Role of Jordan A. Thomas in Developing the SEC Whistleblower Program

Dodd/Frank Reform and Consumer Protection Act was signed into law in 2010, after the 2008 financial crisis. Millions of Americans unfortunately lost their jobs and trillions of dollars were lost in U.S. wealth as the final result. The purpose of the Act is to avoid and prevent fraudulent activities and unnecessary risks that lead to economic disasters. [...]

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Lovaganza’s New World’s Fair: This Unique Film Company’s Humanitarian Initiative

Lovaganza is an entertainment company with a big mission. This company is officially known on their Facebook page as an entertainment brand on a humanitarian mission. Their [...]

Reliable Hair Products for Frustrated Women

WEN by Chaz is a popular television advertised line of hair care products that seek to provide an excellent solution to damaged and unruly hair for use by female clientele. [...]

Norka Luque’s Journey to Becoming a Star

Norka Luque always dreamed of being an singer. She was very involved in all sorts of musical education as a child. Her education didn't stop there. Norka Luque studied various [...]

SKOUT Now Available In Polish

SKOUT, a premier global app that enables people to meet new friends and broaden their social circle just announced that it is currently available in Polish. In recent years, [...]

Stephen Murray’s Amazing Career

Stephen Murray has made a very successful career for himself by investing money into various private equity ventures. CCMP Capital is the company that is the most closely [...]

Coriant Appoints a New CEO

  Coriant is a multi-layer network solutions company that believes in both leadership as well as technological innovation in order to become successful. In recent [...]

It’s A Beautiful Way To Have Amazing Hair With WEN by Chaz Dean

Emily McClure wanted to share her test for Wen hair products, to see if it really does make your hair beautiful. For seven days she used the product as directed and share it [...]

Talk Fusion: A Video Is Worth A Thousand Words

Some might ask: “What does a former police officer know about marketing?” If the question is about Bob Reina, founder of the video sales platform, Talk Fusion, the most [...]

QNet and Sharp Head to India

Successful businesses never exist exclusively on an island. The development of strategic partnerships plays a solid role in many growth strategies. QNet, the direct selling [...]

Classdojo Enabling Parents Participation at School Activity.

Recently ClassDojo managed to raise $21 million in Series B funds for a tech that will enable educators' student, teachers and parents connect. The tech will also allow [...]