Shaquille O’Neal Helps Build New Luxury Apartments in Hometown of Newark

Family owned, Boraie Development LLC, was established in 1986. Since then it's annual revenue is currently estimated at $10 to $20 million and holds a staff of 20 to 49 employees. The company works with the strongest financial institutions and architects to ensure success and timely completion. They offer services in all areas of urban real estate market, [...]

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Beneful Boasts a Diverse Product Line

Purina's Beneful Beneful is a brand of dog food under the Purina Store umbrella, which itself is owned by Nestle. Beneful has a wide variety of choices for pet owners, and is [...]

Darius Fisher Can Help with Online Reputation Management

Back in the day, reputation-damaging incidents might be a nine-days’ wonder, then be forgotten. The internet has changed all that. Bad things can hang around on the internet [...]

The Trendy Way To Do Athleisure

There are some women who are not actually going to gym when they dress up in athleisure clothes, but they still want to be as shabby chic as they can get. They are trying [...]

Lose Weight With Nutrimost and Find Your Healthy Balance

Losing weight has always been one of the most difficult things for a person to do on their own. Most people are not satisfied with the one to two pounds they may lose in a [...]

The Luxury Condo Market In NYC Is A Curious One

Where is theNYC apartments for sale and luxury condo market going? According to Crain's, it would see the market is "cooling". How long things will go in this direction [...]

Wikipedia Will Soon be Accessible to the Seeing Impaired

A new project currently in the works in Stockholm, Sweden will make Wikipedia articles finally accessible to the seeing impaired by an advanced tool that reads the text on the [...]

Mizzou Professor Seeks to Repair Reputation

The internet can and will fundamentally change the way that people approach their careers and life in general. With the way that the internet, and the people on it, latch onto [...]

Why is it smart to invest in gold

Money loses purchasing power if left in notes for a long period of time due to various factors such as inflation, banking errors, purchasing habits, etc. This is why it is [...]

Over 65,000 Downloads of the New Video Visitation Mobile App for Apple and Android Devices Announced by Inmate Phone Call Provider

The Securus Technologies refers to one of the leading provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions meant for corrections, public safety and investigations and [...]

Coriant Introduce Faster Speeds As Industry Development Continues

The Coriant brand has been one of the most innovative in the history of the data transfer industry since it was established in 2013; one of the bonuses for the Coriant team [...]