughout the 25 years that Alex has been an entrepreneur, he has managed to start a lot of companies that are turned out to be very successful. The latest company he started is the Tsunami XR Company where he is currently serving as the chief executive officer. Tsunami was launched in 2010 and it is currently the leading company in immersive software and content solution for the investment market. The company also supplies 3D virtual and augmented real-life solutions that assist in improving the productivity in a workplace through enhancing collaboration and transferring of knowledge. The company has attracted many clients from all top companies around the world.

He is also the current chief executive officer of Tags which is another company that he started in 2014. Due to the proliferation of the mobile devices, use of messages has now taken over as many users have preferred using messages rather than pc’s and email which are complicated to use. That is why Alexander started Tags Company that is meant to keep entrepreneurs ahead of any evolution that is going on with messaging. Another company that Alex has started is the that was started in 1996. New Homes Company is focused on assisting buyers that are relocating to find new homes that have been constructed using the modern design. The company has managed to assist many clients to relocate that has earned the company a lot of profits. Click here


Upwork Gains a Spot On NYSE

As people look on and see what Upwork is doing as a freelancing website they can see the strides that have been made with tech investments. Upwork decided to go public 4 years after forming, and investors are elated about the fact that this company is on the NYSE. It is a strong company that has many opportunities to grow, and this is why investors are eager to put their money into it.

People are seeing that a company like Upwork is primed to help freelancers make money. It has become the type of business that is recognized for information technology, administration, writing and software development. The fact that there is so much that has to be done in the freelance world makes it the perfect type of website for people that work independently. If you are your own boss it is easy to see the potential of getting connected with a site like this.

More people are finding ways to make money with a site like Upwork. This is a website that will work for all of those that have decided that they did not want to have a boss. If you want to work for yourself you cannot deny that sites like Upwork are going to be able to facilitate this. This is why investors want to get into action. They are well aware that you have the ability to build a much better platform for getting the help that you need. If you are trying to debate on how you can maximize your exposure as a freelancer you do not have to worry much when you connect with Upwork. Once you build a profile and start taking jobs you will get reviews. These reviews will play a big part in how you build a client List. All of this goes back to helping you build a better network of people that can appreciate the work that you do.

Investors are going to make sure that there is a growth in this type of networking environment for freelancers. The fact that this company is going public will ensure that it can become much more visible. .

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Many analysts say GreenSky Credit is ready for IPO

Historically, technology companies that have sought to go public have been associated with a wide range of problems. For starters, companies that are still in their growth or maturation phases can be badly damaged by the sudden shift to a quarterly-profit-centric management style. Companies that need to be carefully incubated and coddled may see management doing the corporate equivalent of gulping down seed corn just to appease investors’ short-term thirst for dividends and profits. Stories like these often end in disaster.

And this can be seen in the fintech industry, in particular. Two companies in that industry that come to mind as examples of firms that have perhaps gone public too soon are OnDeck and Lending Club. Both firms are now clinging to life, only staving off seemingly inevitable insolvencies through constant infusions of additional capital. However flawed these businesses may have been at their core, going public too soon only quickened their demise.

GreenSky is different

But GreenSky Credit is one fintech company that many analysts are saying is ready to take the big plunge into being a public corporation. The company has been around since 2006, and its business model is considered by many, including founder David Zalik, to be fully mature. At the same time, the company, which is currently estimated to be worth somewhere in the range of $5 billion, could benefit enormously from going public. Private companies that are well managed can often double their underlying value by the simple act of going public. And this could raise a great deal of working capital for GreenSky if it happens.

Ultimately, GreenSky Credit has what it takes to go public because it is a business that is so good and so well-designed that it virtually runs itself. Zalik created a company that has been able to grow by nearly 100 percent per year over the last decade, propelling it to the top of the fintech space. At the same time, GreenSky has relationships with some of the most trusted lenders in the nation, including Sun Trust, Fifth-Third Bancorp and Region’s Bank. These advantages point firmly in the direction of a company that could go public tomorrow without any negative consequences.


Businesses are tottering worldwide, a major reason for that is due to a lack of corporate competence, among other factors. When your company doesn’t hire the right kind of people, it’s bound to have serious financial consequences in the long run. Follow GoBuyside on Instagram.

One thing that is helping a lot of businesses survive these tough times is corporate recruitment. They are hiring firms that specializes in this innovative way of hiring potential investment professionals that will be a great impetus in maintaining economic stability.

One firm that has had and continues to have success in doing this is GoBuyside. GoBuyside is a global recruitment platform that has been an immense help to investment firms for over seven years, and as was mentioned previously it continues to have success.You

To learn more about what GoBuyside is doing for firms around the world and the widespread fame it has acquired, you can go their social media pages, two of such which are GoBuyside Inc. and GoBuyside Instagram.

And while you’re there you can sign up with go to its trusted website and sign up and become a registered member so you can start to get the benefits that are connected to this website.


Your company will have the pleasure of meeting up recruitment consultants online who will patiently walk your company through the s system so you and they can learn the various marketing and recruiting strategies used to find and market top corporate talent, which will be an economic boon for your company. It takes the best to get the best results.

And this is what GoBuysuse is all about, helping you and your company to make money by recruiting top investment professionals for your business that will get it up and running. Follow GoBuyside on

So go online and sign up with GoBuyside today. Your company will never regret it.

Robert Ivy On How Professional Societies Bridge The Gap For Professional Architects

If you were entering into a professional field of work then you would know that there is a long and occasionally difficult to navigate path in order to get to where you want to go. While the exact details of this path change based on the job, the traditional expectations include education, internship, and low-level job placement until you can work your way up the ladder. For architects, the path is not as simple and that is where professional societies like the American Institute of Architects come into play. The American Institute of Architects, also known as the AIA, is led by CEO Robert Ivy and it is largely considered one of the most effective ways to become ingratiated within the architectural world. Let’s take a close look at the AIA as well as the general benefits of a professional society. Visit to know more about Robert Ivy.

Robert Ivy believes that the path to success for an architect is all about getting to know the people in the industry around you while working together toward common goals. At the American Institute of Architects, members are given access to integral educational resources that are specifically tailored to their needs as an aspiring architect. These resources are absolutely useful for newcomers to the industry and they can go a long way toward setting up members for long-term success.


Outside of the educational tools that a professional society provides, members will also be granted access to, perhaps, the most important perk of all: networking ability. Robert Ivy knows that you need to be skilled in order to succeed as an architect, but it also never hurts to network with the right people in order to make your success all the more easier. At a professional society like the AIA, members are introduced to people who will later go on to become the best of the best within the industry. The American Institute of Architects serves as a great place for aspiring architects to connect with seasoned veterans.

Robert Ivy has been working in the architectural world since at least 1996 when he became the Editor in Chief at the Architectural Record. Since then he has gone on to earn numerous honors for his work in the field. Follow Robert Ivy at Twitter.

On the Move with Waiakea and the Bottle Water Industry in 2018

According to the International Bottled Water Association, bottled water is now a leading product in the beverage industry. Millions of people around the world are now purchasing this product in record numbers. A lot of consumers see the benefit in bottled water and they want more of it. This is especially true for the Hawaiian volcanic water brand Waiakea.

Ryan Emmons started Waiakea back in 2012. He realized that consumers would want to have a fresh tasting water product that is derived from a volcano. Believe it or not, many people want to drink fresh and purified water. Even if they can have the same substance from their own kitchen sink. However, a lot of people have hang-ups about their municipal tap water supply.

In the early 2010s major American cities had to restrict their populations from drinking tap water. This was due to problems with water sources and filtering. This happened in Michigan and in Ohio. Since the early 2010s people have been leery of drinking tap water. People are cautious because they just do not want to get sick from drinking water from their faucet.

Some people like bottled water because it tastes better than regular sink water. Waiakea bottled water is filtered through volcanic rocks. Waiakea water pH is naturally low. The volcanic water benefits cannot be denied. Minerals are in abundance within Waiakea. The drink is also loaded with natural elements that help to keep the body hydrated and filled with fluid.

Waiakea is being shipped out to various markets all over the world. As this product reaches each destination, many consumers make it point to purchase this refreshing substance. Waiakea water is a solid competitor against well established water brands. This brand has been gaining a lot of market share since its inception. People everywhere are naturally gravitating toward Waiakea once they taste it.

Waiakea is used to reenergize people after a workout and people drink it on a hot a day to stay cool. Some people naturally drink this water beverage when they simply want to quench their thirst. Ryan Emmons Waiakea brand is now considered one of the major bottled water beverages on the market.

Meet Jeremy Goldstein, a Prominent Boutique Lawyer

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer and a committed philanthropist. He has a strong background of experience in the law industry and has been rated among the best lawyers in the world. He has also been able to restore hope to the people with various disorders and has managed to make their lives better.

Having served as a board member of Fountain House has made the people living with mental disorders across the country renew their hopes. He is very optimistic about helping them realize their potentials. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Chambers and Partners and Exclusive NYC Wine Dinners Hosted by Attorney Jeremy Goldstein and Friends over 56000 for Fountain House

According to research, mental illness is one of the most significant contributors to suicides. These people often feel neglected and are forced to live outside because everyone thinks that they have not the capacity to do anything.

Over 85% of these people are unemployed and also homeless. They also struggle to meet their daily needs which is a great let down and ignorance by the community. Jeremy Goldstein decided to come up with ways in which these people can manage to restore their hopes and start earning income like any other person in the society.

Jeremy Goldstein sat alone and thought about how he can change the lives of these people. He decided to revive Fountain House which would enable him to push his agenda. This was through an exceptional and extravagant dinner which was able to highlight the plight of these people. They wanted to see them got to schools, get an education and start getting jobs like any other person in the society.

According to Fountain House, they have their goals explicit and straightforward. To provide support, education, care and also helping them gain new skills. These people suffer from mental illnesses can be changed and live on their premises with families as well. They only need education and better jobs to sustain them.

Great efforts were applied by Jeremy Goldstein and Fountain House and by today, 42% of these people have gained employment and have managed to receive a combined employment revenue of 2 million dollars annually. The income shows tremendous growth for these people.

Jeremy Goldstein is an experienced lawyer who has a lot of expertise in executing various transactions. As a corporate lawyer, he has managed to help multiple companies manage to achieve various operations through a commitment to excellence.

He has worked with a lot of companies and has helped them meet their overall targets. His mission is to see his law firms expand to becoming the leading boutique firm in the sector.

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Brian Torchin and his Company Work to Staff Critical Healthcare Vacancies

Brian Torchin is a former chiropractor turned company president. He was educated at the University of Delaware and at the New York Chiropractic College. Until 2007 he operated his own chiropractic clinic in Philadelphia. It was at that point that he realized the most pressing employment challenge facing healthcare is employee turnover. In direct response to this, he opened his own staffing agency, Health Care Recruitment Counselors.

His company focuses on finding highly qualified candidates for vital positions as soon as possible. The goal is 72 hours, but several impressive examples exist of it taking only 48 hours. HCRC uses a creative, far-reaching approach. By looking at the overall qualities of the candidate rather than just matching certain characteristics to a list of criteria, staffers can find exceptional candidates that match each company’s individual preferences and requirements. The company even helps with setting up interviews, checking references, negotiating compensation, and writing contracts. Not only does his company help companies find candidates, but it also helps candidates find positions. Staff work one-on-one with job seekers to match them with positions and provide career counseling. See more of Brian Torchin at Slideshare.

Over 200 companies use Health Care Staffing Recruitment Counselors to manage their staffing needs. HSRC is active in all 50 states and all over the world, with offices in Canada, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Recently they have branched out to fill the staffing needs of law firms in addition to healthcare facilities such as hospitals, urgent care, private practice, and dentist offices. They also provide office management, billing, and public relations candidates.

Brian Torchin is an authority figure when it comes to staffing. He is the author of several publications regarding this topic and is always happy and willing to share his considerable knowledge. He regularly speaks at chiropractic and recruiting events, and has even been invited to share his expertise at the prestigious Oslo Convention in Norway. With his innovative and responsive approach to staffing difficulties and healthcare concerns, Brian Torchin has made a positive difference in the healthcare industry.

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The life of Bernado Chua

Hailing from the Philippines, Bernardo Chua is a well-known man in the corporate world. He is not only a medical professional but also a one of the best multilevel executive officer as well. His experience acquired from his Chinese grandparents Ganoderma, a fungus found on the mushroom, he was hired by Gano Excel to help promote their coffee and teas infused with the same ingredient.

Bernardo Chua is a humble servant, and his great heart helps in making people lives better. His love for marketing together with his charming personality creates confidence among the workers as well as trust from customers for the products that he promotes. It is in line with this that within a brief period, he had managed to create a solid customer base for Gano Excel not only in Asia but the entire globe as well. Visit on his twitter for latest updates.

After a short period when he began working for Gano Excel, his vision was to take Ganoderma to the United States and advocate for its health benefits when consumed. Ever since he was a young boy and was educated about goderna, all that he ever wanted was show the western world the health benefits of his charm.

Fortunately, when he managed to move to California when he was named the new president of Gano Excel, he got the perfect moment and opportunity to advocate for it. He recruited an army of salespeople, educated them about the benefits of ganoderma and unleashed them to the market. Currently, after the formation of Organo Gold in 2008, the business venture has managed to gain presence globally, and its products are among the highly sold in the entire globe. His vast knowledge in management has pushed the company to greater heights by making use of a unique way of selling their produce. To ensure quality for his products, Bernardo Chua has worked with mushroom growing farmers to provide production of the best mushrooms for use.

His social media accounts are nothing alarming. He likes talking about the drinks he takes or rather talk about the usual things that he does on a daily basis.

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